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hiv testing 123

After my risky explosure with CSW my HIV RNA PCR at 9 days not detected and 32 & 85 after HIV test wit CMIA method Non reactive i.e index value is 0.07 and 0.09 after 212 days my HIV 1 and 2 test with elisa method negitive i.e index value is 0.24, and hepatatis B and C negitive. my problem is enlarged lumph node 32 days after the exposed 1.5 cm length still existing. the lumph node related to any STD ? can i take which type STD test? my tests are rule out HIV?

Must reply, its about my daughter who is only 16 months of now..

Three months ago, i went to the blood lab for getting some of my blood work done.
However the mistake i made by taking my two small daughters there.

As i was talking to the receptionist.

My younger daughter who was 13 months of old at that time, took the blood cotton who was lying on the floor and had the blood in it.

she put that cotton and licked or sucked on that cotton.

As soon as i was done talking to the receptionist. i saw that and threw the cotton, washed her face and tongue..

Ever since that she has been exposed to the flew, bronchitis and finger blister in her index finger.

and she has got alot weaker in these 3 months..

What are the chances of her getting disease from that bloody cotton?

I am so much worried about it and afraid to take her for testing.

please tell me know if its something serious.. its killing me.

Feeling infected after visiting massage parlour

I visited a massage parlor 11days before and post massage, therapist asked me that i need a HJ but i denied it. Then i started suspecting the place, like if the therapist is infected with HIV/possible semen/blood could have present over bed which i ad laid down.

Also, i have few pimples on my back with dry state/black colored state could allowed virus to get inside.

So, i started thinking like what if therapist could have previous client semen/blood in her hand/oil used might capable of hosting a virus.'

I also suspect the therapist could intentionally infected through her saliva/vaginal/blood from her hand cut(assuming as when i turn on other side) pouring on my shoulder because im not trusting the place that i visited since they offering HJ service.

Symtoms i have:
1.After two days started feeling fever and continued for three days
2.My HIV fear begins on fifth day then on sixth day i wnt to clinic to check my BP was high and no fever its within body temperature 98.6f however i started feeling hot flashes on same day and next two days.
3.on fifth day, i started feeling gum/cheek pain on right side
However i started feeling hot flashes on same day and next two days.
3.on fifth day, i started feel mouth gum/cheek pain on right side and loosen mental stability upon observing these symptoms.
4.from 7th day onwards am having difficulty in GL(bowl moement as am no abe to free my stomach)
5.had three night sweats but not severe
6.lost weight upto 3.5kg
its been 12days, m unable to come out of the stress and weight loss making me so sad.
These symptoms mostly related to HIV infection.
Please advise is there any caase similar to mine/ should i be worried??

Since i have not done any sexual activities but still am suffering from symptoms.

feel like my life is gone and sometimes feel good when i see comments about raw vaginal/anus intercourse/mother to child can infection occur. But not sure about current infections.

Tattoo and Debilitating HIV Concern


First of all, I'd like to thank you for your work here - you've certainly helped a lot of people.

I had a few concerns and I wanted to know if you could possible relieve some of my anxiety.

I got a tattoo on the 17th of June, 2018, and following that, I spiraled into severe anxiety about contracting HIV although there was no obvious risk. The country I got the tattoo in is unregulated - however, I made sure to go to a parlor that maintains strict sterilization processes - including having an autoclave. Despite all this, I was anxious and got tested twice - both tests turned out negative.

Just last month, I got another tattoo - and the same thing started happening. Once again, I did choose a parlor that maintains strict sterilization processes - as per the employees. The country is, once again, unregulated. However, the parlor does use disposable needles, ink cartridges and ink pots. In addition to that, they say they sterilize all non-disposable equipment (tattoo grip) in a chemical solution and then in special packages in an autoclave. They've mentioned all this on their instagram page.

I have a couple of questions that have been plaguing me.

1. I wasn't paying attention when the tattoo artist set up her station, although she did it in front of me. I did see her setting up the tattoo machine. However, I didn't pay attention as to whether she opened a new needle or not. Although they assured me they always use new needles and would never risk their shop's reputation. If a used needle was used, what are the risks? I believe I was her first customer of the day - and if not, it took her at least an hour to draw and set up. If there were any blood present, would it still be able to infect? I know that tattoo needles aren't a major concern since they are not attached to a barrel.

2. When she was working on my tattoo, the ink ran out and she had to grab the ink bottle to refill the ink pot. I know that you cannot get HIV from surfaces. However, I also know that tattoo artists shouldn't touch anything that isn't wrapped, etc. So, that has sent me into so many "what ifs" - like what if she used used needles. I mean she did touch an unwrapped bottle and then touched my skin.

