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Testing while on PEP


I had a sexual encounter with an HIV+ man (which I found out later). Though I was the top and we had protected sex most of the time. I rubbed my penis on his anus and teased it, and inserted it into his anus for around 10 seconds a couple of times. I also fingered his anus and went in a bit deep with a couple of fingers. I had Dyshidrotic Eczema (very small stress bumps filled with transparent fluids but no open wounds that I can recall) on my fingers at the time.
I was put on PEP on the 60th hour post exposure and have been taking the medications everyday. I'm on day 14 at the moment and have 14 more to go.
On the 11th day post exposure, I started having a sore throat, a fever of 99.8 to 100 F, congested/runny nose, sneezes, coughs and headaches. Today, these subsided minus the fever which still fluctuates between 99.5 and 100 F.
I'm really worried about my HIV status. My question is: are there any sorts of HIV tests that I can take while being on PEP that can tell me about my status? Or do I need to finish all 28-days of PEP to get tested via 4th gen HIV test or RNA test?

Thank you for your help.

ARS symptoms after PEP

6 weeks after l finished pep l developed flu-like symptoms such as intermittent fever(37.4'C) for a few days and feel fatigue till now.
My question is:
1) Can pep failed to protected me from hiv and l just have an ars?
2) Can intermittent low-grade fever is include in ars?

PS.l test negative immediately after finished pep.

Negative test results but I think I have HIV

HIV 1/2 P24 negative - 6 weeks
HIV PCR RNA qualitative negative-3 weeks
HIV PCR RNA quantitative rotor gene-virus less than 39 copies negative.
HIV P24 negative - 12 weeks
HIV western blot negative -13 weeks

i know I am infected but test results are not showing.
am I infected?

Shock like syndrome

I had a high risk sex and got tested many times during this 3 months post exposure all negative
Due to Brucellosis diagnosis It’s been 1 week I’m taking antibiotics like Rifampin and I feel a shock like syndrome (I don’t know if it’s called Flu-like symptom but it’s like a pulse through my body when I move my it) which is so annoying. Also I’m suffering from muscle, neck, armpit and joint pain, nausea, chills, fatigue and dizziness
What do you suggest?

Are my results conclusive?

hello I stay in India . I had protected vaginal sex not sure of the condom date i had ejaculated inside her and had unprotected oral sex licked sex worker vagina with a lotion this is my only exposure under the bed sheets

i performed hiv p24 antigen and antibodies cmia test at 25 days which was negative

i performed hiv -1 pcr rna qualitative at 25 days which was negative

I performed hiv cmia only antibodies test which was negative

i performed hiv pcr rna quantitative test on 77 days for hiv-1 which was negative.

I performed hiv p24 antigen and antibodies test elisa method at 86 days which was 0.40 non reactive
did westernblot at 92 days which was negative
I experienced body warmness,rashes which persists till today,have blurred vision after washing eyes in the bathroom after sex . Are my test results conclusive.

hiv tridot at 17 weeks negative.

Handjob at massage parlour, slight rubbing of vagina on penis, nipple sucking biting lick of me

Hello Folks,

I am worried sick. Here are the two scenarios:
1. Nov 16th Friday: Went to a massage parlour, received a massage for 20 mins, then handjob without condom while she bit, licked and sucked on my left nipple and I ejaculated on masseuse's hand and towel. Then she cleaned it up.

2. Nov 19th Monday: Went to a Deja Vu all nude strip club's private room where the stripper completely got naked, tried to briefly rub her vagina on my penis by pulling it out of underwear, may be had 4-5 seconds of contact. But then I removed her hand and put my penis back. Then she sucked, licked and bit my left nipple (coincidence or may be she saw me playing with them) and proceeded to rub her vagina on my body and nipples for 30 seconds before I dragged her out of me. She even tried to make me lick her nipples although no milk came out (she claimed it will).

