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Massage Transmission?

I went to a massage parlor, I am a gay guy 25 years old.
When I had a massage, the masseur tries to insert the massage oil bottle inside my anus but it just touch the opening.
1. What is my risk of contracting HIV from massage oil bottle. I dont know if its contaminated.
2. Could I be infected with HIV from wet surfaces like the sperm from previous costumers etc.
3. Could I be infected if I have skin rash and the masseur massage it?
4. Do I need testing from these exposures?
thank you

Really worried...please please answer

I had a risky exposure with a sex worker more than 3 months back.
My antibody HIV test done at 90th day post exposure came out negative.
I was advised to get a Hepatitis B test done because of my high risk exposure.
I got a HBSAg test done by the Chemiluminsence method after 110 days of exposure and the report read non-reactive with a reading of 0.05
1) Does Hepatitis C and Hepatitis B infection (be it chronic or acute) affect the window period of 3 months (12 weeks, 90 days) of HIV testing. I have heard that co-infection of HIV and HCV effects the window period of 12 weeks of HIV.
2) Is HBSAg a standard test for detection of Hepatatis B infection and what is the window period for it?
3) Also how common is it for HCV / HBV to pass through sexual exposure and do I need to test for HCV?
Please note I haven't had any exposure post the one mentioned in the first line.
I will greatly be obliged and grateful to you if you answer this.

Should I still be worried?

Hi, August of 2011 I had sex and the condom slipped off and once I realized it i replaced i with another one. I had got a rapid blood test done almost 2 weeks ago. It was negative although I have been having some terrible symptoms. I also believe now that I was infected with mono but I am going to test forit next week since most of the symtoms I had was some of the same symptoms of mono. Should I still be worried about this encounter that happen over 4 months ago? Also if I test positive for mono will this affect my test results for HIV?


Does HPV cause infertility in males?

combo test

first of all here is my risk...
i had sex with a sex worker the oral was without condom,she licked my balls also my anal part. and i used condom for verginal sex....in next round again oral was unprotected, and i used condom for anal..i only inserted my penis in her *** for a min, i did not discharge, i pulled it out and change the condom...i put new condom on for verginal sex, i again didnot dischange, then she took the condom off and she dischaged me by giving oral and hand job....
now my sysmtoms..
a week after this, i started having flue like symptoms,,,almost 9 dayz after i started feeling sick, extreme diearea and vomiting..... then few weeks later i have a sour throat, few red tiny dots kind pimples on my stomach that hurt. i m getting stiff neck and pain in throat....
i read on the internet the condom are not always 100% for hiv, is it true,,,i used a lubricated condom which was not expired,
also can hiv trasmit thoguh oral, i recevied oral withour condom....
i m so worried...
now the tests..
the test i did was "a anti hiv is a chemiluminescent mictroparticle immunoassay for the simultaneous qualitative detection of HIV p24 antigen and antibodies to human immunodeficiency virus type 1 and/or type 2 in human serum.""elisa methoad was used/..
i have done 4of these test so far,,,
1st right after the sex, results, non-reactive, and viral load is 0.8
2nd 5 days after results non-reactive and viral load is 0.9
3rd 2 weeks after results non reactive and viral rate is 0.10
last 23 days after, results non reactive and viral rate is 0.12
thank you


I had unprotected vaginal sex with a Thai bargirl on Nov 25. So far I have had 2 tests. First was a combo at 25 days ( negative) and Western Blot on the 10 Jan ,just over 6 weeks.Also negative. Last week I felt my lymph node on left collarbone about the size of a small pea, It can move but not sore. Also had the burning pins feeling over various parts of the body at different times. Had the usual sore throat and stress related issues as well( churning gut, lack of appetite and lost weight, 7kgs from 85 kgs.I realise the need to retest after 3 months, but was wondering your thoughts on accuracy of aformentioned tests at these times.
Thanks alot

protected sex with STD

Hello, I have a doubt about HIV Transmission. Please clarify them. If a person participated in protected sex with a HIV+ female. At the same he is having STD lesions on his penile fore head. And also he was an uncircumcised male. If the condom did not fail, was there any chance to got HIV? What are the probabilities to catch HIV between healthy person and these type of person by protected sex? Thanks to all for your great work. May God Bless you.  

Some questions on risk and STD

 I called the Department of Health hotline regarding some test issues. I said I have a HIV test negative after window period. After one year I only have one unprotected handjob (receiving side). They said if this is the case I am risk free and do not require test because...
1. The test is negative first
2. After that I only have received one hand job which they said is risk free and not a route of transmission. They ask if I have vaginal, anal and oral sex or shared needle which I said no. They said hand job is not a "insertion" sex and is not route of transmission, is that true?
3. They said I should however consider other STD from hand job instead of HIV? Really? I feel quite ok now, no funny thing with my penis..
Thanks for the help

sex phobia

Hi there,
first, i'd like to thank you for helping people including me at week 6, i had HIV Rapid test and other STIs and at week 12 i had another HIV Rapid Test. All my results came back negative.
My problem now is i have sex phobia. the time that i waited (the 12 weeks) makes me scared of sex. plus, it affects my daily life ( scared of HCV). i wear gloves almost all the time, especially in public places. HCV can live outside the host up to 4 days.
now, i do not what should i do??? should i talk to psychologist?
i never felt like this before deciding to know my status and reading about diseases.
please i need your advice.
thank you,

Urine testing

I just had a urine test done to check for any STI. The test came back negative, but I do remember that before I capped the urine sample, I accidentally spilled a slight amount. Would this make my urine analysis invalid?
Thanks in advance!


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