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83 day test negative but symptoms persist

Hi, good day! I've been reading your forum for the past two months. My exposure was with a CSW in Richmond BC with condom though i wasn't sure if the condom was intact all throughout the intercourse. After the incident, I experienced the ff:

2 days after - sore throat
10 days - palpable, painless and visible nodule on the neck
3 weeks - fever that lasted for an entire day. Oral thrush, whitish tongue
29 days - had a duo test (in the UK) and it was negative
5 weeks - I decided to stop smoking
6 weeks - had my submandibular lymph node checked by an ENT and was found that it is not enlarged (within limit)
7 weeks - had rashes on my legs, one was itchy and the other one wasn't. Lasted for just a day. Also found rashes on buttocks with one boil
8 weeks - boil resolved with home treatment but rashes on the buttocks persist
11 weeks - had rashes on arms that appears and disappears. Oral ulcers and dry mouth
83 days - duo test negative and had an hep b vaccine. On the same day, I had a severe sore throat probably due to the side effects of the vaccine
13 weeks - intermittent sore throat and dry throat
16 weeks - dry throat, and more buttock rash

I was advised by the the testing center (UK) that at 8 weeks, all tests are conclusive. However, symptoms do persist.

1) is it possible to have ars symptoms beyond 6 weeks? Or even beyond 12 weeks?
2) I really want to believe my test results however the symptoms seem to occur one after the other. Can i move on or should I get another test? Getting an HIV test is surely nerve wrecking.

Please help thank you.

Open wound

Hi, my sexual partner has an open wound on his penis head, right under the mushroom and he has had it for years now. We've been checked and were negative for everything. But the other day he picked at the abrasion and made a significant about of blood come out. Is it still safe to have unprotected sex with him?

Follow up - cheek and face problem

i always i had complained about my sideburn area of getting burning/tingling/numb/tendered after unprotected vaginal sex with a CSW.

i found this picture what exactly points out the part:
Look where it says Parotid Gland. thats exactly the place where i have disturbance on daily basics which i always referred as sideburns.

and on the same picture : http://img.webmd.com/dtmcms/live/webmd/consumer_assets/site_images/media...

look for submandibular gland, it gets heavy and has a weight in it.

it has come up with so many other symptoms, but HIV fourth generation tests of 1 year are negative. i am so disturbed now. how is testing accuracy in Pakistan?

all these problems are happening for a long time.. i am so concern now.
Doctor say that these seems neurological.

Very Urgent: Pam Sing Branched Chain Reaction HIV1

I have a sexual encounter last year Julyb11 2014 with CSW and after that i have so many symptoms of HIV like swollen LN and mouth infection and idid fourth generation Elisa 2-3 times that comes negative but i still considering i am HIV positive because of my symptoms thats not go away. So by request my doctor order a HIV 1 RNA ( Branched chain DNA) for that i have some doubts
1. I have time with last sexual encounter more the 15 months is this test is effective now because window period now is more then 15 month
2. He mention only for HIV 1 that means if i have HIV 2 this test is not useful
3 Is there is same test available in toronto for HIV-2 also
4 This test is called PCR or that is different one.
5. This test is good for all strains of HIV
6. What are the chances for coming false negative of positive for this test
7. If any other virus is present in my body other hen HIV then this test can come positive or its specific for hiv
8. Is there is any other test which is other then antizen or antibody and useful for hiv1&2
9 Do you have any information how many people in Canada have HIV1 infected and how many are of HIV2 as i have doubt that in my case i have any rare strain of HIV because so far my antibody test come negative.
10. Is in toronto pcr for HIV1 and HIV2 is possible.
please reply i have to go for lab quickly thanks

Can all test be false negative ?

Thank you All for your kind reply and feedback ! False negative ?

