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Protected vaginal intercourse and unprotected oral sex - risk and symptoms?

Hi, I am deeply concerned about the HIV test that I gave blood for currently. Totally paranoid, can't sleep and symptoms match so perfectly I have given up any hope for negative result. I had a protected vaginal intercourse and an unprotected oral sex from an escort in the middle of august. In the month of September I noticed my lipomas increasing on my body. One grew on jawbone so I got it checked by a doctor and he suggested that was not lipoma but mostly swollen lymph node as it decreased in size as well that was early october (7 weeks). Then I got rash on my back like 2 cms which soothes when I apply cream. On middle of october I got annual blood word done and also took flu shot and tdap vaccine. I got very tired that weak, extreme fatigue. Met doctor again and she suggested wait a week if symptoms improve. It did not I got an ultrasound done end of october , it noticed enlarged liver but nothing else. first week of november (11 weeks), doctor suggested I take hiv test as symptoms are very similar to hiv, I am not waiting for results but completely losing my mind over being positive. More read online about symptoms mine match with most of them. I get joint pains, sometimes shortness of breath. I am not sure about escort's status but I am very much afraid whether I caught anything and gave it to my wife in september when there were no symptoms and since I had protected sex I did not even think about catching it. Of course I am waiting for my test results which it seems would take a week as they do both elisa and western blot, but I would like to know your opinion about my situation.

He Didn't Tell ME

I am nervous because I had oral sex with a man who was undetected for 30 years but he did not tell me until after it happened. He performed it on my penis and I only did it oral to his anus. We had a heavy make out session and he came on his body, but some of it got on me and I wiped it off with a towel. A week later I have some chest pain and my tongue is white with some bumps on the back of the tongue. Is it too late for prep?! What can I do?

Bleeding injection point and handles

In Semptember i was tested for hiv, they did a rapid test from the finger. I went out from the centre and a while later i threw away the gauze which protected the wound although i didn't check if the would was already dry. Later i touched a few things and when i came back for the results i touched the handle. What is the risk of the transmission if the point was still bleeding and on the handle was hiv? A few weeks after that i felt very bad and now i have sore throat, a strange,red rash on the thighs and back, a white layer in the throat. I had also swollen lymph nodes in the throat and pain on the surface of abdomen. I was tested 27 days after that again, 4 generation test combo and it was negative. Should i repeat after 12 weeks? Thanks for your time and answer.

hiv test and symptomps

first sorry for my poor english and i really thank you for your support and your site.
i am from iran and i had a protected vaginal sex and unprotected anal sex and with a sex worker in thailand 7 month ago!
and this is my results test:
1 month after:hiv ab/ag = negative
4 month after:hiv ab/ag=negative
7month after in another lab:hiv ab:negative
i have some question.
1-also i have some symptoms that i have not before like super dry mouth and mouth ulcer with no pain and white and burning tongue that symptomps be for hiv ?!
2-i always use supplements like amino,whey protein,vitamins and minerals and omega 3, can this supplements effected on my hiv tests!?
3-if i infected with other std's like hepatit or.. can cause that my body could not produce antibody aftr 7 month!?
4-need i retest again after 1 year?
please help me i am in very bad situation!
thanks a lot.

Sore throat ars...i feeling pain my right throat

Hello ... Please explain about the type of sore throat ARS ... I have a feeling of pain in my right ear and throat ... Thank you

Hiv rapid test after six weeks ...plz help me

Hello .... I am sending mail from Iran ... I do not have sex ... I'm not addicted ... I just went to a dentist ... four days after root cure ... I got cold ... I was very worried ... six weeks later ... I tested at the AIDS Center ... it was negative .... They did not tell me to test it again ... is this normal? What should I do? ... I also have a ocd disorder

symptoms and negative tests

I had a high-risk exposure in which the condom was disrupted in vaginal sex. The girl that I related was at the end of menstruation, I happen to have seen no visible blood on my penis. When I realized that I had broken I took it off and immediately went to wash. After 10 days of the act I began to feel symptoms that until the present date permance. The symptoms were: oral ulcers, rash, pharyngitis, shivering, body aches and pains, lack of appetite, white tongue, fungus on rough nails, peeling of hands and feet. Over the course of three and a half months I've been testing myself with Elisa 4th G and PCR-RNA at 30, 60 and 80 days, all of these negatives. The last test was an Elisa in 15 weeks. Should I still be concerned about HIV, and still have symptoms such as chills and white tongue?

Are these symptons? I'm scared

Hello, first of all thank you for your help

I'm having a really bad time and I'm getting courage to test today afternoon

About five months ago I met a social worker on the street and had sex with her. The condom broke two times but was replaced the moment it happened. This was the possible exposure. I'm assuming she is possitive.

Now, after going to a field trip with friends, we got our legs bitten by insects (a lot). The thing is, my reaction is a lot worse than them. I got a lot of red bites across my legs (real red) my friends are not irritated like me.

