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hiv testing 123

After my risky explosure with CSW my HIV RNA PCR at 9 days not detected and 32 & 85 after HIV test wit CMIA method Non reactive i.e index value is 0.07 and 0.09 after 212 days my HIV 1 and 2 test with elisa method negitive i.e index value is 0.24, and hepatatis B and C negitive. my problem is enlarged lumph node 32 days after the exposed 1.5 cm length still existing. the lumph node related to any STD ? can i take which type STD test? my tests are rule out HIV?

VERY REAL SYMPTOMS & NEW HSV after Naked Frottage. HIV Worried

Thanks for your fantastic website and advice. Unfortunately my symptoms are very very worrying after I thought I had a negligible exposure. Please help.
I am 28, male and had a nude body to body massage with a female escort 11-weeks ago. Vigorous frottage occurred with unprotected genital to genital contact and no penetration. She rubbed my front and back. There was massage oil so I can not comment on her vaginal secretions. Afterwards I washed. i became very anxious the next morning (8hrs later) and washed my genitals quite vigorously and unfortunately some soap entered my urethral causing significant pain and burning immediately which persisted for the next 2 weeks. I then developed:

At 4 days: swollen lymph nodes in my groin and right neck lasting 3 weeks
At 10 days: New genital HSV infection (first time) with ulcers around anus. Saw Dr and completed Acyclovir but they recurred as soon as I finished treatment. I am now require ongoing supressive therapy but the vesicles still come and go with itching along with buttock nerve pain up to now (11 weeks)
At 11 days: fever lasting one night with night sweats lasting 2 nights. 2 small oral ulcers which later cleared up.
At weeks 2-3: General fatigue which lasted 1 week
At 5 weeks: severe oral thrush (complete white tongue) confirmed by Dr. Completed 2 courses of Nystatin followed by a course of Amphotericin lozenges. Still no improvement at all currently.
At 5 weeks: a few very dark purple macules and unbelievably itchy along left forearm - these lasted 1 week and left small scars.
At 6 weeks - new rash - multiple small pimple like spots occasionally white or red covering my face upper chest, afew on my arms and sides of my feet. Some itchy some not itchy. New spots are still appearing daily now.
At 8 weeks normal stools but now covered in white spores/spots. Still ongoing
At 8 weeks: total 3kg weight loss. Pants and belts are loose. People have commented. Eating normal appetite however
At weeks 10 drenching nights sweats daily. I am sleeping topless in very cold room. Needing to change bed linen daily. Terrible insomnia waking at 3am every night and cant get back to sleep. Averaging 4hrs sleep per night. This is still ongoing over a week.

I am usually perfectly healthy and I am very worried about HIV especially now that I have persisting HSV on and off for 3months now, oral thrush for weeks still and drenching night sweats.

1. I thought frottage was negligible risk. Is this true? Some website even say no risk but I am suffering so so much with real signs.
2. Would my urethral burning with soap 8hrs after exposure increase my risk (damaged mucosa)? Is there a chance I could have washed some remaining virus down my urethral at this time.
3.I heard that air exposure does NOT kill HIV. Air just dries the fluid containing HIV and it slowly becomes inactive over several hours. Is this true?
4. What is my likely HIV risk with all these symptoms

I am completely freaking out as I was shocked to get Herpes which has required over 2months of Acyclovir. Now all my symptoms/signs are pointing to HIV and I am scared to get the 3month test. Each day seems to get worse.
Please Help!!

confused after test . Steel tray and alcohol patch


i went for a test , a blood test , She cleaned the place from where the blood was drawn with alcohol Patch twice, used new gloves , for blood drawing used butterfly blood drawing needle , but when she was removing the needle she used another alcohol patch to stop little blood that comes out when needle is removed , while removing so there was some blood coming out , and it touched alcohol patch and gloves , i am only worries as when she teared the cover of alcohol patch the patches she kept in the box where old patches were kept ( like its a steel tray , she threw the old patches and cotton from it used on previous patient , kept sealed patches in the same tray and then picked them up and used the patches on me )

can this cause HIV or ant STD

please reply

Condom went inside escort without ejaculation

Hi there couple days ago i had a sex with an escort by appointment only. I took a shower and she came back she wash my hands to make sure i'm clean than we started. She put condom on my fellatio to give me oral sex, and than she came on top of me than we did sideways when we did sideways the condom went inside her i pulled out and we put new condom on i think the condom went inside of her maby for 1-2 minute but at the end i came inside the condom my question is what are my risk for catching STD? when something like this happen do i need to go doctor or im safe? i have no history of STD i always put condom and check for STD every year they always come back negative im a bit worried that my condom went inside the escort what are my risks? thanku

Gonorrhea and Chlamydia from blowjob

I received blowjob from a CSW around a month ago. The blowjob act was unprotected. However, there was no cunnilingus or penetrative sex involved. I know that transmission of HIV in such a case is quite unlikely, however, I am concerned about other STIs, more specifically Gonorrhea and Chlamydia. What I know is that the symptoms for both of them usually appear approximately within 10 days of contracting the infection, for males. Since, it has been more than a month now and I have not experienced any symptoms, except for some rashes around the genital area, which I think is not a classical symptom of these STIs, I wanted to ask:

1. What are chances of contracting Gonorrhea/Chlamydia through unprotected blowjob, with no other type of sex involved?

2. Since these infections are usually treatable with antibiotics, I wanted to ask that what happens if these infections remain untreated for around 6 months or a year? Are these infections treatable a year after contracting them?

