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Rapid/Point of Care Test

after 10 weaks rapid test

Actully i did unprotected sex widh a lady on 16 of sep 2012 i didnt know her status and than i have done rapid test after 3 weaks in a sexully health center it was negative after that i have done hiv 1 and hiv 2 antybody test after 50days in a lab it was negative but i have still some symptoms sore throat back pain ringing in my ear weakness but now i have done rapid test after 10 weaks it was also negative just i m asking u this test is conclusive or not i have to retest after 12 weaks give me some help i m still worried.

Help me bro

What’s up?I have a couple of questions for you, folk. First, what type of test is offered at Bute Clinic at Qmunity Center? I often time heard about 4th Generation/DUO test HIV Testing and 3rd Generation ELISA HIV Testing from AIDS Vancouver. In the past, I have tested HIV at Bute Clinic hundreds of time, but they never told me if the tests were 4th or 3rd generation. Or maybe they have different kind of test. I am totally curious with these things.Second, are you connected with the Qmunity? If you are, do you know what the closing dates for the Christmas and New Year are? But if you are not, please don’t bother.Ok, I got to go now and I really appreciate all the info I might be receiving.Ciao, Beedie 

Rapid HIV Testing Accuracy for my situation

Hi there,
I had exposure on October 11 and immediately went on PEP (Truvada + Isentress) for 30 days within 20 hours of exposure. Since then, I have finished my PEP completely (finished November 11).
Today (November 22), I did a rapid HIV test (I asked the nurse and she told me that it was an antibody rapid HIV test). The test was a small dish that mixed my blood with solutions, whereas one circle meant that the test was working, and two meant that it is HIV positive. The test results showed that I was HIV negative.
I was wondering how accurate this test is, as it has been 6 weeks post-exposure, but because I was taking PEP, it has only been around 11 days since I have stopped taking PEP.
Thanks, really appreciate your thoughts!

Test result

My results for a rapid HIV test at 12 week came back negative how accurate is this and can I quit testing . Could results change after 12 weeks; have you ever heard of this?

Rapid Test @ 25 days

Result was negative using rapid test at 25 days after possible exposure. I plan to go back at 12 weeks, but should I still be worried?

Sex with a very weird attitude guy...

I am so scared that last night I had long, UNPROTECTED oral sexual intercourse, and even for a few minutes, I also engaged in protected penetrative anal sexual intercourse with a guy that I didn’t know. During the activities, I took a passive role as I was the guy that received his penis orally and anally. He climaxed inside me, but the condom successfully caught all his sperm intact. There was no single leak suspected.
Before the sexual activity happened, I saw him so hot even if he is skinny, and that was why I buckled under when he asked me to go to his place; I even forget already where it is now. I met him in a gay bar in Davie Street.
However, after everything happened, I started to regret the entire thing that had happened, and now I am very anxious about having picked up  HIV from him.
I am so sure that he has HIV because he looked not that sturdy physically and even actually old and facially ugly. The one thing that caused me to be so much worried was his sexual style. He did me oral sex, but sometimes he slid his teeth along the shaft of my dick back and forth while sucking it. Later on, he also pitted his full of pre-ejaculate penis’ head against mine (both penises erected), but after around 7 seconds, I asked him to stop, but the activity continued on with a safe anal sex.
I am so scared that I might have been infected with HIV. And then based on the conversations that I still memorize, he said that he loved eating cum, and indeed he ate my ejaculate in the end of the event. This means his sexual behaviour is not clean at all. He seemed to be very promiscuous and not to bother about contracting the sexual diseases. Also, he mentioned that he had had sex with 3 other guys in just 10 days before having sex with me. The only thing I am glad is I did not do dangerous anal sex with him. I didn’t ask about his HIV status as well.
Please address my concern thoroughly!

So stressed out HIV positive after 5 months negative?

I have been here once, i'm the guy that was on minocycline for 2 years prior to my possible exposure. I recently tested 5 months negative with a rapid blood prick HIV test. However, at 4 months post exposure i stopped taking minocycline. Ever since then, I've had this weird ache in my knees and elbows. In addition last week, about 5 months and 1 week after exposure, my girlfriend of 3 years got sick with swollen lymph node in neck, diarrhea that lasted for a week, sore throat, dry cough, and maybe even a slight fever. In addition, I'm pretty sure, we have genital herpes because she has had 3-4 painful bumps inside her vagina in the last 5 months. I am so freaked out that the minocycline was keeping the HIV from replicating and now it is now finally starting to replicate and I transmitted it to my girlfriend! I'm so worried and stressed over this that I can barely function day to day. How often does someone take longer than 3 months to produce antibodies? Also, how often do you see someone go from 5 months negative to 6 months positive? Is it possible to not produce antibodies at all? Can I be sure that I didn't contract HIV from my exposure 5 months ago?Please help as I so greatly need it!Thanks is advance


My question is: WHO recommends testing 6 weeks and then 3 months if the result is negative and the person is negative. I've only tested the 168th INSTI negative day and 172 days a 4G negative ELISA. I failed to comply with a timeline WHO. Will it hurt? P24 to hide and I was undetectable. We breathe Symbicort (ubesonid) I have asthma are allergic to pollen and I'm so sick 3-4 per year. Muzo these situations postponed my antibodies? Mam Enlarged glands in the neck but no cause so afraid of HIV. But I hope that your report will encourage me that it is not. Thank you

HIV Test

Sorry for my bad english. It is not my native language. My question is the following:
Can taking "acyclovir" for genital herpes to alter hiv test result at 90 day? because I have read confusing and contraversary information in Internet.
According to this information acyclovir as a antiviral medecine may decrease level of hiv virus after infection and to retard forming hiv antibodies. I would mention one fact- my first HIV test at 5 weeks was ELISA Duo test( 4th generation) and was negative. Before this test I haven't taken any antiviral medecine. At 44 day I decided to repeat the test but the test was Rapid and also was negative. I started taking acyclovir 8 weeks after exposure. My 10- week rapid HIV test also was negative.....but I am very embarrassed and  I still wonder whether HIV test at 13 weeks will be conclusive because of the taking acyclovir for 2 weeks. I am not a drug addicted, I don't take any imunnesupresors but....my imunne system is very weak because one herpes virus cause me 10 week continuing subfebrility, fatigue, headache, weakness etc. which continues up to the present...I would to know what is the accuracy(percentage) of ELISA DUO test at 5 weeks, what is the percentage of accuracy of Rapid HIV tests at 10 weeks and what is the accuracy of 13 weeks ELISA DUO test.I can add that the exposure was with  condom.The condom didn't break but I was infected with genital herpes and I know that this fact may cause more easily HIV transmission. Thank you very much indeed!!!

is my result conclusive?

Hello AIDS Vancouver..
my last exposure was 13 months ago (september 2011).. I've done 2 home rapid tests twice and the results are the following:
1) EZ Trust Rapid HIV Antibody test - 16/08/2012 -- negative2) OraQuick Advance HIV Antibody test (oral fluid) - 5/10/2012-- negative
are my results conclusive that I'm HIV negative? I'm still worried because I have white lesion at the lateral sides of my tongue which look like Oral Hairy Leukoplakia.. 


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