3. I didn't see any visible blood. So, my question is, can one get infected from microscopic amounts of blood?

4. I know that being tattooed using non-sterilized equipment is low risk - but why is that? If there were blood on a used needle, wouldn't it have been exposed to air before touching my skin?

5. Tattoo needles are solid - as we all know - however, some tattoo needles are actually made up of several smaller needles. Do those pose a higher risk due to blood being held in those spaces?

6. How risky is getting tattooed in terms of HIV infection - I mean, I have a couple of tattoos - and I have never seen any visible blood. Not sure if this is relevant.

Lastly, I would like to apologize for all my questions. However, I won't be able to get tested (for my peace of mind) for the next 2 months - and the country I live in deports you if you are infected with HIV. The tattoo parlor I went to (second tattoo - last month) seems extremely reputable and has at 8,000 followers on instagram and the person who did my tattoo owned the shop. Is it naive to think that she wouldn't risk her shop's reputation and therefore, would always use disposables?

I also want to state that I do live with anxiety and possibly an anxiety disorder - and I do tend to have paranoid thoughts although they have never been this intense and these intense thoughts only seem to revolve around HIV. I know that HIV is not diagnosed based on symptoms, but I am now associating any physical ailment I have with HIV.

I have even reached a point where I looked up the prevalence of HIV in that country. (It's 0.1% by the way)

Thank you so much and once again, I apologize for writing out such a long message, I just didn't want to miss anything and I'm looking forward to hearing your reply. I hope you can alleviate some of my concerns.

HIV and Acyclovir


i had unprotected vaginal sex 19 weeks ago. I did 4 HIV tests at 5,8,12 and 16 weeks after exposure. and also other STD's. All the tests were negative. AT week 15 i experience some swollen lymph nodes in my nek. the test at week 16 was negative so the docter said that it is nothing to worry about. But iets been 3 weeks later and they are still there.. i am a bit worried now.

Also i have read that acyclovir kan slow down the reproduction of the HIV virus.
i take this medication voor HSV-1. And i have taken this medication the first week after exposure because i had an outbreak. I took it one week, 2 pills a day. My test at 5 weeks was negative. Than one day before the 12 week test after exposure i get another outbreak and took also this medication.

my questions are: Can i definitely rule out HIV? and Does acyclovir effect a HIV test or the HIV virus because it is used in the HAART therapie?

Post PEP testing and symptoms questions, please help

Hi, I had anal sex with the same guy for three times (I was top) differently in March 16th,18th and April 16th. The first one was unprotected, and the other two were with condom. At March 19th, around 62 hours since the first exposure I was placed on pep with genvoya.
I finished 30 days pep course, and tested negative one day after pep with 4th generation ag/ab test. But lots of symptoms came to me about one or two weeks after the pep like pain throat, headache, rash, night sweating, diarrhea, myalgia, arthralgia etc.. put me in super stressed situation. Did another 4th generation test at May 12th negative, at May 28th, a local doc recommended me to do 4th generation tests along with hiv DNA (copies/1E6 cells, lower limit 20) and RNA (20 IU/mL) testss because he said results can be conclusive results so I don't have to wait in anxiety any longer, the ag/ab test was negative, the other two both results came back with results not detected.
I thought I could be relieved then. But I didn't, some of the symptoms keeps bothering me even till today, makes my life a mess, can't live and work normally. I went to different docs asking for help and the did give me, but not working. New health issues keep appearing, one after another, I barely got sick before this whole thing. My latest tests were June 21st and July 19th. Both 4th generation tests and both negative.
Also one thing I want to mention is the index value of the last three 4th tests results are increasing from originally 0.18 to the highest 0.48. I asked and people told me it's normal as long as it's lower than 1, don't need to worry, is that right. Will it keep increasing with the time going by? Is my latest test conclusive that I'm not infected or in another words, do all of my tests show that I'm not infected. Do I need to test anymore? Cuz i read online that people taking pep may need as long as 6 months or even a year to get a conclusive result, Is that right? And why am I keeping having these symptoms that seem can't be treated, because all the medicine I'm taking seem not working at all. I'm so confused and stressed. Please help me with my questions.
Thanks for reading and answering in your busy schedule, and sorry for writing so long.

