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Std's and masturbation

So i know this is a little embarrassing, but i need to know the answer. One day i didnt have any lubrication to masturabte with. so....yeah this is embarrassing. I really wanted to use a lube so I...used my spit.
I have never had and still have no std's but is it possible to get one from what ive done?

-15 yr old male

gonococcal infection

Hi ..i had sex with 2 times without condom, and after few days my penis got swell and discharge, when i go for check up, urine PCR gonorrhea is positive, and doctor saod gonococcal infection n treated..is it worry about getting HIV? doc said PUS calture also positive.
BUt doctor said no need worry, pls give more clear information

major hiv symptoms

I have recently gotten tested for all std's and the only thing i tested positive for was syphilis. i was alsmost certain i'd test positive for hiv. ive came in contact with sexual partners ive known or believed to have hiv/aids. the same symptoms i occurred appeared as the same symptoms ive seen within them. the most common was weight loss. my weight loss appears to be down to the meat. i dont seem to have any appearances of fat on my body, ive noticed a change in my body maybe years ago but was indenial. but im scared that my situation could be worse than before. but with me testing negative for hiv i feel very confused and concerned!! please help me

HSV-2IgG at 99 days

Hello Sir,

I did Test for HSV-2IgG at 99 days -result .050 Non-reactive CLIA.

Is this conclusive result . ?

What is the meaning .050 asking boz just worried Negative 0.0 to 0.9 and almost half … is any chances in future its go UP.

CLIA test result is accurate for HSV-II, IgG ?

Thanks & Regards,

Herpes-Skin to Skin

Dear Doctor,

Please see below its your comment about Herpes read earlier reply to others:-

“Herpes is the exception and can be spread through skin-skin contact of the genitals and mouth. HPV, also an exception, can be spread through skin-skin contact of the genitals as well. STI's cannot be transmitted through hugging, hand holding, sharing utensils or drinks (with the exception of herpes), etc.”

Could you please explain more better way “SKIN-SKIN” how can be spread by S to S. if supoose there is no any sore or blister means normal skin… then still can be chances spread Herpes ?
If don’t do oral sex just simply kiss on face (Cheek) there is normal skin on cheek then still cause to spread?

Waiting for your reply…

Thanks & Regards,

HSV Testing

Dear doctor,

I took Blood Test at 100 days for HSV-2 its came 0.50 Negative method – CLIA Is it conclusive result.

CLIA is accurate for Herpes HSV?

i have symptoms since beginning (after 5 min from exposer) you i dont know its from this or boz of deadly stress ?

after how many days from the Exposer can get accurate result from Blood for HSV-1 & 2?

Can u advsie which test will be better for HSV-1?

already I took HIV, HEP B SYPLISIS all are negative at 90 days.

waiting for your valuable reply...

thanks & Regards,

Touching a vibrator

Hi, so I work in the airline industry and it was brought to my attention that a bag was vibrating, I have to open it for security reasons, and what was vibrating was a vibrator and I had to turn it off, now, I was wearing gloves, but when I took my gloves off, and touched my gloves with bear hands, made me wonder what if the had std or hiv. I went along continuing working forgetting to wash up, I probably touched my face with my bear hands..
Is there any need to worry?

Frottage HIV Risk

Two weeks ago, I had an encounter with another guy. We did mutual masturbation where I rubbed my penis against his, and then we jerked each other off. He came first and got semen on my hand. I used that same hand to then jerk me off until I came. I am worried that some of his cum could have entered my urethra during frottage or when he jerked me off and infected me. I also have warts on my hands and am worried that increased my risk of exposure. I became really nervous after I got a quarter sized rash on my arm. Am I at risk for getting HIV?

Oral encounter and afraid

I had an encounter where I got oral sex performed on my scrotum. After about 20 minutes she tried to put my penis in her mouth. Before the encounter I shaved and had a small cut between the base of my penis and the scrotum. Some saliva may have gotten on it. She moved up to put my penis in her mouth and it was literally there for only 2 seconds then I put on a condom and we continued for maybe 2 minutes. What are the chances of STDs or HIV transmission? I am really concerned. What testing should I get done and possibly how long should I wait. To be on the safe side I took some Amoxicillin because I have been feeling weird since. I have been feeling tired, fatigue, headaches or migraines. I haven't had any rashes, discharge or itchy/burning feelings. Thanks!

HIV transmission from vaginal and anal fingering

Hello. I recently had an encounter whereby a new partner who is unsure of his STI status fingered my vagina and anus. He touched his penis before doing this as he wanted to rub his penis onto my vagina but I rejected this as he didn't have any condoms. There was only a few seconds after touching his penis that he fingered me. I was worried about my risk because he told me that he used to be a male prostitute and didn't always use condoms. What is the likelihood of contracting HIV from this encounter?


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