Also, there's some white at the end of my tongue and my nose is red and irritated on the sides

after 9 weeks of un protected oral sex and protected vaginal sex

i had un protected sex with a girl before 9 weeks, i dont know she is hiv positive or negative, i lick her vagina more than 20 min with out a condom and i don't have any bleeding gum or deep wound or mouth ulcer in that time, and also she suck my cock with a condom, then i fuck her several time using a condom, it mean i did a protected sex, after i fuck i visibly check condom was broken or not, as my visual i seen that condom is not broken, please answer me i m in a lot of tension now, after 9 week or with in this time i did not get any fever or any other swallow lymph node, but some time i have little rash and itching my skin, and little bit sore throat, and i had little red spot in my top of the cock before 2 week now it's also not available, i m in so tension now, because of these some time i m became cray, and lot of headache....please help me.....

Deep Kissing on the lips and Risk of HIV Transmission (Worried)

8 months ago (Feb 2018), a girl deep kissed me on the lips. She was wearing a lip stick. After the kiss, all the lipstick were gone. There was no visible blood during the kiss. 2 or 3 days later I developed a mild sore throat with a deep red tongue. I also recall experiencing burning urine that lasted for two days with no discharge. The following day, I woke up with an insect (not sure if it was a tick) burrowed in my left hand. I pulled it out and it left a deep small pin like circle around my hand that took days to disappear. Later that day, I realized I could not move my left arm, left leg and had a mild facial numbness, burning and tingling on my left face and I could not smile properly. After that, my nails started pitting, palms of my hands and soles of my feet started peeling and crusting. After that episode had passed, my knees and elbows started scaling and itching and these lasted until early May this year. I kept asking my uncle if these were winter rashes and he said yes (but I still could not believe that the cold from the winter can cause nail pitting).I went to the doctor around that very first month of the kiss and they said that my blood work was normal (it was the CBC that they had performed). Also, in that very month of February ( even before she gave me the kiss), we discussed how we came to Canada and so we talked about medical testings and requirements that led me to ask the girl whether she had been diagnosed with HIV or any other infectious disease prior to coming to Canada. She said she had strep throat, scarlet fever, straw berry tongue ( things related to streptococcal infection in the first year she came to Canada). She denied having HIV infection. I also told her I was tested for HIV prior to coming to Canada and I was tested negative and my medical records were in order.So, looking back to the signs and symptoms that kept bothering after the kiss and after the insect bite, I thought that perhaps I was also infected with group A strep only to realized that Group A strep doesn't cause most of the symptoms I kept having. At the end of April I got a job an an institution as a cleaner (cleaning toilets with commercial cleaning chemicals and glasses with windex). 3 weeks into my job I realised my body started itching so badly, mostly at night and the rashes that I sustained were in my groin area, back of my neck and upper back with almost none on my chest. The rashes scarred and were highly pruitic. ( One of the cleaning chemicals had poured on my bed sheets the night before and I just went and slept on it due to a long day from work). On the 5th week of my work, I woke up again with the similar insect biting my hand and after that my left face remained swollen. I started waking up with itchy nose and reddened eyes especially on my left eye where my face was swollen. The NP who I saw gave me topical steriodal nasal spray which helped the situation in my nose a bit and has not fully healed up to now. Also, when I was working as a cleaner I always turned the heater on even though I realized that my room was prickly hot.
Also I started developing minor non itchy scaling at the proximal joints of my fingers and feet. I also experience mild joint pain now. I have lost 1 Kg over the past 8 months thinking about all these symptoms I am having which had never happened to me before. All sources have including previous posts on the Vancouver AIDs website clearly show that HIV can't be transmitted through kissing but I am very worried as the symptoms I experienced maybe the first presentation of HIV infection (given that In did not contract lyme disease from the tick bite).
I am a virgin, 26 years old pursuing my master's degree and I wouldn't want a kiss to mark the end of my life.
In september this year, I asked that girl again several times if she has HIV, she continuously kept saying she is not HIV positive and that I should go see a counselor. Last Thursday (October 4th I decided with my NP to test for all the diseases that can be transmitted through kissing, including HIV whose results have not come back yet. I am scared to go see my HIV results this coming week and I feel absolutely hopeless).
In the month of August I had already done tests for :
Hep A, B, C, chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Urology, Stool, CBC, VZV, MEV, RUBELLA, MUMPS which all came back negative. I tested positive for H. Pylori which I have currently finished taking antibiotics for.
My nose still itches especially in the morning, the itchy skin rash did not go away fully and it gets worse at night, after a hot shower and I can barely bundle up my clothes even though the waether is getting cold :(.
My question for you is, do you think a deep kiss on the lips at school can transmit HIV from that girl to my blood stream ? Do you think I am infected with HIV from the kissing? Or do you think I may have come down with the Boreilla species ?
Thank you for your time and advise.
E. (Updated Question)


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