3. Considering that no other specific disease is present, can a CBC or urinalysis somehow indicate the presence of these infections?


Had sex with CSW and Breakage of condom.

Thanks a lot team for the work you people are doing.

I had a sex with CSW . She looked healthy . While having sex the condom got punctured and she was the one who said the condom is broken . So then we changed the punctured condom and After we were done everything was ok . But after 3-4 days when I was masturbating i felt the slight pain on my penis and with in next 2-3 days I got some white substance coming out of Penis and I felt burning sensation while Peeing . So the next day I went to the Doc . HE gave me Disodium Hydrogen Citrate syrup for UTI and Fluconazole 200 Mg tab and Eberconazole 1% for Fungal Infection he diagnosed . He also asked about if I had any Sexual contact and I said yes. He was ok with it .
After 5 days there was a much of improvement . But yeast was still seen at my Penis . So I thought to change the doctor . My new doctor said that I am suffering from Balanoposthitis and he changed my pills and said me to come after 4 weeks with test of HIV . I am very scared and I don,t know what to do . I have read alot about the symptoms of HIV on net . I am in my 3rd week of the sexual exposure . And i feel like I have been suffering from symptoms like Sweating in Palms and in body at night and 3-4 rashes on my body including two on my hand and there is alot of back ache rest I dont see any other symptoms . Please help me I am very depressed

Thanks in Advance

Please Help!

Dear Volunteers,

I would first like to thank you all for the amazing work!

I am an Indian Male and I had a sexual encounter with a woman of unknown HIV Status. During the intercourse I used 'Thril' Premium Condoms which were bought from local Medical Store. On the back side of the condom pack I found the details i.e., Batch No.: 5616 TH, Mfg. Date: 08/2016, Exp. Date: 07/2019. Manufactured By: JK Ansell Privited Ltd. Marketed By: Population Health Services (India).

But, there is no information about the product made of material. Therefore, I am confused about the certain things about the product mentioned below:
1) The “Thril” Premium Condoms made of which material ? (Latex/Polyurethane/Polyisoprene/Lambskin)
2) These “Thril” Premium Condoms come with Spermicides?
3) Are these “Thril” Premium Condoms protect from STDs and HIV?
4) Can I consider this intercourse was Safe ?

For these queries I searched in net and manufactures website, but didn't get any information. I am trying to contact you through your emails : helpline@aidsvancouver.org and contact@aidsvancouver.org. But your bulk spam firewall system blocking my mail to reach you. The sent mail is being bounced back. Please provide your email details and look in the matter of Spam firewall.

With regards.....

Syphilis Diagnosis

3 Months ago i started having a reddish rash (no warts or sores) on my face, over the cheeks area. I went to the doctor and he suggested getting some exams, i got tested for HIV, Chlamydia and Syphilis and the last one came out positive (1:32)

After the exams i got 3 shots of penicillin with the last one being applied by January 2nd. After that i haven't had any follow up exams until last week that i took the VDRL and it came out (1:32) reactive again.

Does that mean the penicillin didn't work?

PS: i haven't had any sexual activity in the past 4 months

HIV and Other STD Testing Window Period


During my last sexual encounter which was due to fantasies with a pre op trans woman, received protected anal, but I got anxious that the condom could have been broken, I have made the following tests:

1. HIV PCR and VDRL at day 8, All negative
2. HIV 1/2 COMBO/DUO Test at day 28, All negative
3. HIV COMBO/DUO , VDLR, Hep B and Hep C at day 94, All negative
4. HIV COMBO/DUO at day 101, Negative.

So basically all is negative, but I still have anxiety that I could have messed something with the window period.

Are HIV and VDRL conclusive after 3 months period?

I would appreciate your kind support in this matter.


STD after receiving unprotected oral sex - HIV risk?


I received unprotected oral sex from a sexworker a few days ago and was a infected with a STD. I went to see an urologist today and was prescribed antibiotics. The urologist said, that the risk to get infected with HIV by receiving oral sex is very low and as stated in many threads in this forum, it may even be a negligible risk activity. However, I am still very concerned if the presence of a STD in the sexworkers mouth or throat increases the risk of a transmission.
The oral sex was performed for about 3-4 minutes and I did not see any blood on my penis afterwards. The only thing that I noticed afterwards was a strong and very bad oral smell which I did not notice before. I assume the sexworker had a bad oral hygiene.

I feel very concerned and guilty because of this situation. It would be great if you could provide me information on how an STD or bad oral hygiene could increase the risk of HIV transmission in receiving oral sex and how you would evaluate this situation based on your experience.

Sorry for my poor English, I am not a native speaker. And thank you for the important information you provide here and your commitment to help people like me!

Best regards,


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