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anal sex with a transexual

I had anal sex with a transexual prostitute, I used a condom, I was the insertive person, the anal sex lasted less than 2 minutes. I went back to the hotel, washed my genital with a hot wash cloth and went to bed. I didn't notice any cuts or abrasions at that time but I was drunk. Now I have a history of genital herpes, and in the morning I noticed I had a couple of sores on my penis. I am pretty sure the sores (if they were there when I had anal sex) were covered by the condom. What is my chance of getting hiv. thank you.


Dear Doctor,
Thanks a lot for your answer… as you suggest I did one more test of ECLIA HIV COMBO
First test - at 77 days – result – 0.32 (Non-Reactive) ECLIA COMBO
Second test - at 92 days – result – 0.325 (Non-Reactive) ECLIA COMBO
Hepositic B – 0.48 (Non-Reactive) at 92 days
Syphilis - (Non-Reactive) at 92 days
Kindly advsie now what I have status and now what should I do ..
plz reply asap
Thanks & Regards,



About one year ago, I contracted genital herpes from my boyfriend who was unfaithful at the time. Out of worry about other diseases, I got tested for HIV 12 weeks later and the results came back negative; however am I unsure which (generation) test I was issued except that it was a rapid test. I experienced no flu-like symptoms at the time of possible exposure till now; except that a few days ago I noticed a lymph node in my neck and in my armpits are swollen for no apparent reason. Should I be worried?

Handjob, open wounds

Yesterday I gave a guy a handjob and he ejaculated on my hands. On my fingers there were tiny open wounds but I don't know whether his semen got contacted with them or not. (We also had unprotected oral sex.) I don't know if he has any kind of STD, so I'm a little worried that I might have got infected with HIV. Should I get tested for HIV? If yes, what is the window period for HIV? Thank you!

western blot test should i stop worry

sir i had unprotected sex with a familier lady . after 3.5 months i cought some bumps so i visited a skin specilist . he diagnosed moluscum i suggested to test for hiv1/ hiv 2 also vdrl . i have did that test both result are negative . i have asked doctor should i stop worry he said test again after 6 months . but due to fear i have decided to go for western blot i did this test after 4 months and result again came nagative ........ now please tell me should i stop worry .... i read that molluscum is rare in healthy adults .. came only those who have weak immunity system due to immunideficienacy disease like hiv . i again came in fear . i think that i am heathy ... and only 10 moluscum was there in genital area .. doctor removed this with surgery after one month moluscum came back to my genital area ....... so i tested western blot after 4 months of possible exposure & that was negative ...so please guid me .. now is there any need to worry because of this molluscum ... i dont have any other symptoms of hiv .... please guid

The risks of sex with unknown people

In previous questions you said that whom you had sexual activity isn't important, but the activity itself. I agree in part because in my particular case I didn't pay atenttion to one activity, that is my sex partner willing with mens rea reversed the condom we were using in a vaginal sex. I can't forgive myself, this evil woman ruined my life. I can't say for sure if I'm infected but a person close to this evil person talked to her and she said she did reverse the condom, rubbed my pennis vigourously to creat a entry path to the vírus. I known it's not a common situation, I, among the billions of people in this planet have the bad luck to meet this person and now I'll pay for the rest of my life for my poor jugdgement at that time. Finally I would like to alert the risks of sex with unknown people because sometime one think that a condom could protect against hiv and other stds but it's not always true, that is, if you don't know with who you are, what intentions that person has, don't take this risk, do what I didn't do, run away.

protected sex, unprotected rubbing

hi, two months ago, i had sex with a girl. I am a male...she started rubbing the tip of my penis on her clitoris which was very wet...i did not have a condom on but i realized i should put one on. I proceeded to have sex with her with a condom but what im really worried about is the fact that she rubbed the tip of my penis on her clitoris while it was wet...is it possible to contract hiv in that manner? two weeks later i started feeling sick..i had a alot of weakness and body aches...i am a bit scared about it...

Body Massage and HIV

)I am a male, age 37. A week back, I had a body massage from a male masseur. We did NOT indulge in Sexual Intercourse. He did NOT give me a blow job. Neither did I. However, he gave me a handjob. He sucked my armpits. And kissed once (Little deep kiss). He tries to tease my testicles with his tongue but I stopped him immediately.
Am I at the risk of HIV? and or STI? Please help.

bleeding hand and HIV positive semen.

Hello Everyone,

I really need some professional help and your help is much appreciated.
My hands are really really dry with a lot of red scratches cuts from the cold weather(I also have a dermatological skin condition where my skin is so dry that it opens and bleeds in different places of my body). They bleed and stop bleeding a lot during the day, depending if I touch them or rub them.
Im a gay male not out yet and a bit scared of getting sexual with men. I went to a bath house today (gay sauna), I usually don’t touch anyone because of my hands condition, I just like to walk around and watch people. I watched a guy masterbate, as soon as he ejaculated, he ejaculated on his hand and I have no idea why he touched my hand directly. I freaked out because I might be bleeding, I put the towel directly on my hand to see if there was blood, and yes a patch of dry skin was bleeding, basically my towel had a lot of small dots of blood on it. I washed my hand directly and that patch of dry skin kept on bleeding for 20 minutes.

The issue is once he ejaculated he had semen on his hand, and touched my BLEEDING hand skin directly, so his semen touched my blood.

I spoke to the man and found out that he is HIV positive, I made sure of this information through someone else there and indeed he is HIV positive. He was helpful and told me to go to the hosipital directly.
My friend is a nurse at a hospital and she says I need to go to the emergency room and get my situation checked and she told me to insist on take treatment (PEP – post exposure that’s what she called it). She told me because the towel did not have just one drop of blood it had a lot more, which means that my skin was open and actively bleeding.

I am REALLY WORRIED scared I feel numb.. please tell me whats my risk from this situation. What shall I do at the moment ? am I infected ?
Thanks a lot for all your work and help here.

Toilet Water Splash on cut?

I was using a public toilet. And when I flushed it, the water got on my cut on my anus. And after that, I noticed there were some body fluids in the toilet water. I'm not sure how long ago the person went into that restroom before me. Do I have a chance of getting any STDs or HIV ?


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