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Rapid/Point of Care Test

paramagamba 1980

hello there
iam a man of  25 years of age with a wife. a few months ago i had sex with a commercial sex worker (CSW). it was protected all along but i got concerned about contracting HIV bacause i had cuts and abrasions on my pubic area due to shaving and her vaginal fluids touched that area. i got strange symptoms such hives, red pimpl like bumps on my back, fever, sore throat , lost a lot of weight.after this event and symtpoms i avoided sex with my wife. i went and got tested with a rapid determine finger prick test at 99 days post exposure and it was negative but the symptoms are still with me. my questions are as follows
(a) iam i really negative? cause after the 99 day neg test i had sex with my wife and she got the classic flu like illness that is persistent up to now. i thought i was neg with a 99 day test but now iam worried that i might have infected her with something
(b) i read on the test package that it can not detect HIV if one is infected with a more variant strain. is this true? please give me ur experience with this rapid test
(c) do ars last this long? bacause i have been really sick with this flu like illness for months now and it does not seem to go.


Test detailsAfter 14 days--Hiv 1&2 Abs (Elisa) NegativeAfter 47 days--Hiv 1&2 Abs (Elisa) NegativeAfter 65 days--Hiv 1&2 Abs (Screening) Negative

HIV worried

Hi i had unprotected vaginal sex with HIV positive woman and after 3 months i did the following :- 4 Rapid ELISA Tests- Tri-Dot Rapid Test- MEIA HIV ABS analyzer- ECLIA P24/AB analyzer- ELISA P24/AB analyzerAll negative but im still worried . what do you recommend ?

Touching the membrane of INSTI test kit

I might have touched the membrane of the INSTI test kit after being used to test on me because I was pointing at a very small spot near the test spot but the nurse told me it was normal and I am HIV negative.  Will that be a risk of transmitting HIV?  With all the test solution and my own blood on the membrane I presume.  I also had a small cut on my hand at that time but it was covered by a bandage. Thanks.

89 day negative but still have symptoms

I had unprotected intercourse on 12/2 with a masseuse. After that I went on to have many many symptoms. No sore throat or rash but everything else. I had a low grade fever99-99.5 for three months post incident. Right now I have a swollen lymph node in my armpit and edema in the same arm. I took rapid tests at 3,4,5,8,and 10 weeks and at 89 days a blood draw. I can't seem to move on because of my swollen lymph node in my armpit. What could cause a delayed seroconversion because I'm pretty confident I'm infected?

Do I have HIV?

I had unprotected sex on 10 December 2011. Then I had a problem after, on Dec 11 in the morning. I had pain in the groin area had a headache. I tested after 6 weeks with ELISA, which was negative. Then I had a WB test - negative, and PCR test - negative (after 86 days), and Tridot test - negative (5.5 months).
After 6 months I have a headache and tongue bumps and groin pain. Do I have HIV?

RE: 3 months post possible exposure negative

Thank Stephanie,pls i posted a question with the title 3 MONTHS POST POSSIBLE EXPOSURE with original post date JUNE 4,2012. The test device which was used was a First Response @ HIV 1-2.0  which is the rapid test used in my country Ghana. It has also been approved by USAID as at December 21,2011. Please is a negative result at 3 months post exposure  conclusive with that test.  
Thanks and hope to hear from you.

nyangau africa

hello there.
iam in africa. i had a potential HIV exposure with Commercial Sex Worker.i developed ARS which are still present up to now. i got tested for HIV with a determine hiv 1/2 rapid finger prick test at 144 days postexposure. how reliable is this test? is it conclusive? how long do ars last? what is the generation of this test?

rapid test after 6 weeks

Hi, I guess you've heard this a lot of times but i just wanna ask what are the odds of being tested hiv positive after 3 months of post exposure (once had oral and unprotected sex to a female sex worker) if I were tested negative at 6 weeks? (HIV RAPID TEST in the Philippines). I am not really sure what HIV rapid test we have here in the Philippines but a feedback from you gusy is highly appreciated.
I have this anxiety or fear of being tested positive after I was tested negative after "5-6" weeks (not sure though). Thanks so much!

delaying antibodies (?)

can body building supplements (creatine,amino,whey protein,nitric oxide ractore et al) can delay antibodies?(seroconversion)?
I recently had a discharge (yellowish and see some stains in my brief)) and had smelly urine after engaging in a casual sex with a female sex worker(?) I had fatigue and flu like symptoms but none of them are present this type.
one night I had chills and thats it, do you think I seroconverted already please help.Thanks!
I was tested non reactive after 4 weeks (rapid hiv testing in the philippines).


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