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Rapid/Point of Care Test


I recently had unprotected sex with my bf who has never been checked for hiv...9 day after the last time we had unprotected sex i got a finger prick test and it came back negative. Im stressing out cuz i dont know how accurate 9 days really is. Could it be possible that doing a test 6 weeks after exposure the test could be positiv

Are my HIV Tests conclusive?

Hi I had an unprotected encounter with a female - whose status I don't know, a sex worker. I had stray symptoms like sore throat and dry cough but I am anyway a toncilitis patient, and as I read from various threads in your forum not to go by symptoms. No fever, flu though. Some pimples here and there. After 6 weeks 3 days exactly after exposure, I got tested in 2 leading pathological clinincs who provide results online (i.e., I need not go back to the clinic again for report collection). The test results are like this at 6 weeks 3 days:
1. HIV I&II Antibody Screen (Rapid) - Non-Reactive
2. HIV Screening Test 1&2 Antibody - Enzyme Immuno Assay Technique - Non-Reactive
3. HIV 1/2 & P/24 COMBO TEST (Ref Range <1 Non-Reactive, >=1 Provisionally Reactive) - 0.32 Non-Reactive
4. HIV-1 RNA QUANTITATIVE, REAL TIME PCR using COBAS AMPLIPREP & TAQMAN( Linear Range <20 to 1.0 X 10power7) - Target Not Detected
5. Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 (HIV-1) RNA Quantification (Viral load) - COBAS TaqMan (Limit of Detection 20 - 10,000,000 copies/ml) - NOT APPLICABLE, BELOW 20 6. WESTERN BLOT - ALL [ENV],[GAG],[POL] NEGATIVE; Conclusion - HIV I & II Negative Is this conclusive or I need to test again @ 12 weeks? How much chance do I have to turn positive?

swollen lymph nodes

My exposure was just under a year ago. My only risk was performing oral sex w/ ejaculation. I had gotten tested using the rapid finger prick at 3 months and 6 months also conventional rapid oral test all at local health department. My tests were repeatedly negative in all the tests. Could I trust those results and move on despite my generalized lymph nodes? also is this a common symptom for acute infection? Any advice is appreciated.. very concerned. Do I need to use other form of tests or see an infection control Dr. Or should I do a PCR test?

HIV Phobia

please what is HIV phobia.i think i have it.i have tested negative at 7 months after a possible exposure.i ve not had any risky after activity that.yet i still have some fears.i sometimes feel the rapid test kit i used was not sensitive (because i live in a developing country and feel our test kit is not standard), it couldn't detect de antibodies cos dey are not many in my blood.furthermore i am down with fever, flu and diarrhoea and am attributing it to that.need help

Testing windows

Hi I recently had a possible exposure (genital rubbing only with no insertion) with a women of unknown status. I have taken a HIV DNA test with a HIV 1/2 anitbody test at both 16 and 26 days post exposure and a finger stick at 40 days. Are these tests conclusive, if not how do the odds break down, and what else should I have done?


hey, I was contracted with gonorhea from a girl I didn't know while having unprotected sex and now I'm terrified I may have HIV. I got tested at
7 weeks 1 day and results came back negative. The clinician gave me the finger prick test. How worried should I be that I may get a 12 week positive result? I feel I'm having symptoms.


Hi there!, I just want to ask what do you call the test where a blood is extracted to your arm (vein).Thanks!

is hiv oral swab test accurate?

Hello I had unprotected sex nine months ago. Six weeks later I had a blood test done. Nine months later I had a oral swab done at a local clinic 20min test. Is this test accurate? Should I get a blood test again to be sure. The lady said test was 98% accurate?

please help very anxious

i recently on june 1 to be exact had a sexual encounter with a sexual worker...everything was protected....the oral as well as vaginal
i took a rapid test 4 weeks since ten (july 3) which came back negative...i am going o do one again in two weeks and then in the three month mark...my question is how accurate is the 4 and 6 week mark...i am extremely nervous because i cannot rmbr now if there may have been a slight tear in the condom and i rmbr that at one point in the sex...i felt a little bit of a diff feeling as thought she was climaxing..and i was wondering if maybe that could have been a tear because i felt a little diff at that point regardles...i am stressed out and want to know if you could please inform me how reliable the 4 and 6 weeks mark for rapid tests are


I have taken HIV DNA PCR test at 12 days, and Hiv tridot test at 9 weeks and antibody test at 11 weeks
came all are negative,but still strugling alot to get control on my mind,please help me is that conclusive?


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