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4 days ago i received a hand job. Is there any risk of getting a STD from that ? today i saw a yellowish discharge from my penis and went to the doctor for that. I was tested for Chalymdia and Gonorea and hopefully i should have results in a couple of days. So my question is there an risk STD from handjob ?

Chance of a Rapid HIV Negative Test at 3 months turning positive?


First off thank you for the work that you do every day in helping folks with questions on such a terrifying disease. I am a young man who has had sex before, but I only recently started thinking about the dangers of sex and the transmission of HIV/STDs. Here is my question. Apart from the other times I've had sex in the past, I had sex with two callgirls, one in October and one in November. The first one was just oral and vaginal sex, but the other was vaginal and anal sex, again, all protected. Both told me they were HIV negative, but since then, I've had no sexual encounters altogether (mostly because I am just scared out of my mind).

I took an INSTI Rapid Test 66 Days (9 Weeks), 82 Days (11 Weeks), and then a final test at 95 Days (13 Weeks), all of which came back negative. I get that there was low risk to start, but so much stuff I read says 6 months is conclusive or 1 year is conclusive. What really worries me is that I'm in that 0.01% that receives a false-negative, only to test positive down the road. In these three months I have had headaches, a sore-throat, and sometimes have felt fatigue, but these have all been for 1 or 2 days at a time, or could be logically explained by something else - like walking out in the cold or not stretched before a workout.

I realize this all may be very trivial as opposed to other questions, but I just can't get this fear out of my head and would like to know what my chances are, realistically, of testing HIV-positive after the three tests that I mentioned above? One other issue of concern for me is that diabetes runs in my family, which I've heard can sometimes cause autoimmune problems - one of the reasons a 3-month HIV test is sometimes not reliable. I have not been diagnosed with diabetes or any autoimmune problems, but if I were to be living with diabetes and not know, could that have affected the three negative HIV tests I have already had?

Any help would be much appreciated. I just really want to see a day where the thought of HIV doesn't cross my mind in the span of 24 hours. Thanks?


Hello Doctor

Yesterday i had sex with a prostitute whom i met 2 years ago.. This time i had sex after 2 years. I also tested for hiv 6 times for my convenience which were negatives within 2 years..Yesterdays sexual activity was not intense. we hugged each other after which i had intercourse with condom. She also licked and bit my nipples . There was no oral sex involved. Her vagina was stinky and After removing the condom the penis released a fish like rotten smell which i dont know where it came from now do i know the condom broke or not which led to this smell.(But i am pretty sure the condom didnt break) All i can say that i had the condom on throughout the sexual activity and i ejaculated in my condom. Although it wasn't a risky encounter i feel that i may i have contracted the virus. So i would like to know whether i should go for a std test in this case. I am extremely worried and tensed. Please i need you help



Is it possible to develop aids with-in the first year of infection??? does some people develop it sooner than others?? I am afraid of HIV...i had unprotected sex with a woman...i took an antibody test after 6 weeks and came out negative but as of now i am really afraid to go back for the final test. I also had a protected experiece (condom) with a girl but before i put on the condom she rubbed the tip of my penis on her clitoris but she was very wet...is it possible to catch something in that manner? I felt sick two weeks later :(

Chances of STDs after protected vaginal intercourse?

Hi there,

About a week ago I had vaginal intercourse with a women. First we used a condom for oral sex, and then I used a new condom for vaginal sex. The condoms were put on properly both times and they did not break. A little bit of lubricant was also used.

My only worry is that I know this individual has many sexual partners, although she is always safe, as in this case. Also, she has been tested within the last 6 weeks for any STD's.

I'm still a little concerned though. I do have anxiety problems which makes the whole situation worse. My question is, should I get myself tested?

It's hard for me to wait many more weeks so I was thinking to get the RNA test done next week, however, this test is extremely expensive.

I spoke with a few people and the main advice I received is that if we were safe and the condom did not break, then even if the other individual had an STD, it is not really possible for her to give it to me (unless it is something that can be passed along with just skin to skin contact of course). And on top of that she has been recently tested. I have been told it is not necessary to get tested given the facts. What would you suggest in this case?

Potential HIV infection and condom question URGENT

I was having anal sex the other day with a TS prostitute, and now I am worried if the condom broke during the time and I could get hiv. It lasted for less than a minute. If i saw that there was a sac of semen that formed at the tip, what are the chances that the condom broke?( i did not ejaculate in the rectum, it was outside). If the condom did not break, and the tip was protected, there is an incredibly tiny chance I could get hiv right? thank you so much for your time.

HIV Risk?! Help please!

Dear doctors,

I have a huge problem which prevents me from having a normal life since almost 2 weeks.

The whole story started when I moved to a new city. I met an Asian girl for the first time. We had unprotected oral sex. No intercourse happened. But I also fingered her and just did some teasing for her with me penis but no intercourse happened.

Two weeks I guess after this incident I had a very serious sinus infection. I always had problem with Sinus because I always have a headache above my nose and eyes. But this one was a serious one. I had fever for two days, tonsils, headache, sore and strep throat, cough with green and yellow nasal, running nose with nasal contains frozen blood. I even lost my voice due to this infection for about 3 days. I didn't take any medicines and it all went away after 10 or 12 days I guess.

