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Syphilis and timing

Hi there,

I have a strange question, and while I firmly believe in getting checked regularly, I am curious about the timing in this case.

3 weeks ago, I had sex with a friend of mine. A few days ago, he told me that 1 week prior to being with me, he was with another guy who called with the news that he tested positive for syphilis.

Now, from what I am reading online, syphilis is only caught by contact with chancres and chancres only show up after 10 days at the earliest.

Assuming the my friend did actually catch syphilis from that encounter, am I most likely safe because the chancres wouldn't have shown up yet therefore I didn't come in contact with them?

What do you think?

Please help! Very scared don't know what to do..

Hello, I'm from Toronto.

I have unprotected vaginal intercourse with a guy on the 17th of August who says he's negative for all stds. The sex only lasted for 2 min no ejaculation happened I told him to stop realizing I'm making a terrible mistake not using protection. Haven't talked to him since, he then developed molluscum and contacted me telling me he got it and I should get checked. I searched up molluscum on the internet and it said people with suppressed immune systems are prone to molluscum such as hiv, or aids. I then freaked out, my nightmare began. He said he got this from someone he slept with after me. 5 weeks after the exposure I got checked for all of the above and a full std check everything was negative. They took blood from my vein at my walk in clinic for hiv, hep c, and syphilis.. all came back negative. The doctor told me about the window period and I freaked out.. I think went crazy I got a uti, swollen lymphnode, and lost a lot of weight. I went crazy and I'm still going crazy.. I never got a uti in my life and after all this so much stuff is happening to me. I got checked 114 days after the exposure at a sexual health clinic, the nurse told me my risk is low and hiv is a fragile virus to transmit.. I think she used the insti rapid test it had a circle membrane. How accurate is this test? She said my test is conclusive. I then started searching on the internet from my anxiety of still having a swollen lymphnode on the right side of my neck.. I think maybe I can just feel it cuz I now weigh 107.2 pounds and I'm 5'4. My bones are sticking out from my anxiety and not being able to eat thinking my life is over. Anyway, I saw that 3 months isn't conclusive and 6 months is. Like come on am seriously what do I need to do now. I'm seriously freaking out I can't sleep at night, and I'm starting college in jan I'm scared that everything's going down the drain. Sorry for the huge rant, I just feel a bit better explaining my situation.

Thank you to whoever replies to me!

Would i be infected HIV?

Hi, Greetings

I apologized my English
I am very worried that I hav.e contracted HIV and Syphilis .

I recently visited a massage parlor on 19 May 2015 and received an unprotected handjob and she lick my nipple. Apart from the handjob for 15- 20 minutes. She also used some body oil for the handjob. Don't know she is HIV positive or not.
On 24 Oct 2015 i attended First Aid CPR course, that day i was mouth ulcers and all people using same equipment to practice blow oxygen to the dummy.(after used that the person will cleaned by alcohol on the dummy mouth). i worry will transmit HIV through saliva.
On 12 Nov 2015) i dinner with my friend and his friend (HIV + assume) will infect HIV? that day i was mouth ulcer? i have fever one day on 17 Nov 2015 and sore throat until now.
May i know range of human body temperature? some Doctor said is 36.6 ~ 37 degreeC, more then that consider fever. i very very worry. please help. I need to test HIV again?

I went to different laboratory to blood test and the results below:
1) 4 August 2015 - HIV I & II AB (ELISA) & Syphilis - Non Reactive
2) 9 September 2015 - HIV I & II AG/AB(ELISA) & Syphilis - Non Reactive
3) 26 Oct 2015 - HIV I & II AB (ELISA) & Syphilis - Non Reactive

Thank you very much.

HIV Testing HIV Transmission

Just 3days back .I has intercourse with one commercial sex worker. I used condom for intercourse, but meanwhile she found that condom has broken and immediately she stop there and bring out my penis outside. I was not ejaculated till that time. After that we completed the session with another fresh condom. i asked her that she is hiv positive or not she said not. but i have fever from that night but now i fell well. should i worry or not??

Worried about HIV and other STDS V

Hey, I had sex with 3-4 escorts all protected no skin to skin contact, I made sure to not allow my skin to touch hers while having vaginal sex. I went to the bathroom once we were finished after maybe having 1-2 mins of sex, and I looked at the condom to make sure there were no holes or tearing on the condom; there was not any. Now after I did all this stuff its been about a year, I feel corrupt and guilty. I'm only 21, I'd usually never do anything like that its like I opened a pandoras box and now I regret it so much. I fear that even though I was protected I have HIV or Syphilis. I've been tested before, but the wait to get the results nearly killed me. Now I am to scared to get tested, and really would like your opinion. It's been a year and I'm a very observant person, I've never seen any red bumps, I've never been sick, and never seen any abnormal discharge. Everythings been normal basically except my mind torturing me over committing these acts. Do you think its absolutely necessary for me to be tested, put it this way would you have sex with a loved one if you were me without being tested first?

hiv and unprotected oral sex

Hi I had unprotected oral sex and a week later experienced penile discharge, urethra irritation, achy leg muscles and back. no burning while peeing, or noticeable bumps. She said she is std free. Got tested for chlamydia, gonerra and hiv. All negative but doctor still gave me antibiotics. Everything cleared up but the aches for about a week. I got tested again on the 11th week with rapid hiv test and results came back negative. Now about 5 months later since possible exposure I am experiencing soreness in arms, tension in neck. Additionally I experienced a rushing blood feeling in my feet and fingers for about a week. I don't think I have a compromised immune system. Should I get hiv tested again? What do you think this is?

