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Rapid/Point of Care Test

i am stressed out

recently i touched a used blade for use after using it i got a sensation of itching in finger from which i used the blade so i licked the finger but before licking it i saw no blood on my finger but then i got worried and thought about how deadly the disease aids is that leads me cheaking the blade it had very small redish stain can hiv virus enter through mouth please explain and have one more question whose body antibody for hiv virus builds stronglly for rapid test and what is the least window period for rapid test please reply as fast as possible


I've been through two incidents prior to this, the first (unprotected sex) and second (dabbing) which had caused me to live in anxiety for a long time. However I was tested negative for both situations (multiple tests over three months period after exposure) and stopped having sex.

However recently I just got into another incident, where the guy did not have a condom and rubbed his penis on me for minute? I immediately told him to stop after feeling a slight jab on my anus. I don't think it penetrated, there was no lube and I did not feel any pain at all. I was also able to stop the movement with my buttcheeks. I fear it penetrated, since I did not have sex for a long time and rarely do in the first place I would not know. Also there was no fluid, as the whole situation was very abrupt.

Again now im suffering from anxiety and counting the days until i can get tested in six weeks, meanwhile unable to do anything because of my agonizing mind. It may be because I had such bad prior experiences, that im so used to worrying. I was hoping that you could briefly asses my risk? also for future reference, what signals/feelings constitutes that something has penetrated into me?

Please, some peace of mind

I am a 22 years-old MSM. Until now, I've had 10 sexual encounters. Only one of them led to anal intercourse, with me being the unprotected receptive man with a guy of unknown status. After that time, I had two more encounters (receptive oral sex without ejaculation). The last one of these encounters took place almost two months after my first anal experience.
Then I lost my mind and the testing frenzy took place for the first time. 16 days after my last exposure, I got a RNA HIV-1 test form LarbCorp: NEGATIVE. That same day, I took an Oraquick which turned out to be negative. A very faint line appeared on the T zone after about one week of taking the test (I kept it as a "souvenir"). 5 weeks after my last exposure (that is, more than 3 months after my high-risk exposure) I took a blood test (it was an immunochromatography for antibodies like OraQuick but with blood). The first test I took that time developed a red linear faint spot perpendicular to the C line, on the T zone. I took another test then since the first one seemed to be defectuous, and the result was negative.
I know that I have got 3 -ve results so far. The RNA test is usually nor recommended for diagnostics although LapCorp claims that its test is FDA-approved. The Oraquick test was taken during the window period, although it had already been about two months after my high-risk exposure. The blood test I took with proper timing was negative, but I still have the image of the defective test on my mind.
I am planning to get psychological support, but I feel that I need to be sure of my status before doing so. What do you think taking into account your experiences? what about the timing and the incidents I had? Should I get re-tested? Which test should I get? Anything that you tell me would be very appreciated...I am seriously losing my mind about this situation. I feel like I haven't found peace of mind after so many attempts...

The missing percentage points


I took a rapid 4th generation blood test 5 months post exposure, and I keep reading online that 98% of people will develop antibodies by 3 months (CDC,thebody)

Heres a link: http://www.thebody.com/Forums/AIDS/SafeSex/Q244112.html

It makes me question my result as I want to have 100% confidence in my result, not 98%...the helpline here consistantly states the 4 conditions that delay the result, is there a source so I can read upon it as it would ease my worries. Can I be 100% certain that I am negative?

Rapid test at 31 day (week 5)


I had a deep kiss with a guy . Not sure of his hiv status. He said he had bleeding gum while brushing in the morning. The kiss was in the evening. I don't have idea if there was blood in his gum while kissing but both of our lips were clean , there was no cut or wound or any visible bleeding.

1) Assume if there was a blood in his gum while kissing, what is my risk?
2) How much blood is actually required to transmit hiv through just kiss. can a chapped/dry lips, bleeding gum, or a small drop enough to transmit?
2) I did a rapid test at day 31 and came negative. Please note this is my first sexual encounter in the last 2 year. Can this result be conclusive?
3) Do I need to again test after 12 weeeks considering my circumstance.

Kindly answer relevant to each point. Thanks

Protected receptive anal without ejaculation?

