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Rapid/Point of Care Test

SD Bioline 4th Gen antigen and antibody fingerprick test


I am a student here in New Zealand. I am now very anxious and devastated on what happened to me, I even filed for a leave which is 3 months because I cannot focus on my studies.

Here is my story :
I met a guy using my Grindr application, He invited to me stay at his place. an long story short we did Deep kissing and Oral Sex both giving an receiving. he did not come in my mouth, although pre-cum is possibly there. What really scares me is that after we did the incident he told me that he is HIV positive for 15 years.

I don't care about how long, what makes me anxious is the possibility of it being transmitted to me :(


1. I tested SD Bioline 4th generation HIV ag/ab rapid fingerprick test at 9, 25, and 35 ( 5 weeks ) days post exposure I tested negative from all of those. do you think if I will test again in 6 weeks it will be conclusive and reliable?

2. what is the probability that my result from 5 weeks and 6 weeks change in 3 months? when you said that WHO and many specialist consider 6 weeks conclusive.

Positive Rapid Test but Negative ELISA test

I am a 32 year old male. I had an unprotected vaginal sex in mid December 2015. On January 26th (roughly 5 weeks after the exposure), I started feeling fatigued and had flush face for no apparent reason. Two days later, I had swollen lymph nodes (only in the neck), sore throat and oral thrush followed by a 38.2 degree fever.

The doctor told me it was probably tonsillitis and a throat infection that has caused the fever. I was given penicillin injections ( 3 applications, 1 daily for 3 days, 800 mg each) along with Paracetamol (500 mg capsules, 2 times a day) and Anti-inflammatory medicines (600 mg capsules, 2 times a day) for 3 days. My fever was gone in 3 days but I still had mild swelling in the lymph nodes with some pain and discomfort. The doctor did not feel necessary for me to continue with the anti inflammatory drugs and told me that the swelling will heal naturally.

On February 4th 2016, I told the doctor about my exposure to HIV risk and he said that although he doesn't think that I have HIV but it was wise to do a Rapid HIV test. The test was called "DoubleCheckGold" HIV 1&2. I got the result in approx. 1 hour and it was POSITIVE.
However, they said that they need to do a confirmatory ELISA 3rd Generation test to confirm. The ELISA test came out NEGATIVE. They ruled out the earlier test as a "False Positive".
I was asked to take another test 3 months after the exposure to be sure.

2 weeks later, I started having irritable bowel and diarrhea. The doctor gave me Omeprazol and IBS related medicines because I had a history of gastritis. However, they did not help. I saw a Gastroenterologist and he did not find anything serious and told me that had Irritable Bowel Syndrome. The doctor also said it was possibly due to stress and anxiety because of my HIV tests or anti inflammatory drugs. I still had swollen lymph nodes but no sore throat or pain. The stomach symptoms improved with medications.

I took ELISA 4th Generation Duo Test on March 30th i.e. roughly 3 months and 10 days after the exposure and it also came out NEGATIVE. 2 days earlier, the girl I had sex with also showed me her Rapid Test (which she took on March 25th) results and they were negative. However, I still have slightly enlarged lymph nodes although the doctor says he cannot see any swelling/redness but it definitely feels slightly bigger than normal. I also get flush face especially while eating. My blood test also showed that the percentage of lymphocytes was 15% and the normal range is between 20%-40%. According to the doctor, it was not something to be concerned about.

At this point, should I consider this test as conclusive or should I take another test in 3 months to be sure?

how conclusive is a negative result

what kind of checks are done to see that the accuracy of the rapid and EIA lab tests remain at about 99.6% sensitivity for true negatives? Outside the window period. And for how many people has this sensitivity ever been checked, how often?

Of course the more regularly one tests, the more certain one is of one's negative status, just by probability. But 99.6% on one test from the last encounter is still a chance of 4/1000 false negatives right? Or not?

No diagnostic screening test is clinically always 100% I have studied, so what is meant by the term "conclusive" after the window period.

