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Anti hiv1/2 P24 antigen ecl test is accurate at 91 days?

I have unprotected sex with hiv unknown status boy friend at 5 december.i m so worry for my status because my boy friend said he think that he have hiv because he had unprotected sex with call girl at 31 december.after 2 or 3 weeks he got fever and goes to doctor after testing his viral load for stds is so high so doctor suspect him about having hiv.as soon as i heard that i got shock because that kind of my boy friend may go to alots of call girl before we met.i think that if he have infection before 5 december,i got shock.now i get my 91 days anti hiv 1/2 p24 antigen ecl test result came back non reaction.viral load for syphilis was non reaction too.can i believe my result?is it considered conclusive.should i needs more test till 6 months?thanks u so much for your helpline info.your helpline is so helpful for me.so sorry for my poor english...

HIV risk

I am very scared. My gf cheated on me. she was hiv negative but she had sex with someone of unknown hiv status and then we had sex with me after 12 days. My condom beak. what are my chances of hiv from this as she has a exposure 12 days ago with someone else and i had sex with her. Can i get hiv if i had sex with her after she exposed to the virus?

Received Oral Sex on a penis with an ulcer/sore | Symptoms after 4-5 days |

I have an ulcer/sore at the base of my penis. It does not bleed but pains when I touch it harshly. Five days ago, I received oral sex from a sex worker. I ejacuated into her mouth. I developed red colored rashes on the legs and some part of upper body on the 3rd day which has reduced by applying an ointment. Today(5th day) I am experiencing mild temperature, pain in the neck and dry throat.

Please let me know when should I take a test and what are my chances, even if negligible, to have the virus transmitted. I also had vaginal sex but that was protected.

HIV transmission through kissing and blow job


I visited a massage salon few weeks ago and had deep kissing with two girls. 4-5 days ago one of the girl gave me unprotected blow job twice for about 10-15 seconds with a gap of one hour. My oral hygiene is ok and I am sure that my gums were not bleeding when I did kissing and there were no open wounds in my mouth. However, 3-4 days ago I had a clogged nose which is now ok after taking medicine. I have mild sore throat as well from last 4-5 days. However, I have been drinking one liter of very chilled (almost icy) cola on daily basis from last one week before I had sore throat. Other than this I am perfectly normal i-e I do not see any symptoms of HIV which I have read on different forums i-e severe flue, body itching, muscle pain, joint pain, fever, headache, nausea,cough, blurred vision, severe fatigue, vomiting, diarrhea, night sweating etc.

I am concerned about the HIV infection and scared of it. Please if you could advice whether I should test for HIV.


follow-up query re: initial Q with title educated information

The information provided by the Aids Vancouver helpline through volunteer Christina was very informative and helpful. Somehow it it gave me peace of mind. Yes, I would still go for a test, just to be clinically conclusive about it. I am planning to have the test after 30 days, just to be sure that it is included in 21-25 days window period. And then I would have another on the 3rd month. In light, what tests would you recommend me to have? Does this 4th generation test cover not only HIV screening but also for other STIs? If not, what test should I seek? Another is what type of doctor should I visit for these tests?


vaginal fluids on finger rubbed vigorously tip penis/ opening urthra

Dear team,

I had contact with promiscious woman of unknown status, we had both protected oral and vaginal sex.she fingered herself countless times during the whole intercourse. At the end of the session she removed the condom and masturbated me with the same hand she fingered herself, so vaginal fluids got on her hand. She then FINGERED VIGOROUSLY WITH HER INDEX FINGER THE TIP OF MY PENIS/ OPENING URETHRA for like a minute. Is it possible to contract HIV or any other STD ( Hep.B/HPV(warts)/ herpes) this way? Thanks in advance.

Kind regards

Precum on outside of condom

I had recently had sexual intercourse with a man of unknown status. I have become very concerned because he had mentioned that he has been with over 60 women and has never been checked; however, he said he never has sex without a condom so I am starting to have doubts. I have reason to believe he is telling the truth because he didn’t hesitate to grab a condom, but I cannot be sure that he uses condoms properly every time. I am not sure if the condom was expired or if it was stored in proper temperature; however, I am not too sure if that matters because I am almost certain the condom did not break. As he went to put on the condom he noticed that he was putting it on the wrong way and turned it over and continued to roll on the condom. At this point precum was present on the outside of the condom. About 10 seconds later we proceeded to have intercourse. We had penetrative sex for about 3 minutes until it stopped. There was no full ejaculation and as stated before, I am almost certain the condom did not break. I have recently read that precum can contain amounts of HIV and although it is said that HIV cannot live outside of the body, I read that it takes a few minutes for the virus to die. It was only about 10 seconds before the precum entered my body. I need to know if an act like this was potential risk of HIV. If someone of HIV expertise could give me their input that would be great. Also, I will be getting tested I just would like to know if this was a risk. Thanks.


4 days ago i received a hand job. Is there any risk of getting a STD from that ? today i saw a yellowish discharge from my penis and went to the doctor for that. I was tested for Chalymdia and Gonorea and hopefully i should have results in a couple of days. So my question is there an risk STD from handjob ?

Chance of a Rapid HIV Negative Test at 3 months turning positive?


First off thank you for the work that you do every day in helping folks with questions on such a terrifying disease. I am a young man who has had sex before, but I only recently started thinking about the dangers of sex and the transmission of HIV/STDs. Here is my question. Apart from the other times I've had sex in the past, I had sex with two callgirls, one in October and one in November. The first one was just oral and vaginal sex, but the other was vaginal and anal sex, again, all protected. Both told me they were HIV negative, but since then, I've had no sexual encounters altogether (mostly because I am just scared out of my mind).

I took an INSTI Rapid Test 66 Days (9 Weeks), 82 Days (11 Weeks), and then a final test at 95 Days (13 Weeks), all of which came back negative. I get that there was low risk to start, but so much stuff I read says 6 months is conclusive or 1 year is conclusive. What really worries me is that I'm in that 0.01% that receives a false-negative, only to test positive down the road. In these three months I have had headaches, a sore-throat, and sometimes have felt fatigue, but these have all been for 1 or 2 days at a time, or could be logically explained by something else - like walking out in the cold or not stretched before a workout.

I realize this all may be very trivial as opposed to other questions, but I just can't get this fear out of my head and would like to know what my chances are, realistically, of testing HIV-positive after the three tests that I mentioned above? One other issue of concern for me is that diabetes runs in my family, which I've heard can sometimes cause autoimmune problems - one of the reasons a 3-month HIV test is sometimes not reliable. I have not been diagnosed with diabetes or any autoimmune problems, but if I were to be living with diabetes and not know, could that have affected the three negative HIV tests I have already had?

Any help would be much appreciated. I just really want to see a day where the thought of HIV doesn't cross my mind in the span of 24 hours. Thanks?


Hello Doctor

Yesterday i had sex with a prostitute whom i met 2 years ago.. This time i had sex after 2 years. I also tested for hiv 6 times for my convenience which were negatives within 2 years..Yesterdays sexual activity was not intense. we hugged each other after which i had intercourse with condom. She also licked and bit my nipples . There was no oral sex involved. Her vagina was stinky and After removing the condom the penis released a fish like rotten smell which i dont know where it came from now do i know the condom broke or not which led to this smell.(But i am pretty sure the condom didnt break) All i can say that i had the condom on throughout the sexual activity and i ejaculated in my condom. Although it wasn't a risky encounter i feel that i may i have contracted the virus. So i would like to know whether i should go for a std test in this case. I am extremely worried and tensed. Please i need you help



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