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Rapid/Point of Care Test

HIV test conclusive

Hi, last May I had a sexual encounter and I started to get paranoid about having HIV. So, after 6 weeks I got tested using a rapid test, and the result is non-reactive. And just yesterday (96 days after a possible exposure) I went to a clinic and had another HIV test. The method used was Rapid ICT, the result is non-reactive to HIV-1 & HIV-2. They also tested me for Hepatitis B, and it's also non-reactive. Now, can I be confident about these results? Or should I need to take another test? I read that window period could reach up to 6 months. I don't have any immune deficiency, nor have taken PEP treatment or any other treatment.

HIV ??

Sorry for my English I am Czech citizen.
my questions.
1) Test INSTI 23 week negative
     24 week ELISA test negative, I extensively window period? the result is reliable? is a reliable test?
2) I weighed 72 kg at 183 cm. But at the time of test, I lost weight + - 5 kg, it is a result of stress? And yes I'm pretty stressed out.
3) In the night, but sometimes I'm sweating so much. Just around the neck. This may be summer weather or too stress? Sweating HIV is strong or weak? It also chronic.
4) My active exposure oral sex without ejaculation in his mouth. It is risky Activity of? if so, how. I do not know if it was HIV.
5) So I have a bat yet? Our consulting line says not. I've read as well as false negative test after 6 months. Is this possible?
  Thank you for your reply. I really liked your forum.

rapid test and expiry date

hello therei have a question. i had protected sex with csw som time back. i got tested up to 204 days with a determine rapid test and it was negative. but i am in africa where one can test u with an expired or fake test.(a) how conclusive are my test at 204 days post exposure?(b)how does expiry date affect the rapid tests?

Non reactive result at 6 weeks using Oraquick rapid antibody test, is it conclusive?

I took an HIV test using the Oraquick Rapid HIV-1/2 Antibody test. It turns out negative. Can this be conclusive? I had sex 6 weeks ago and the condom slipped, and I started to feel scared of getting HIV.


I recently had unprotected sex with my bf who has never been checked for hiv...9 day after the last time we had unprotected sex i got a finger prick test and it came back negative. Im stressing out cuz i dont know how accurate 9 days really is. Could it be possible that doing a test 6 weeks after exposure the test could be positiv

Are my HIV Tests conclusive?

Hi I had an unprotected encounter with a female - whose status I don't know, a sex worker. I had stray symptoms like sore throat and dry cough but I am anyway a toncilitis patient, and as I read from various threads in your forum not to go by symptoms. No fever, flu though. Some pimples here and there. After 6 weeks 3 days exactly after exposure, I got tested in 2 leading pathological clinincs who provide results online (i.e., I need not go back to the clinic again for report collection). The test results are like this at 6 weeks 3 days:
1. HIV I&II Antibody Screen (Rapid) - Non-Reactive
2. HIV Screening Test 1&2 Antibody - Enzyme Immuno Assay Technique - Non-Reactive
3. HIV 1/2 & P/24 COMBO TEST (Ref Range <1 Non-Reactive, >=1 Provisionally Reactive) - 0.32 Non-Reactive
4. HIV-1 RNA QUANTITATIVE, REAL TIME PCR using COBAS AMPLIPREP & TAQMAN( Linear Range <20 to 1.0 X 10power7) - Target Not Detected
5. Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 (HIV-1) RNA Quantification (Viral load) - COBAS TaqMan (Limit of Detection 20 - 10,000,000 copies/ml) - NOT APPLICABLE, BELOW 20 6. WESTERN BLOT - ALL [ENV],[GAG],[POL] NEGATIVE; Conclusion - HIV I & II Negative Is this conclusive or I need to test again @ 12 weeks? How much chance do I have to turn positive?

swollen lymph nodes

My exposure was just under a year ago. My only risk was performing oral sex w/ ejaculation. I had gotten tested using the rapid finger prick at 3 months and 6 months also conventional rapid oral test all at local health department. My tests were repeatedly negative in all the tests. Could I trust those results and move on despite my generalized lymph nodes? also is this a common symptom for acute infection? Any advice is appreciated.. very concerned. Do I need to use other form of tests or see an infection control Dr. Or should I do a PCR test?

HIV Phobia

please what is HIV phobia.i think i have it.i have tested negative at 7 months after a possible exposure.i ve not had any risky after activity that.yet i still have some fears.i sometimes feel the rapid test kit i used was not sensitive (because i live in a developing country and feel our test kit is not standard), it couldn't detect de antibodies cos dey are not many in my blood.furthermore i am down with fever, flu and diarrhoea and am attributing it to that.need help

Testing windows

Hi I recently had a possible exposure (genital rubbing only with no insertion) with a women of unknown status. I have taken a HIV DNA test with a HIV 1/2 anitbody test at both 16 and 26 days post exposure and a finger stick at 40 days. Are these tests conclusive, if not how do the odds break down, and what else should I have done?


hey, I was contracted with gonorhea from a girl I didn't know while having unprotected sex and now I'm terrified I may have HIV. I got tested at
7 weeks 1 day and results came back negative. The clinician gave me the finger prick test. How worried should I be that I may get a 12 week positive result? I feel I'm having symptoms.


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