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Tattoo, HIV Risk?

I received a tattoo on friday, and by sunday, I began developing cold symptoms. On monday, I felt like I had a cold, but my symptoms were mild. I received my tattoo from a very clean, professional parlor where i have also received multiple piercings. although i did not see the artist change the needle, he took about 20 mins in between me and the girls who had gone before me to "clean up," and i'm assuming he changed the needle then. I know that the girls in front of me were HIV negative. under these circumstances, what are the chances on contracting HIV from a tattoo? is my cold a coincidence?

Fear of Infection at 10 weeks

I had a risk exposure on 2nd July 2018 and had the following ARS symptoms, red/ pink rash, stomach problems, red eyes, white tongue, nail discoloration, swollen lymph glands on throat and cheeks, sore throat, joint pain, 10% weight loss. i have tested at 4 weeks, 8 weeks and 10 weeks and its still negative. Should i still worry of an infection? Kindly assist.



HIV transmission through receiving oral sex


before 3 weeks i had received oral sex from a prostitute i don't know if she had hiv,but after this 3 week i have stomach pain,and sore throat.
Can you please help me with that.

Pls I am dying silently

I had sex with a prostitute on 1st July 2018 with condom and it didnt break. and on the 3rd July I had a stomach pain which resulted to frequent stool (like 5 times) within 2hrs and it stopped after the stooling. After that I started having headache for about 5 days. And I noticed that my weight was reduced by 1.5kg to 2kg. I did hiv test about 4 days later it was negative and I did another one on 9th of July and it came negative, I still did another one on 16th July and it was negative but before the test on 16th July I learnt there is a test called rna hiv that can detect virus within 1 week of possible exposure and I did the RNA test on 11th July but I have not gotten the result yet.
My worry is that when I was having sex with the girl I felt a kind of cold on the surface of my body where I had a small rash so I was afraid if it was her fluid that touched that part of my body that made me feel the coldness. I begged the girl to go for test and she did, hers was negative but I am still worried because I still have chills and I emaciated a little. I am thinking maybe the girl just contaced the infection few days or weeks back before I met her which made her to still test negative and with the fact that she's a prostitute made me worry much because I know she must have met several men before I met her.

Pls how long does it take the RNA hiv test to come out and can I trust the result. My exposure was on 1st July and the blood sample for RNA hiv test was taken on 11th July 2018.

I do have nausea when I eat and I do have loss of appetite too.

Symptoms after testing HIV negative at 7 weeks

I had unprotected oral sex 9 weeks ago. I used a condom for vaginal sex but it broke, and I stopped immediately when I noticed. I'm a 21 year old straight male. At 7 weeks, I tested negative for HIV, syphilis, gonorrhea, and chlamydia. I did however have some bumps on my penis which the doctor said was molluscum. She froze them off.
2 days after getting tested, I had a very mild headache for a few seconds. The same thing happened a few times last week and has increased to every few hours in the past few days. I'm also experiencing a lot of tiredness and fatigue all day. I just checked and I am running a very, very mild fever (less than half a degree F). What could be the problem? Should I trust the HIV test I got after 7 weeks? I'm very stressed, nervous and paranoid. I just can't get this out of my head. I am going to see a doctor tomorrow.

Is it possible to acquire HIV from Handjob ?


I am from india and I had a session with a massage therapist/csw for the first time where she used papaya cream for massaging my body and after she massaged my whole body. I was wearing the tissue paper kind of underwear which was offered by them. The massage therapist then offered me a handjob where she removed her bra and was over me and rubbed her breast against mine. there were no visible marks on her chest and she then licked my both nipples for a second to stimulate me and then she moved towards my left and she placed her nipples in between my mouth. I didn't lick/suck it. It was in between my lips for a few second and there were no visible sores on her nipples. During the session she didn't remove her underwear. The massage therapist then proceeded giving me hand-job without any lube. The handjob was kind of rough and i had a tight foreskin and she did masturbate and i ejaculated with a burning sensation and there was no blood. I didn't notice any visible cuts on her left hands and not sure about the right hand. I then cleaned myself with the same tissue underwear which i was wearing and then went to the bathroom and washed the area where my semen was on my body. I then came back to my hotel and did brush my mouth due to the fear that i might have got something from her nipples to my mouth and had a hot bath then washed my penis with antiseptic soap. The next day i saw my urethra was red and inflamed. I had fever and knee/joint pain after 2 days of massage and it went away in 2-3 days.I then consulted my GP 2 weeks later the incident as the inflammation didn't reduce. there was no discharge or pain from my penis and she gave me 500mg Ciprofloxain 2 tabs for each day for 5 days. After taking the tablet for 3 days i started to have calf muscle pain and my hands started to feel cold not sure if it was due to the AC. I still continued taking the cipro and started to feel worse. My tongue turned white and i had thrush. I felt extremely tired and had trouble sleeping at night and had night sweats,body felt warmer(3rd week from the contact as massage parlor). I browsed the internet and though i have been infected with hiv and thought this could be ARS and the anxiety literately made me even more nervous. It did scare the hell out of me. I then consulted my dermatologist and he did asked me to take a HIV(not sure if it was 3rd gen or 4th gen),VDRL & HsbAG and CBC tests and urine test as well and everything came negative and CBC was normal. This test was taken 25 days from the contact of incident and i know its too early for the tests. The doctor said everything is fine and i had throat infection where my throat was red like strep throat and had white dots on it for which he said its mucositis due to the antibiotics allergy and gave me probiotic tablets for the thrush. I once again consulted another doctor for the inflamed penis and he gave me cefixime 200 mg 1 dose for 3 days and later gave azithromycin 500mg for 3 days. I started to have diarrhea for 3 days after taking the tablet and felt bloated. Its been almost 2 months and still i have the inflamed urethra and currently applying mupirocin cream for the inflammation. My legs been aching for the last 3 weeks and also have sore kind of feeling in my groin area on both the legs and i feel like my goin lymph is kind of swollen and when i go for sleep or when taking rest my legs ache and t doesn't ache when i walk. I still quite afraid that i might have contacted something from the massage parlor and couldn't get over this out of my mind. I know hand-job is No risk event but i m quiet afraid something might have passed through my urethra during the hand-job as i had tight foreskin and uncircumcised. Could you please assess my risk from the incident ? I have been going through a lot for the past 2 months. Any piece of valuable information/comments are highly appreciated.
Thanks in advance

Is it possible after 14 years?

Hi, I´m from Brazil. Sorry about my lame english. you may not believe what happen to me.

I justa found out that an old girlfriend that I had 14 years ago has HIV.

After I found out I´ve got really scared.

Now I´m feeling some fever and having some rashes on my body.

Before I do my hiv test (I´m going to do sooner) I did my CBC test. and... everything was completely normal: red blood cells, white blood cell, platelets. everything.

I have 2 doubts for you guys:

1 - Is it possible to have HIV for 14 years without treatment and my CBC is still completely normal? shouldn´t I be anemic, at least?

2 - I used to wear a condom with her, but I used to do cuniligus on her. what are the odds that I have become HIV+ on that time?

Is there posibilities you have HIV symtoms but tested negative

Is there posibilities you have HIV symtoms but tested negative


Hii i m 19 year old i had an un protected sex one month ago
i m afraid i m suffering from testiculer pain, lower abdominal pain and burning sensation in my penis can You please help i m very afraid


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