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Best time for HIV and Hepatits tests

I have protected (condom) sex with a woman 4 weeks ago
That woman divorced and had 3 or 4 sexual partner that all of them was protected as she said
We have oral sex too
whaen is the best time for hiv and hepatits tests so my result considered conclusive?
thanks a lot

ELISA and HIV chemiluminescence test


I had protected sex with a hooker on 2nd Jan 2016 and several interactions with hookers before ... i have not any particular symptoms till date except for an occasional fever in oct 2015.... i got myself tested on Feb 5th for hiv chemiluminescence test (NON REACTIVE) and ELISA (NEGATIVE) .... Unable to go on with my normal life ,,i am living with fever of other STDs ..i have had unprotected oral before .... what are my chances of contracting STDs ? do i need another HIV test?


i it is my 18 days after i had unprotected vagina sex and i am really afraid of getting hiv after the 18 days means today i have a small patch of rashes on my chest it is not itchy and there is no rashes on my other part of the body also i had a small throat pain few days before it is it cause by hiv??? i am really scare pls

Please Assess My HIV Risk Exposure

On December 30th my boyfriend and I tried to have sex. The intercourse was protected, there was no oral/anal action at all. While he had his condom on he failed to achieve full erection, therefore, could not fully penetrate me (only for 10 sec or less). There was no ejaculation either. I did not know his HIV status though he claimed to be a virgin. 3 weeks later I have been experiencing cold like symptoms, low grade fever for a day, fatigue, joint pain and headaches. Are these signs of seroconversion? Should I get tested and what kind of test should I choose now? Antibody or Antigen?
Any input would be greatly appreciated.

HIV 4th Generation test after 84 days


I had unprotected vaginal sex with a call girl on 12th october 2015, after that i tested my self with 3rd generation test on 52nd day, then on 65th day with 4th generation test after that on 84th day with same combo 4th gen CMIA test. They all are negetive. I dont have any symptoms just acidity some time. Should i test for any other STD as i dont have any symptom till today just headache sometimes....Can you please help as I am worried that am I infected with something as I am getting married soon.

HIV and Syphilis testes in 73 days from last exposure

Dear Doctor,

I had unprotected sex (oral and Virginia) afew times with one woman who I meet casually twice. Her HIV and Syphilis is unknown, after that I realised that she met a few guys for sex within 1 years. She is quite active in sex, that is my suspect. I have tested the HIV Duo Ultra and Syphilis test on 73 days from last exposure, I got negative result for both HIV Duo Ultra (ag-not detected / ab-0.03) and Syphilis. But I have still worry because some of the small red dot rash on my penis and small itchy blister appear in my hand. But those small red dot rash on my penis disappear after 1-2 days after I applied skin cream given by doctor. Hand are also same. I still have appointment to retest on 93 days and wait for the test.
Could you please advise whether 73 days HIV Duo Ultra and Syphilis are conclusive? I am very much concern about Syphilis, 73 days test is conclusive for Syphilis test?


Hello! I'm a male who had unprotected oral sex from a sex worker 4 days ago. She told me she had no cuts in her mouth and still doesn't. I didn't notice blood on my penis after she was done . So far I haven't had any HIV symptoms. I'm just really stressed about my status. If she had a cut in her mouth and the tip of my penis got in contact with that, was I supposed to notice the blood on my penis because I didn't see blood?

Thank you for your help.

HIV exposure


I had an unprotected oral sex on the 22nd of November in a massage center back in India , although I was drunk due to which i was unaware that the lady is about to give a blow job ,this was for two minutes i asked her to stop and i stepped out had a shower , since then I was so anxious thinking about STDs and HIV

I had my HIV (tridot)card test ,VDRL which was followed by TPHA and HIV1/2 Ab +P24 Ag on the fifth week of exposure (from Dubai) all were negative , non reactive and negative accordingly

Still i am confused to make a conclusion as i read in many journals ,that the confirmation can be done only after 12 weeks for syphilis and HIV

Please help me for further advise

oral exposure

i had oral sex with a man. He enjulated in my mouth. After 5 1/2 weeks i had a 4geneation test and it was negative. BUT after 6 weeks i haad muscle pain and a headache at the right side of my head and my right ear and behind my neck that lasted 3 nights. in 7 1/2 weeks almost i had one more 4generation test which was negative too. the pain in my neck lasted almost 3 weeks. in 13 1/2 weeks i had a finger tip test and it was negative too. is the pain in my neck an hiv symtom?? do i need to have more tests????thank you very much.



I'm a 21 years old heterosexual girl who's never had sex or came close to having it. Recently ( November 3rd) I met a guy ( HIV status unknown, though he later on told me he was not HIV+ positive) and we made out for a long time. We didn't do anything else. We met a couple more times in the next 20 days, and every time we would just make out ( deep kissing with tongue, biting, etc..He even left a hickey on my neck once). Then, I stopped seeing him around November 23rd, and I went out with a different guy ONE TIME.

The second guy also told me he was not HIV+. We made out on our date, and I tried giving him a hand job without condom. I stopped before he came. I don't really have any deep cuts on my hand except for the occasional stuff that hangs from my nails. I'm not sure what to call it. He also fingered ( or better to say just touched) me over my clothes ( leggings and underwear) for a few seconds. I never saw him again.

Now on week 6 ( from seeing the first guy) and 5 ( from seeing the second one), I got a sore throat, coughing, sneezing, and I did feel kind of cold around the house a few times ( might be a bit of fever??). I've been trying herbal remedies, and did not see a doctor, and my symptoms are getting better. I've definitely had worse colds. I should mention that before getting my symptoms, I did sleep in a somewhat cold room, went out a couple time without a coat, left the window open a couple times in my bedroom, and I spent a lot of time with my cousin who was sick at the time ( sore throat and coughing). We had a sleepover, I did her makeup, we shared meals, etc...

Do you think I should get tested for HIV? Is it possible to get it through kissing if the other person has blood in their mouth? Does my piercing make the risk higher? I got my piercing on September 25th. It was over a month old when I made out with the first guy. Oh, and also, I briefly kissed another guy during a truth or dare game at the beginning of October. It only lasted a few seconds, and I didn't get any symptoms. He's a friend of mine who's sexually active and smart enough to know how to be safe. Please answer me. I have never been this scared in my life. The idea of getting HIV without even having sex ever in my life sounds so terrifying yet silly at the same time. Please answer me.

Thank you!!!


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