This girl had an HIV test before we met and she was negative and she said I was the first one to met since she came to this city. Is this sinus infection related to her or it's just a random infection?! Noting that during that night and before I met her, I had a pimple in my upper lip in the corner of my mouth. I don't think it get any body fluid but mostly engaged in the deep kissing with her saliva.

Two months after this incident, I met another Asian girl. We had some teasing and deep kissing. I fingered her but not didn't perform oral sex, though she sucked my penis unprotected. Then the worst happened, we had maximum 12 seconds unprotected vaginal intercourse. I ejaculated outside. Then I stopped everything and freaked out. It was my first ever unprotected intercourse, and it came with a total stranger whom I just met 10 minutes ago!!

I admit it was a huge mistake and it made my life hell since that day. I can't think about anything but HIV. I read all of the cases, forums and even medical studies about HIV and STD. I never thought of those things before and how serious they are because I never had sex with strangers before.

I asked the girl and she said she is clean and never ad any STD infection. She also noted that she had an HIV tst 8 months ago and she was negative. She fall sick with fever last October and they did normal blood tests for her and all were fine. And she only had sex with her boyfriend since that time. and last time was 3 months ago.

5 days after the intercourse incident and after anxiety destroyed my life, I went to a near clinic and told the doctor everything. She did normal tests like:
Hematology - Urine Routine Test - C-Reactive Protine, Urine Culture and Urine Swab Microbiology. Since here the HIV test is not confidential and should be reported to the government.
Everything was fine but the Urine Swab and Urine Culture tests. It show that I have MRSE (Moderate Growth - Probably Significant: Colony Count > 10,000CFU/ML). Also the Hematology shows very mild high percentage of Lymphocytes (42%). The doctor told me that MSRE bacteria is a serious infection and it's a huge indicate that I might have HIV!! she gave me antibiotic for 14 days.

My life went from bad to worse after hearing that, I couldn't sleep, work or do anything but thinking about my life after HIV and how I will deal with it. I went for another doctor and they did another urine tests after 4 days from the previous tests. It all came Negative and no bacteria or pus cells found. (Urine Gram Examination, Urine Culture and Urine Routine test). The doctor gave me another antibiotic for 7 days for STD just in case I get any. And told me to keep taking the other antibiotic as well.

Later, I started to feel pain in my neck and tonsils and some burning sensation after urinating and irritation i my penis and frequently go to urine but with good quantities. It all reduced now but the neck pain. It comes and go. Sometimes I feel that my lymph nodes are swollen and my throat is sore and later it get better and then getting bad...etc. Also, I felt pain in my left knee which I had ACL in it 3 years ago but this pain with serve then went away. Now I have pain in my lower back which prevent me from talking long walking.

I went for a Urology doctor and he said I'm fine and there's nothing to worry about from STDs like Gonorrhea and Chlamydia as I took the antibiotic and that I don't have any discharge from my penis. Also all of my tests showed no pus cells. and told me that this MRSE thing is very normal and not sexually transmitted. And that the irritaion and burning sensation I have sometimes are related to Prostates inflammation thing.

Now I'm very worried. What are my chances to get HIV from both encounters? Are those things I mentioned consider symptoms for ARS or it's just my anxiety and stress can cause those issue. I'm deeply scared and worried and have nothing to do. My neck, legs, back and throat are playing with me now the (pain, no pain) game and my mind is racing.

Can you please also identify the rashes related to HIV or ARS? I found today a red spot in my shoulder "a long one like a finger" then I looked at it again after a minute but it was vanished. Still that area feels hot though. So is in my neck. I can feel the color is a bit red.
Can you please tell me what is the rashes and when it vanishes? I'm really scared after sawing this red thing.

Thank you and sorry for the very long post.

84th day cmia test negative

Hi there,
after a low risk incident, have tested at 44th day and 84th day HIV Cmia test (all neg) - is this conclusive
also have tested Vdrl + syphi check at 23rd day, 44day vdrl and 75 days vdrl - is this conclusive
kindly let know
Thanks in advance


Thanks for replaying me.I have one doubt still i have some skin problems like pimbles,Any STI infection in my body.Already i took HCV ELISA,HBSAG ELISA,RPR(SERUM) test at 8 months from exposure.All test results are NON REACTIVE.Apart from these STI any other STI will infection in my body.

In 3rd week from exposure rash appear in lips one day it seems to be.after that it will disappear.This related any HIV Infection or else any other STI.please assure that i have no HIV Infection.

HSV1 ,HSV2 TEST means?

If I will take above two test?

please reply me.I desire to marry one girl after 6 months.so i have clarify my doubts.


Protected sex for less than a minute

hi, im really worried and dont know what to do..
i had protected sex with a massage girl in china and i was using durex condom
i didnt kiss or anything else. she just put a condom on my dick and i fucked her till the cum came out and it was even less than 30 seconds
what are the chances to catch aids and id lik to mention that it was my first time ever and im 18 yrs old only


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