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Rapid/Point of Care Test


Thank you in advance for answering my query. This is my previous post, "http://helpline.aidsvancouver.org/question/worriedbyfear". I took a rapid HIV test and the result came as, " Non-Reactive". Can I consider this as conclusive?

HIV testing

I'm wondering what the testing procedure is like. I went in a couple days ago to be tested. I get coldsores on my lip and have had a couple genital warts in the past (since been removed). I'm wondering if the antibodies that are tested for in the HIV test, might show up as the antibodies my body made to fight the HPV from genital warts or from coldsores. I've been losing sleep like crazy over this. Ive been told that it's 7-10 days until I will hear back about the results, is this business days or just regular days (weekend included). I'm finding the waiting unbearable and wondering if i should get one of these rapid tests done in the meantime.

Thanks for your help, please let me know.

Is my negative test result accurate??

Hello, I did a 4th generation test at 6.5 weeks and an oraquick test at 12 weeks. both came out negative, do I need to retest again? Thanks

How Scared should I be?

Hello- I had sex with a stranger In January of this year. I wore a condom the entire time- and it did not fail (ie break). I am a male and it was with a female. I took a Oraquick at home test 8 weeks post exposure with the results being negative. Is this enough information to begin moving on with my life?

Confused about my HIV status

Hello Aids Vancouver...
First of all let me congratulate you for your great support and guidance. I am a 23 yr old Indian straight guy. I recently had an high risk exposure on 28th of January.. In the past i had 2 sexual relationships and i was exposed to both of those partners without condom at some point of time. Before this third unsafe exposure i was sexually inactive for the past one year. So after this third exposure on 28th of january i got tested on 5th of March with a rapid tri dot test.. I told her also to get tested.. We both were negative according to the tri dot test. Now the problem is when i looked at the panel in which dots occur (here i am talking about her panel) i only remember small pin point dots everywhere in the circle, instead of a specific non reactive test result but the report prepared by the lab was negative. Now the second panel i saw (which was mine) i saw big single dot.. i mean the dot was big than normal ones(which i have seen online), but yes there was a single dot for sure. Now i have two questions based on what happened-
1. Can i believe on the test results which are given to me?
2. If both the results are reliable then am i out of danger?

Have you seen an 5 or 8 week HIV test change

5 week- 3rd gen Anti-bod-neg
8 Week-Rapid test blood-neg

Do you guys practice in a clinical setting? Have you ever seen any of these test change into a positive result at 3 months? How likely is it for a healthy individual to develop HIV antibody (seroconvert) after 8 weeks?

Thanks warmly....

This HIV scare is ruining my life, my grades in pharmacy school....this worry has worn me down... please help.

how long does it take for your body to make enough antibodies

my question is now im new to all this so im not sure if I have this right but here we go I understand that after you srecorvent the your body makes antibodies so if you do this during to 5 week will you have enough to test at 8 weeks as my rapid test was negative at 55 days please help

after 57 days rapid immunochromatographic test

i have unprotected sex with sex worker .. 35 back check a normal blood test negative..again 57 days rapid immunochromatographic test .... result is non reactive it's a conclusion .....

rapid test at 55 days

hello I have a couple of questions I did have a rapid test done at 55 days it came out negative but on the 59 day I had a night sweat now im freaking out my wife says she had bad headaches now I think I have infected her I don't know what to do what are the chances the test changing

had a rapid test done at 7.7 weeks was negative do i have to worry anymore

I new to all this don't even know if my question will get answered but is this rapid hiv test anygood and true the nurse at the clinic told me its 90% and im good now after 8 weeeksa am so confused because I keep getting pain and syptoms


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