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Unprotected Vaginal Sex with urethritis present

Hello and thank you for answering my question. A month ago I had unprotected vaginal sex with a prostitute and to make matters worse i also had some minor inflammation and soreness on my penis. Prior to this incident occurring i had an STD test done on me and they all came back negative. However I still had this inflammation or urethritis in my penis head when i engaged in unprotected sex with the prostitute. I have read online that the risk of Hiv transmission increases three times in the presence of STD's and such, so based on this fact, if the average risk of transmission for males is said to be .04%, does this mean that with the presence of urethritis, my risk could be as high as .12%?


I was treated for an STD (syphilis) yrs ago. I've been told I could never give blood and that I will always have the std in me, but I cant infect anyone. Could infect myself or get sick if I taste my own precum?


Hi, I received 2 second unprotected fellatio, 2 second condoms protected fellatio, and then, I had about 12 second condoms protected anal sex with a female sex worker from Mongolia (people in Mongolia has high rate of HCV) at 3.5 months ago. After 3 months of that event I gave a test for HIV 1&2 (4th generation ELISA), antibody Hep C test, and other STIs. The results came negative. Could you please kindly let me know if I still should retest for HCV and HIV after 6 months of exposure. I read in CDC guidelines that 97% of people develop Hep C antibody after 6 months, is this true and valid? Some others say an antibody test after 15-16 weeks is conclusive for Hep C?

What test I can give now to 100% make sure about Hep C?

Thank you very much

HIV tests at 90 days - Still having fear

Hi All,


I am from india, I had a brief exposure with a prostitute in honkgong exactly before 99 days. I used condom, as this is the first time I was having vaginal sex, but I don't was there any break or slippage.

I was licking her vagina for 10 seconds and kissing her continuously in nipples, mouth.

I started to get lot of symptoms from 20 th day onwards

Rashes, mild fever, 3 small lymph nodes in neck, weight loss of about 5 kg, sometimes high fever about 100 f.

I started my tests as follows,

29the day rapid test - negative
33rd day rapid test - negative
33rd day REAL TIME pcr - viral load - hiv 1 - Target not detected
43rd day - elisa - non reactive
49th day - HIV DUO CMIA - non reactive
56th day - elisa - negative
63rd day - elisa - negative
70th day - elisa - negative
77th day - HIV DUO CMIA - non reactive
81st day HIV 1 RNA DETECTION using cobas taqman - not detectable
90th day - HIV DUO CMIA - non reactive
90th day - ELISA - negative

Other than these tests, I took STD tests on 88th day - for chlamydia, syphilis, HSV 1 and 2, HbsAg, CMV, RPR/VDRL, TPHL, TOXOPLASMA, rubella. Everything is negative other than rubella IgG with value of 136.

1. Is my tests are conclusive, should I need to take any tests in 6 months,

2.from 2 week onwards I am getting rashes on/off. is it related to HIV

3. What could be the cause of lymph nodes near ear and neck, this are not noticeable and not paint, May be around 1 cm.

4.I was using Alprazolam 0.25 MG for anxiety, will this have any effects on HIV tests.

5.is my other STD tests are conclusive?

urethral discharge and hiv in oral sex

I know doing a fellatio to an hiv+ person is a neglible risk of contract hiv if there isn't an cum ejaculation, but I want to ask you if the hiv+ have another std, like chlamydia or gonorrhea or syphilis, and this person has infectious fluid for this std, like urethral discharge or fluid of a chancre, if this fluids increases significatly the risk of hiv transmission. This fluids have hiv in important concentration, or hiv is only in important concentrations in cum and blood in men?
Thanks, and my apologizes for my bad english.

Condom reversed

I wore condom while sex but later she gave me a blowjob removing condom
I wore same condom reversed for 10-15 seconds then i wore a new condom after and had sex again
I Am little bit worried about it that i wore reversed condom
Is there any chances to get affected ?? like hiv

I need your help

Last week I was in Vietnam, I rented a 2 CSW in 2 different occasions through an escorting agency.

For the first lady she given me a handjob, unprotected oral sex 3 separate times (one of which I ejaculated, but not in her mouth) and we also had 2 times protected vaginal sex (I have checked the condom and found no leakage or tears after the intercourse).

Throughout the session there was a lot of deep French kissing (plz note that my gum bleeds when I use dental floss) and fingering. Also since that night I am suffering from continuous nausea and discomfort in my stomach.

While for the second lady we had once unprotected oral sex (I did not ejaculate in her mouth) and we also had 1 time protected vaginal sex (I have checked the condom and found no leakage or tears after the intercourse).

So please advise what is my risk of contracting HIV from any of the above activities I done with these CSWs especially for the unprotected oral sex and frenching and also do the mentioned symptoms have any relation with any possible STDs or HIV infection?

Should I need go for HIV testing and when?

Kindly I need you help and advise since the anxiety is killing me and I cant sleep or work or concentrate in anything

Thanks and looking forward for your soonest reply.

Can i?

I went for a massage today, can i get hiv/sex diseases if she touches my penis and penis urethra? and there were also some cum Thank you.

dirty needle


Please checkout the site i have shared with you.

I am not answered in it by you.

My question is if the piercing plain needle is not clean or may be infected with hiv blood, does it pose hiv infection???

Is blood test required for that?


Body fluids got on cut and in mouth

I was sleeping with a friend. And I had a cut on my leg that night. When next morning I woke up, I saw some body fluids on my cut and in my mouth. If my friend has HIV( or any STIs) and the body fluids went straight on my cut and in mouth without touching any objects before, do I have any risk of getting HIV or STIs? Please answer. Thank you.


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