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Rapid/Point of Care Test

Rapid oral quick test results

Would a rapid oralquick be 95% detecable at 4-6 weeks, i had one test done at the 7 week mark and it was negative.

anonymous testing in alberta

Where can find a anonymous testing sight in alberta? do they do Rapid in Alberta or do you always have to wait at least a week? i had a 7 week 49 day negative how accurate would this be in a healthy active person? thanks

after one year

i took rapid hiv test at end of 5 month , end of 7 months ,end of 10 months , end of 12 months and meia hiv test..all were non reactive.my question is -- is any chance now become hiv positive in future..now i am not engaged with sexual any activity..

Accuracy of rapid test at 7 weeks

I was tested negative 8 weeks after a risky encounter (unprotected insertive anal sex) with someone who's status is unknown. This was done in Vancouver with BioLyticalInsti HIV test.
I am wondering what is the accuracy of this test at 7 weeks (really closer to 8 weeks). I'm a guy in mid 20's with no medical conditions.
Thanks for your help.

False Negative after three months

Hi guys, 
Thanks for all your support. 3 months after a high risk exposure I got two negative rapid tests which came back negative. The nurse told me that the sensitivity of the test was 99.96%. Now, I am wondering what if I was part of that .04% who was positive but tested negative. How can I make sure and get peace of mind ?  

after one year of exposure....

i had a exposure 1 year ago and illness... recently i tested with MEIA HIV test which was non reactive.. i did HIV DNA PCR at end of 8 months.. also Rapid HIV test end of 6 months and 10 months.. these results are conclusive or not? is any chance of hiv infection yet?


this is my story.
1.had sex with unknown staus girl with Protected Sex and condom dint broke,after removing the condom i have touched it..is there any possiblity to get HIV ,i have tested before 2 minth ago and HIV antibody and its non – reactive…
2.Only had a kiss and she bite my on lip nd checked and there is no blood but scared about hiv
Here is my test result for 1 incident
6,7,8,10,12,13,14 ,16,18,20 week 3 days all are nagative
5 week p24 combo nagative
47 week rapid test nagative .
8 week RNA PCR test not detected..
10 week antobody nagative
12 week antobosy nagative..
but still i have rash on my trunk ..so scared please tell me is the results or conclusive



symptoms with negative result?

hello i had viral infection on 10 march 2011. i was involving sexual activity.. then i took hiv rapid test end of 6 months , end of 8 months, end of 10 months, end of 12 months,, i did Hiv dna Detector test end of 8 months. all are negative.. still i am feeling symptoms like white tounge ,feel warm in palm and body.throat in fection and nose.. since 10 march 2011...Am i negative still..?

Combi test elecsys roch 4th g

Dear aidsvancouver,
Thx alot for this site that provide a lot of information which I am usually look at it.
Befor 12 weeks I hav protected contact for few min and unprotected oral sex and deep French kisses..
I start hav symptom..a lot of symptom which is last to today...but am not gona listed because tested over symptom...
I have tested :
1. 27 days rapid test
2. 38 (5 weeks) combi test 4th gn by Roche elecsys e411
3. 6 week  combi test 4th gn by Roche elecsys 2010
4. 12 weeks mark  combi test 4th gn by Roche elecsys 2010 
I have 2 question which make me concern a lot:
1. Does my test ( roche elecsys 2010 combi test ) are relible and approved and should trust it
2. Dose my test conclusive and should I put HIV behind me 
Thx a lot and best wishes,, looking forward to hearing from u..


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