Genital Herpes and HIV

I tested positive for herpes simplex 1 and had an outbreak on my genitals. I was drunk and received oral from a stripper and ejaculated a little in her mouth. I don't know if she had any sore or cuts in her mouth. She only really had her mouth on the tip of my penis. Can I get HIV? When should I start testing?

Had protected vaginal sex and unprotected oral sex.

I recently had protected vaginal sex and unprotected oral sex. About a week or so after I started to experience extreme pain in and around my groin for three days which included a constant urge to urinate, chills and sweats from time to time. I went to the walk-in clinic and explained to them that I think I have a urine track infection. They did a quick dip test and it came back positive. The doctor told me that it sounds like a urine track infection. However, he also asked if I had sex and I told him yes protected vaginal and unprotected oral. He then suggested I take a STD test for chlamyida, gonorrhea, hiv and syphilis test. I did not take the test that day because I was scared, instead, I took the antibiotics he prescribed for me and began taking them. I am currently on day 5 of taking them and I noticed some diarrhea and sweats/chills and a bit of weight loss. I begin to look up hiv symptoms and noticed some similarities with some of my issues which includes swollen lymph nodes around my neck. I've called hiv hotlines during this period in a panic thinking I have hiv and they continued to reassure me that I am at low risk. I have been really scared up until now and I would really appreciate any feedback on this matter as I have not slept well and I don't know where else to turn.

Thank you very much for your support.

Hi there...please help me..


Recently i had protected sex with a CSW in Thailand which was just 2 minutes stand since i was very nervous as i forgot that i did shaving in pubic region just 1 hour before though the shaving was normal without any nick / cuts / blood..but after reading on internet that a minor microscopic or super facial cuts can easily transmit HIV, then guilt & anxiety got me very seriously & i start worrying all the time 7x24 hours..
After 2 months i got stomach pain, tested for rapid blood HIV & Hpylori bacteria at 2 month mark & got HIV negative but Hpylori Positive & doctor suggested me some antibiotics for HP & as soon i started this heavy dose of HP, i started Diarrhea problems which is still troubling me....again after 3 month (91 days) i tested for HIV with rapid blood test (Alere HIV 1/2 antigen test) which came back negative but HP came positive..
Please reply my questions point wise.

1) Is it true that a minor or super facials cuts in pubic area can transfer HIV or any other STD?
2) Is my 91 days HIV rapid blood test conclusive ? or any further test required?
3) I have read on internet that Diarrhea is initial & most common symptoms of HIV .. its very hard to believe me that why this Diarrhea is troubling me so long (more that 20 days) without any reason even though i got HIV negative after 91 days?

Hiv? Re post ? Final queries?

I had a question posted but haven't got any reply !

But let me describe again.

Hello doc !
I did have a possible exposure to local sex worker in Greece ( MAY 2015 )

Symptoms did arrive post 2-3 weeks
Exact flu kinda symptoms!
Was nervous and thought of being infected!
Really felt like killing myself !

Some sources say 3 months some say 4weeks some 6 weeks some 6 months too !

Some say there are 4 situation which effects the hiv testing !
1) pep
2) treatment for hep c
3) treatment for cancer
4) immunodeficiency

How do I know whether I have immunodeficiency ? I was serious kinda ill during my childhood
Suppose if I do I have some immunodeficiency
Does it affect my testing !?
Testing is delayed for antibodies ?

But even with some immunodeficiency antigens /rna/ dna / Id NAT should be detected?it detects the genetic material of hiv

I have take several duo test at
23rd day - Eclia
28th day - Eclia
42nd day - Eclia
58th day - Eclia
89th day - ELFA
93rd day - Eclia
103rd day - ELFA
103rd day - Cmia
122nd day - cmia

And last one was

179th day - Eclia ! All were not reactive


One hiv rna pcr 1 qualitative @ 103rd day - NOT DETECTED

One id NAT test @ 125th day - viral screening for hiv rna Dna 1/2 ! Hep c ! Hep b ! - NOT DETECTED

Two complete immunology test once th day when I had my IgM was slightly high and IgG was slightly low @ 48th day

Again took immunology test at 58th day
All were normal

Again took immunology test at 93rd day
All were normal

Agin took immunology test at 179 th day !
All were normal

Took syphills test at 23rd 42nd 58th 93rd
And 179th day -all non reactive

Took herpes 1/2 IgM IgG non reactive at 42nd day
@ 93rd day IgM coming out as equivocal and IgG was non reactive
@103/104 ( two different lab ) - both IgG IgM was no. Reactive

Took hepatitis b antigen @ 58th and 93rd day non reactive and 179th day - non reactive

Took chlyamdia IgA IgM IgG -negative at 42nd day

Anti HCV - 93rd day and 179th day -not detected

60th day - CBC count was normal
89th day - CBC - lymphocytes full high - neutrophils low
93rd day - Cbc - lymphocytes slightly high rest normal
103rd - Cbc - lymphocytes slightly high rest normal
124th day - lymphocytes slightly high

130 th day - all were normal

179th day - lymphocytes are high rest all are normal

Took vitamin d and vitamin b 12 - Have Deficiency ( I am vegetarian)

Really tensed !

Got some symptoms that is
Sometimes improper stools or dark colored stool !
Minor sore throat !

Still have bad dreams ! Being too anxious !

Can you explain ? This in detailed manner ?

So many duo test ? Yet feeling scared !

I got married recently! I don't wanna infect her !

I got weird throat sometimes it's proper sometimes it's not same with my stools !

Can all this tests be false negative? That hiv PCR rna ? Duo ? Id NAT for hep c hep b hiv1/2

What is the difference between NAT and id NAT test?

I had three immunology test once Igm was high and IgG was low ! Rest immunology tests were normal !

But lymphocytes are high ! Mostly since two months - three months ?
Any testing needed ?


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