3. Nov 30 (after about 15-11 days): I am travelling and I just noticed that the lymph node under my ear and on the jaw line is -swollen and slightly painful. I also have white dot like pimple on my testicle. I also have a pink white pimple on my chest.

I am worried sick and want to make sure that I am not at risk. Also please let me know if I need to take the fast HIV test or not.

I cannot sleep or eat and am sick worried.

Please help.

Blood in my mouth during Rugby tour

I went on the rugby pitch when one of my teammates got a small amount of blood in my mouth. A few days later I have a sore throat and possibly some other symptoms. From what I know he doesn't have the virus, and we were partying pretty hard while we were there. Is it possible to contract hiv through the blood of someone who doesn't have it?

Oral sex and semen on eye, rash 9 days later.

I had a sexual encounter with a 70 yo gay male, although he said he was clean I know I should trust nobody, there was no actual penetration although I did rub my penis over his anus, I also performed oral sex to him but he didn't cum into my mouth but there was some pre cum as far I can remember, so around 5 seconds later he ejaculated, he put his genitals on my face and there was still some semen on his penis that rubbed my eye. Considering all these sexual activities, what's the risk of contracting HIV? Should I get worried? I'm actually worried now because 9 days later after the sex I'm getting a rash on my feet, thinking could be athlete's foot but now with the sexual encounter I had, I'm freaking out could be something else, as rashes are common symptoms for HIV . Last question, when is the best time to get tested? Should I wait a couple of months? Thank you very much.

Fsw used infected condom

Hi I m from India I went to Pattaya where I went to a erotic massage parlour there I choose a girl... Girl went to first toilet after she came to room..there she do massages only body massage for 20 minutes..after that soapy massage this is nude body massage..so I use condom...i don't see her to open a packet condom... I have doubt she infected condom when she was in toilet..i don't do any kind of sex (no penetration) . I have all HIV symptoms..fatigue, joint pain, lost of appetite.. after that I test rapid HIV antibodies screening test after 45,66,112 days... All comes negative...is it not conclusive?? And main question is that could somebody infect condom with her blood to passing hiv intentionally... Condom she used after 20 minutes and condom put in her beg..

HIV risk from grinding

Hie. Thank you so much for this platform. I have a very serious question. I met this girl. So one day she came over to my house, she was on her period. So we briefly kissed then afterwards. She sat on me and started grinding on my penis we were both fully clothed she was wearing a sanitary pad, underwear and dress and I was wearing my boxers and jeans. After a few minutes I decided I want to finger her. So as she undressed I didn't see any blood stain (from the period) on her panties but I did see her remove her sanitary pad. So I put on some latex glove and proceeded to do so. After fingering I noticed a little blood and vaginal fluid on the glove. I immediately stopped then removed the glove. I'm sure the glove didn't leak as I didn't see anything on my finger. Fast forward a few weeks later I woke up with a sore throat (no other symptoms) that only lasted that day. It was sore on the left side mostly but as the day progressed it ended. The next day I was fine, no other symptoms. My concerns about this very stupid incident are as follows:

1. Since she was having her period, when she grinded against me, could there have been some little at the back of her sanitary pad which would have seeped through her underwear, then her dress, then onto my jeans, then onto my boxers and found itself into one of my mucous membranes on my penis. I dont recall seeing any blood on my jeans but I dont remember.. I read somewhere that HIV cant be transmitted through clothing but is it possible that the little viral particles could have found their way through the pores of fabric and onto my penis?

2. I purchased the latex gloves from a pharmacy and they were in a plastic bag in my closet (which is cool). They never broke and I didnt see any liquid seep through. I remember on the finger I used to finger her I had a minor peeling on the eponychium (hangnail). It had been like that for many weeks, but there was no blood though.

3. The sore throat still worries me. It was the only symptom and only lasted a day. Could it have been ARS

My life has been a living nightmare ever since. I am so afraid all the time I could have been exposed, please help me. Should I get tested?


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