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Rapid/Point of Care Test

Messed up and worried.

It was an Hiv DNA RT PCR test with Elisa antibody test taken at 26 days past possible exposure and an oral rapid test at 38 days post exposure.
Both negative. Symptoms I've had few bumps that look like psoriasis on my elbows. Chest, shoulders, legs, and buttocks. Had three days of low fever in the afternoon. And nausea and diarrhea for 2 days. That was all between 3-4 weeks after exposure. No swollen glands or sore throat.  I'm at 6 weeks post possible exposure now. What can I do to know for sure now, and how reliable are the tests I took before? USA here

is my test result conclusive

i was participated sex with gay on june3rd 2012 after that i did tridot test on july 14th and july 24th and september 12th three times came negitive and i have a doubt because i did handblow job with my penis before the test is my test results are conclusive pls answer me

Concerned about status and retesting

Hi There,I am concerned that I had a HIV exposure back in Oct. 2011. Exposure was with a Australian flight attendant with unknown status and was unprotected vaginal penetration lasting no more than 10 seconds before realizing my mistake. I had several HIV tests done including a DNA PCR at 22 days, and a rapid oral test at 14 weeks from a very well known clinic. All test have come back negative and I was mostly at peace. I have recently regained anxiety as my current partner has had some minor symptoms that have concerned me (i.e. lightheadedness that caused near fainting and a recent sore throat that developed a week after the fainting epsiode). She is not aware of my concerns around HIV as after 3 months I thought it was conclusive and didn't want to burden her with more thoughts...which then makes this difficult to not be able to confide in someone. I want to get tested again, but just had the flu vaccine 2 weeks ago. I've read the flu vaccine can cause a false positive or negative on a rapid test. Is this accurate? Also, can I be confident with my existing test results as their seems to be a mix of 3 months and 6 month window period info (6 months appears to be a bit old). Regarding the 3 month oral test, I'm guessing it was the OraQuick Advanced which seems to have discussion to whether it is a gen 2 or 3 test. Would this test be accurate at 3 months if it is truly a gen 2 test? In addition there is a lot of conflicting information on a PCR DNA Test. Could lightheadeness be a ARS symptom for my partner? I am in my 30s and in good health with no history of other illnesses. I had a full std panel completed at 3 months as well and all came back negative except for low positive for HSV1. While I know HSV1 is very common and I could have contracted this when I was a child, I am concerned that I contracted this during this same exposure as I have never had a cold sore that I can recall and still have not had one to date. Could contracting HSV1 at this time cause a delay in the PCR and Antibody tests? Thank you so much for your help!

seroconversion illness, accuracy of rapid test

Once i had sex with a lady.i didn't know her status, therefore i decided to protect myself.but during the act she removed the condoms without my knowledge perhaps bcos it was my first time i didn't realize it.she told me she was having pains dat is why she removed it.3 weeks afterwards i started having excruciating (very severe) pains in my penis.it lasted for about 2 weeks and went away on its own.Through my internet search, i found out dat it could be a sign of seroconversion illness.Therefore i took a rapid test at 4 weeks and it was negative.i took another test at 3 months and 6 months and they were also negative.
1. My fear is dat is de pains i had in the penis not a seroconversion illness bcos it ocurred 3 weeks after exposure and went away on its own in 2 weeks.moreover i ve lost some weight and feel fatigued of late?
2. Could it be that at the time i tested de antibodies had not reached detectable levels?
3.How sure can i be that the rapid test used in my country (a developing
nation) is accurate?

antibody rapid test mechanism

pls can u explain the mechanism of antibody rapid test.how does it detect hiv.is de hiv virus placed on the test card. 

Please help, probably anxiety but need advice

Hello, about 11 weeks ago I had unprotected sex with a friend of mine that I have known for years. We have slept together before on our spouses but this last time I did not use a condom. She is married and so am I. I have to wait another week before getting tested for HIV. I have had no symptoms but when I started to read upon the symptoms I started to loose my mind and have anxiety attacks over what I believed to be the symptoms of HIV. I started to feel dizzy, not concentrate and have a dry mouth not to mention my feet and hands felt they had pins and needles in them. I got tested for HIV back in March as per my complete physical and everything came back fine. I slept with this person July long weekend and the next day I slept with my wife. I am scared to death that I gave my wife HIV and its driving my insane. My wife, of course, has no idea what I did and she gave blood to the Canadian Blood in the beginning of Sept and they just recently phoned her to tell her all her tests were good and she can give blood again. Ive done soo much research into the early stages of HIV infection but I have shown none of those signs (Fever, Rash, Diarreha, Fatigue). What freaks my out is that I have swollen tonissills but I recently took up smoking and I have never smoked this much in my entire life. Half a pack in one day!!! So the smoke could irritate my tonsills. I went to my doctor and he even told me that we will have to wait until Sept 24 to take the test but in his professional opinion, I do not have HIV and all of these symptoms are because of the guilt I have and anxiety that fuels my thoughts about being HIV positive. I have ended my relationship with my friend and i do not believe she is high risk. She does not sleep around or does any drugs and neither do I. It was something stupid that I did and I hate myself for it. So my question is (after all my rambling!!) if I have not shown any signs of early HIV, is it all in my head because of my guilt or does someone feel fine and still be HIV positive??? I have paid very close attention to my body since mid August and only my appitite and tonsills concern me, but that could be from my anxiety and smokling way tooo much?? Please help!!!

HIV PCR RNA: false-positive possibly due to non-HIV viruses??

Hello Helpline,
Can a false-positive HIV PCR RNA result of only 30 be an indication of some other virus? It was (seemingly in error) ordered in place of a regular HIV test by my gynecological nurse practitioner. My primary care doctor's nurse practitioner told me that it could be positive due to any virus in the body, such as a common cold virus. I accepted that explanation, since I'd had a negative instant finger stick test at nearly 6 months post-possible exposure. But my primary care doctor wanted to be absolutely sure that I don't have HIV, so he sent me to an Infectious Disease Specialist. That doctor ordered a number of tests-- including another PCR--and I was so surprised that he even wanted to order more than just a regular blood test that I didn't think to ask any questions.
My next appointment with him is in a couple of weeks and he said that he'd call if there were definite positive results, but if they're indeterminate or negative he'll run more tests at the time of my appointment. I think his concern has to do with the possibility that, if I did have HIV, it might be a type that's uncommon in the US, where I live. And should anyone reading this wonder, I'm not going to have sex with anyone-- even protected and with full disclosure-- until this thing is cleared up because I don't want a partner to worry about himself afterward.
Thank you for your time and the excellent work done on this website!Brenda M. 

12 week rapid test result

Hello I have recently tested negative for hiv with a rapid blood test (clearview 1/2 stat) at exactly 12 weeks. I was hoping to find out how accurate these results are, I have been told everything from conclusive to only 95% and to retest at 6 months.I have been told my risk was low (direct genital rubbing with NO penetration), but I have had some symptoms that could be attributable to primary HIV infection. Do the presence of symptoms change the testing guidlines? Please help I would like to put this all behind me. Thank You.

oraquick HIV rapid test

i would like to know if this test is conclusive after 3 months from the last exposure? how can i avail this one ,,,thank you for the info

Is Rapid testing at 6 weeks conclusive ?

I had unprotected vaginal sex, 6 weeks after that exposure I went to a local clinic and had a rapid HIV test done. I tested negative for HIV, how reliable is this result? I'm going to get retested, I'm really nervous that it might be positive.


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