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Rapid/Point of Care Test

hiv transmission... used condom

i have a sex with a sex worker.. she used to wear two condoms.. one after the other.... after having sex with that sex worker then i came to my home....
after coming to home one of my friend tell that she(sex worker) is used to wear re-used(used for another one) condoms....
i had happened 5months back... recently i got a viral fever...
is there any risk for me... please clarify
my question is how long hiv survive in a condom outside the body

and the condoms used for me are rolled back to its original form.... and i did not observe any fluid in the condoms after wearing to my penny...
and i think it is nearly 15minutes that the condom is re-used for me....it mean that after 15minutes a person leaved and then i entered...
it mean that the time between previous and myself is more than 15minutes

and i had done my hiv anti bodies rapid test after 3months of that exposure at ICTC center it was NON REACTIVE...
and again recently today i had gone to the test at ICTC center it was also NON REACTIVE...
but they have taken only one drop of blood... is that amount of blood is enough...
please clearify my doubts

Multiple Tests?


I had unprotected sex with a male (male) it was minorly rough, and no ejaculation inside. It was Feb 19. Never was sick after.

I got tested by blood at a lab on March 21st. Got my results later and negative. Along with all clear on vitamin and other levels.

I got an Oraquick on like day 75 or something, week 11. Negative as well.

During that timeframe, I got a yellow fever and other shots, and they went just fine. I also had some cuts and they healed no issue.

So, everything should be good? I just am way paranoid all the time. Safe, always!

7th week rapid test

I had a blood test done at week 5 and a rapid done on the 48th day all negative what are the chances it changing

having sex within window period

I was having sex with a sex worker on Nov. 8, 2015. 1st round of our sex we used condom the second time around we didn't use condom anymore. And because of my anxiety that not knowing her HIV status, I took a rapid blood test (sd bioline HIV 1/2 3.0) on Dec. 16, 2015 (4 weeks & 4 days) and came out non reactive (negative). The counsellor told me that i have to go back for another test after 3 months so that the result will be conclusive. and she told me if possible not to do sex within 3 mothns, and if ever I couldn't resist she told me to use condom. But on Feb 7, 2016 me and my girlfriend having sex without using condom. On April 20, 2016 i took another rapid test (sd bioline HIV 1/2 3.0) and it was still non reactive (negative).

And here is my question: Was this result conclusive? or should i wait for couple of months and take the test again?

7 week rapid test

how good is the rapid test after 7 weeks low risk

Rash and Seborrheic Dermatitis on face but HIV Results came back negative.

Dear Team
For a few months I have had crazy anxiety thinking that somehow HIV tests were not able to detect the virus or antibodies. For the last few months there has been an area between my nose and upper lip that gets red and starts flaking for a week or so. Also, there is a lymph node under the jaw that I have had for two months but I suspect that is because of a wisdom tooth. I have never had this problem before and now it comes and goes and there have been other areas in my face, especially the area on the side of the nose and under the eyes which gets red, itchy and easily irritated if I do not use lotion or moisturizer. I am not sure if it is SD or any other irritation and I know that these symptoms occur in people whose systems are no longer able to fight opportunistic infections. I had an exposure when I was fairly young and was not well educated about HIV and I am worried that I got infected that past exposure which was a few years ago and it has now progressed into AIDS. I have taken two tests in the last few months, a blood test at a clinic which came back one day after, and an OraQuick rapid test which were both negative. I do not know who else to turn to as I do not feel no longer comfortable to talk to my doctor about HIV since the tests came back negative but I do not know what else to do and how to overcome this anxiety. I guess my question is, would there be any reason why after all these years the tests would not be able to pick up any antibodies and if the skin irritation is a product of the anxiety itself?
Any response would be appreciated. Thank you

HIV Infection

Hi There,

I have been to a lady a month back. I am little worried of myself now. What I did is I rubbed my penis on her vagina and while rubbing I inserted the tip of my penis and suddenly i realized and took off. Wore condom that had sex. But m still worried if I can get HIV transmitted. Since she was an unknown lady i am not sure of her. status. Please advice me. Thanks

Rapid Test ( SD Bioline Hiv 1/2 3.0) Negative At 3 months


I got this test at a NACO ( National Aids Control Organisation) Centre in New Delhi and it came out to be negative.

Do i need further testing ?

Hi there kindly give me your thoughts and enlighten me...

Hi guys...

Is it my anxiety or just nervous around because of what I read in the Internet...

I do have an Unprotected sex about Jun or July 2015 and decided to have a test last October 2015, the test that I made is the one that prick a blood on your fingers and they told me that I was both Non Reactive for HIV and Syphilis.. Then it was a slight relief at those days... I was worried again entering December since I do read alot of articles about HIV in the Internet and decide to have a test again, this time it was a Rapid ICT according to the test site, and they told me that it was Non Reactive - Negative for HIV, Syph and Hepa....

Question is, are these test already conclusive? thanks...

rapid test: are HIV 1/2, p24 nonreactive conclusive? 118 days

Dear Sir/Madam, today I went to local health department to have an anonymous hiv test. It's so called Rapid test and 20 minutes later after blood sample was taken from my finger, I got hiv1/2 and p24 nonreactive results. The nurse simply told me 'you are fine' when I asked if these results are conclusive or not. She didn't tell me which generation test it was. So I'm not sure if that's 3rd or 4th gen. It has been 118 days since potential risky encounter (hand job after body message done by a lady with unknown status . btw, I am male). My question is: should I still be worried? Do I need to do another test to be 100% certain free of virus? Thank you very much for your time.


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