Negative HIV test but still scared

I had unprotected sex 17 weeks ago. I had 4 HIV tests at 6,9,12 and 16 weeks. They all came back negative.
Now i still have some issues that i didn't have before my exposure. I feel soms small bumps at the back of my nek and one big bump at the front next to my esophagus at the muscle that goes from shoulder to shin. I thought it was a swollen lymphe node, my doctor thought it also but when my results of the bloodtest came back he said that it isn't a lymphe node because my blood doesn't show an infection and the hiv test is negative.
He thought it was a muscle node. But i read that a muscle node is hard and can't move. but this bump is a little bit hard and very movable.
So now i keep thinking that it is a lymph node and that my body doesn't have made any antibodies against the virus. That HIV is in my body but that the test doesn't show it. The 4 HIV tests are 4th generations tests i think. Because on my bloodtest stood ( HIV 1&2 ( Ag/ab)).
Do you think that i am one of the persons that hasn't developed any antibodies yet, but that i need to re-test 6 month periode to be shure that it isn't HIV?

Thanks for answering my question!

ARS symptoms

Recently on holiday I developed a skin rash on my lower and upper arms, both sides, only on the outer side, not the inner side. Not stingy at first I turned burning (like a cold burn sensation) overnight. I was worried and contacted a local doctor. He wasn't sure what to make of it and said it was a viral infection/rash in combination with an allergic reaction and he prescribed a cortisone cream to apply. At home 4 days later -the rash had subsided a bit, but came back I went to my generalist doctor and she said it would be more like a hives reaction to sun exposure or sun cream lotion. As I was about to depart on another trip she gave me a cortisone injection. The rash then disappeared with that. 2 weeks after this rash, and a week after the cortisone injection I get night sweats for about 6 nights. I now worry sick that both are related and are ARS symptoms.

My last sexual contact goes back 11 weeks prior to this rash and was what I believe a safe contact: some physical contact, some licking (balls, pubic area, but not the penis), mutual masturbation, being facesit and some kissing there but no real rimming) and me giving oral sex with a condom. I am in general panicky about body liquids (saliva, sweat, precum, cum) and avoid that. Despite this and in hindsight and in relation to the rash and the night sweats I am overwhelmingly afraid and wonder if there might have been a risk there.

To calm my mind, I am extremely anxious to take a test -have always been in the past- I am trying to find some very concrete answers with relation to ARS symptoms

1. Can conversion symptomps occur as late as 11 weeks after a contact?
2. Do ARS symptomps present themselves at the same time - the rash and the sweats are 2 weeks apart.
3. Are the symptomps as described above consistent with ARS symptoms in your professional opinion.

Thank you very much for your advise!

Please advice

I met a woman (HIV status unknown); Simply ended up fingering her inside the vagina for over 10 minutes. I don't have any cuts on my fingers. We did not indulge in any other sexual activity either. Its been 20 days now and i am having increased frequency of defecation but not diarrhea. Am worried so much. Is there a chance these are initial symptom and i am infected? Is it a possibility.. Please do pray tell me.. Too much anxiety


Hi AIDS Vancouver Staff,
I have some questions that are not getting out of my mind.

I am a gay man, and I am just concerning about something. I was just wondering if H.I.V has any link with Neuropathy.
I am going to tell you a brief description what's going on.

Recently I have experienced some burning,tingling, pins and needles sensation in my legs and feet. I went to my primary Dr. and I was told I have plantar fasciitis.
The doctor put me on this medication for it. It looks like the medication is not doing any good for me. I'd also like to mention I am a "pre diabetic".

I got tested for H.I.V, it came back negative. It has been three months since I had sex for the last time. We just had mutual masturbation, showering together, kissing and some rubbing and came.

Just outta curiosity, I have Googled it, and all I can see there's a link between H.I.V and Neuropathy. At this point I am more worried and anxious than never.
I was just wondering if you are able to clarify my concerns.

I am experiencing some symptoms such as burning sensation in my legs and feet, weight loss, stomach issues, rash, itchy skin, and pimples, red bumps on my neck, groin area and face. I have not experienced any fever.
I’ve been really anxious and worried lately.
Can these symptoms be all related to H.I.V infection or just related to anxiety and stress?
These are the tests I’ve done so far:

Can this test be conclusive at 54 days?

I am currently on PreP. I started it couple months ago.
I got a 4th Generation Test (Blood drawn at Lab) after 30 days (follow up) and it came back negative.

Does PreP suppress or hide the virus in an H.I.V (4th Generation) Test while taking Prep daily?

Is there any link between H.I.V and Neuropathy Please help!

I have all these stuck on my mind, and I can't get over of it. The more I think, more anxious and worried I get. These past three months have been so overwhelming.

Thank you.


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