Hey, I'm a 21 y/o gay guy from India. I had a sexual encounter with a guy from Grindr exactly a month ago. I gave him oral with condom, and later during anal sex, I was the bottom. The sex was rough, left me sore for a few days, and I guess the guy used a hair product for lube (I know, I'm stupid to have OK-ed to that). He eventually came outside on my torso. At 21 days, I got a rash on half of my right palm, and a spot on my left one. They had a few blisters, but I thought it's due to me keeping in contact with very hot handles of my scooter, like a heat rash maybe. The hand rash got better day by day but I started getting red skin and blisters on my finger tips instead, which has sometimes happened on my finger sides in summers, but I'm afraid that these might be different as they are on the finger skin, not the sides, eventually, these too have almost ended by today. I had no fever or sore throat, but to check, I started rubbing my neck and digging in my chin to look for swollen lymph nodes. The next day, my whole jaw was sore. I'm not sure if it is because of some infection, or because of me constantly rubbing and checking the nodes that they are more detectable by touching and discomforting. The sore jaw feeling is almost non existent when I wake up in the morning, and becomes more significant as the day passes, since the last few days. I know that symptoms are not a good way for diagnosis of an HIV infection, that's why I went to a government HIV testing facility today after class. They told me that I was late and I should come back early on Monday, which I will. They test using "Rapid Test" and say that it'd take a few hours or a whole day to give me my result. Meanwhile, I would really appreciate it if someone can tell me about my risk of an actual HIV infection. I know I should also wait at least 6 weeks before testing, but my anxiety levels are making me a dysfunctional human being and it is still at least 3 days now before I receive a result. I feel my mind is playing games as the jaw pain seems much more intense when I'm not busy with work and all by myself, than when I'm in class or outside. Many Thanks!

hiv transmission... used condom

i have a sex with a sex worker.. she used to wear two condoms.. one after the other.... after having sex with that sex worker then i came to my home....
after coming to home one of my friend tell that she(sex worker) is used to wear re-used(used for another one) condoms....
i had happened 5months back... recently i got a viral fever...
is there any risk for me... please clarify
my question is how long hiv survive in a condom outside the body

and the condoms used for me are rolled back to its original form.... and i did not observe any fluid in the condoms after wearing to my penny...
and i think it is nearly 15minutes that the condom is re-used for me....it mean that after 15minutes a person leaved and then i entered...
it mean that the time between previous and myself is more than 15minutes

and i had done my hiv anti bodies rapid test after 3months of that exposure at ICTC center it was NON REACTIVE...
and again recently today i had gone to the test at ICTC center it was also NON REACTIVE...
but they have taken only one drop of blood... is that amount of blood is enough...
please clearify my doubts

Multiple Tests?


I had unprotected sex with a male (male) it was minorly rough, and no ejaculation inside. It was Feb 19. Never was sick after.

I got tested by blood at a lab on March 21st. Got my results later and negative. Along with all clear on vitamin and other levels.

I got an Oraquick on like day 75 or something, week 11. Negative as well.

During that timeframe, I got a yellow fever and other shots, and they went just fine. I also had some cuts and they healed no issue.

So, everything should be good? I just am way paranoid all the time. Safe, always!

7th week rapid test

I had a blood test done at week 5 and a rapid done on the 48th day all negative what are the chances it changing

having sex within window period

I was having sex with a sex worker on Nov. 8, 2015. 1st round of our sex we used condom the second time around we didn't use condom anymore. And because of my anxiety that not knowing her HIV status, I took a rapid blood test (sd bioline HIV 1/2 3.0) on Dec. 16, 2015 (4 weeks & 4 days) and came out non reactive (negative). The counsellor told me that i have to go back for another test after 3 months so that the result will be conclusive. and she told me if possible not to do sex within 3 mothns, and if ever I couldn't resist she told me to use condom. But on Feb 7, 2016 me and my girlfriend having sex without using condom. On April 20, 2016 i took another rapid test (sd bioline HIV 1/2 3.0) and it was still non reactive (negative).

And here is my question: Was this result conclusive? or should i wait for couple of months and take the test again?


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