Scared of hiv after unprotected oral sex and developed a pain under the armpit

I had an unprotected oral sex on 12 February and a week later I had developed a dry cough , fatigue and muscle stiffness with no fever and two days ago I had developed a pain under my armpit with no lumps and swelling and a pain on my chest muscle , before oral sex I had a bleed from my gum due to wearing of my braces while brushing my teeth in the morning and I had an oral sex at night and I had swallowed the cum since I had heard that the stomach enzyme would kill all the virus. Do you think I migh get hiv infection . I have not when for an his test since since it is not three month,

rapid test at 8 then 9 weeks

here is my question I had sex with a csw she put a comdon on me gave me oral then I and vagil sex with her was very fast then on week 5 after I had a bad cold runny nose and a rash on my stomach for 2 days diaria foe 1 day and bad headachs went to the clinic had a rapid test done at 55 days was negative she also took blood at that time don't know why blood or what kind of test it was for the on week 9 I had another rapid test done at a different clinic also negative but she tells me I have to come back on april 20 for another test to confirm now im freaking out what are my chances of it changing



About one year ago, I contracted genital herpes from my boyfriend who was unfaithful at the time. Out of worry about other diseases, I got tested for HIV 12 weeks later and the results came back negative; however am I unsure which (generation) test I was issued except that it was a rapid test. I experienced no flu-like symptoms at the time of possible exposure till now; except that a few days ago I noticed a lymph node in my neck and in my armpits are swollen for no apparent reason. Should I be worried?

During Window Period I have Handjob mutual.please reply.......

I have had anal sex with someone known from facebook, and I do it on January 20th 2016. Then I had an HIV test one month after exposure with Rapid Test results are non-reactive. and I have plan to repeat it on the April 20th or more because for make antibody Hiv need 3 months or my window period until the April 20th after three months of exposure. but I do Handjob with someone different on the March 16th and his cum hit my hands, my anxiety and scared if he has hiv+. I immediately wash with tap water in my hand I am sure there were no injuries after his cum/sperm on my hands. after washing my hands his cum still remnant of bit and his cum was dry in my hands just now and suddenly my hands are injured because my hand was has friction tree.
1. Would I be infected with HIV I'm doing handjob mutual?
2. can my window period change? I stress if we wait three months again :( please help me. thanks a lot

Existe transmissão em pequeno corte?

A few months ago I had a relationship with a woman, with no penetration, but I put my fingers into her anus and vagina making slight movements and caresses. It turns out that about 8 hours before had hurt my finger with a small cut in the skin, which bled very little, just clench. Just I remembered that the finger was cut one after the meeting.
Since then I was very worried about what happened about to do several tests, elisa and 4th generation with p24, roche test and Abbott at the same time, 12, 23, 46, 60, 65, 80, 93 and 100 days. And 3 rapid tests in CTA with 20, 41 and 68 days. All non-reactive and two PCR-NAT with 8 and 100 days.
I also managed to take the woman to do the same examination elisa double rcohe and Abbott with 18 days of contact and fast test with p24 to 90 days, both nonreactive.
I wonder if my concerns were exaggerated or whether there is some way to have been contaminated in this way?
Until today I did not present any symptoms, but I get very afraid and that possible contamination and delayed seroconversion can happen, even if the examination it has delivered a negative, because I read that in early infection can be transmitted but not detected in tests.


Thank you in advance for answering my query. This is my previous post, "http://helpline.aidsvancouver.org/question/worriedbyfear". I took a rapid HIV test and the result came as, " Non-Reactive". Can I consider this as conclusive?

HIV testing

I'm wondering what the testing procedure is like. I went in a couple days ago to be tested. I get coldsores on my lip and have had a couple genital warts in the past (since been removed). I'm wondering if the antibodies that are tested for in the HIV test, might show up as the antibodies my body made to fight the HPV from genital warts or from coldsores. I've been losing sleep like crazy over this. Ive been told that it's 7-10 days until I will hear back about the results, is this business days or just regular days (weekend included). I'm finding the waiting unbearable and wondering if i should get one of these rapid tests done in the meantime.

Thanks for your help, please let me know.


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