Four reasons - I know that but what if no antibodies are produced by my body can it still detect antigens/rna/dna/pcr of hiv ? ? I was on corstisteriod for 2days when I had flu kinda symptoms? If no antibodies are detected then hiv 1 pcr rna or Id NAT viral screening for hiv 1/2 rna/Dna should be detected? Basically all tests can't be false negative? Hiv duo at 4 6 8 12 13 14 17 weeks Hiv pcr at 14 I'd NAT at 17 ? Symptoms made me go mad scared !

hiv dilemma

I am in a stage of confusion. I had sex with a prostitute. I used a condom. After 12 days I was really sick. High fever, vomiting, and diarrhea. After a year, I started having frequent fever and I started having a problem with my salivary gland. I notice that a white substance blocks the way for the saliva to go out. And it causes me a lot of pain. My limp node in my neck gets swollen when I start having the blockage in the salivary gland. I tested for hiv aids 6 times now, and all the results are negative. Is there are possibility that my hiv aids is undetectable? Thank you.

Hiv transmission through frottage

I had a brief genital rubbing with a lady of unknown hiv status and her vagina was very wet. My penis head came into contact with her vaginal fluids and after a few seconds of rubbing i cum. Can that transmit hiv if the fluids came in contact with my urethra? And also when cuming could hiv virus have crawed to my urethra because i had a jont pain and nauses a week after the activity?

hiv status

I had unprotected sex with a girl n immediately after sex my dick was peppering me n later after a month I tested hiv negative and after 3 months it was negative nd after then again I tested negative bt I have had rash on my body and now I'm sneezing and having a runny nose pls I dia any possibility of me aving hiv

Query ? Doubts ?

Had exposure - in May
Symptoms flu kinda post 2-3 weeks
Sore throat more than 40 days
Still Improper stools

So many tests

Tested at 28th, 42nd, 56th, 89th, 93rd, 102nd and 122 days

One hiv 1 pcr rna qualitative - not detected 103nd day

I had my Id Nat test ( nucleic acid test ) on 124th day
It came not detected for HIV 1/2 / hepatitis b / hepatitis c !

Followed by one HIV duo test At 119 the day ! ! Not detected !

I have Defieciency in vitamin d and b12 as I am vegetarian

Any more testing needed ?

Id Nat ( screening test )( Roche cobas t scrn mpc )

It's highly sensitive and specific authorised by government of India !

1) Can i consider conclusive?
2) Can all be false negative?
3)If there is no antibodies formed due to compromised immune system then antigens or rna or Dan should be detected ? can all be false negative??
4) I know 4 conditions delay the window period for 6 months but that s for antibodies ? In mean time antigens / rna Dna should be detected ?

HIV Help - High Risk Exposure - Plz Help

Hi I am 31 year old Male from India. 9 Weeks ago(29th July 2015) I had unprotected vaginal intercourse with a female sex worker. I was inside her may be for 2-3 minutes. Ever since I am suffering from anxiety. I didn't contacted any doctor yet but I went and did Rapid HIV antibody test at 2nd,5th and 7th Week, and three test results were Negative. Toady (1st Oct 2015) 9th week completed after that incident and I got pain in my throat. It's a mild pain but its paining right were lymph nodes were located but no swelling. I got anxious and went and did a Rapid HIV antibody test again today and result is Negative again. I dont have any other HIV symptoms other then throat pain. During these 9 weeks I did had vaginal intercourse with different partner but those were protected sex {Oral sex was unprotected (Received blowjob and french kiss)}.I would like to know how accurate Rapid Antibody test are at 9th week and is there a chance of result going -ve to +ve in next 3 week. Does HIV transmits through receiving blowjob (Don't have any open sores in penis) and by kissing. and I just want to add that I am circumcised Muslim male. I know this is a very busy forum and many people like me come here for help. I would really appreciate if anyone from this group help me with my problem and guide me in right direction. I am not even sure if HIV rapid antibody tests are accurate. I dont have anyone else here to discuss this. Any help from this forum will be very helpful for me.


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