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How long does seroconversion last?

1. How long does seroconversion last? I've suffered from aches and joint/muscle pains for 3 weeks since infection.
2. What is the difference between ARS and seroconversion? I am finding conflicting information online.

Thank you!

Confused about Types of HIV tests


I had unprotected vaginal sex and was tested for STI's and HIV 4 weeks later at the New Westminster Public Health Authority. It was a blood test that took 1 week to process and was negative. I am confused about the jargon on this site about all of the different types of HIV tests....does BC use the "4th generation" test? The nurse indicated I should be retested for HIV 3 months after the potential exposure to be certain. I want to understand if the flu like symptoms I am experiencing now could be HIV related? Please help me understand the facts about the HIV test used in BC.

am at hiv risk

Dear sir/mam

2 week before i went to an prostitute i had a protected vaginal sex for 40 sec after my penis is not erected so she masturbate me for some times with the same condom and then i stared to masturbate am at risk now i had a mild fever for 2 days and boby tirdness for 4 days when can i test hiv at this point and i had lot of stress due to this is it possible for hiv infection please help me sir

sampath:- is rna test is 100% accurate?

Hi sir,Though i had a protected sex with a prostitute i had some symptoms after 2 weeks they are like, a non itchy plane rash on chest later changed to a painless papule and itchy rashes came on penis ,stomach pain , nausea , mouth sores , blurred vision for few days,though i do not get fever i have chills and night sweats. After few days every thing got normal ,later after 2 weeks of getting normal i.e, after 4 weeks after having sex, i have gone for rna pcr qualitative test which came as non detectable .Is rna pcr after 4 weeks is accurate, what are my chances of getting hiv ?i am so afraid .please reply and help me.thanks in advance.

Unprotected sex

I have unprotected sex with sex work after 4 weeks I got rash on my body .It is still on my body 1 month.after 8 weeks I did elisa test and it was negative.plz help me

HIV RISK: Protected Anal Sex Con't


This is a con't of my question that was answered below. I know that WHO and AIDS Vancouver don't think of symptoms. However, is muscle ache in my upper right arm a sign of HIV? Or the lymph node that appears to be a little swollen up in the upper front ear lobe of my left ear? It's not really noticeable but, there it is.

Also, I was at the E.R at the 7 day Post Exposure mark (Sunday 18 Oct) and they did a 4th generation test, which I am likely to get the results of today. They said if they call that means I am positive, but that if they don't call me that means I am good.

I guess my question is, are ARS/Seroconversion symptoms known to appear this early?

As for my question, as I said, he didn't ejaculate, because I stopped the intercourse myself, and the condoms used weren't broken. Doesn't that in itself diminishes the chances of transmission to basically null? I am guessing that since my mother and brother for example have been sick, that this has also affected me since we live in the same household.

I am paranoid of my health as it is, and I need to know if I'll be fine. I have already scheduled an appointment with my primary health doctor for the 3 week and 1 day post exposure mark, to get tested for HIV via a 4th generation test since the Window period for such test would be at it's strongest then. Considering that's within it's within period, a negative result would be conclusive, but as usual, I will also test at the 3 month mark to make sure.



I initiated a sex intercourse with another male (male to male sex). I was the bottom in this case and we used TWO condom.

We didn't conduct any oral sex activities. During sex we replaced the condom with a another because we both wanted to feel more pleasure, or at least try. Long story short, we didn't finish the sex, and he never ejaculated and he left per my request.

I tested both condoms with water to see if there would be any leakage and there was none.

What are the risks into me getting HIV? Am I completely fine and don't need to worry? This happened today 10/11/2015, so I still have time to run to the E.R or my doctor and get PREP if needed.



Hi there! Thanks for contacting us with your HIV related questions/concerns. We're happy to help!

Anal protected sex is considered a low-risk activity. What this means is that although there have been a few reports of infection in this manner, they're usualyl under certain identifiable conditions. In this case, a condition would be a broken condom. Your condom didn't break, which greatly diminishes the risk. In theory, it would be no risk since condoms prevent the exchange of bodily fluids, but we say low risk to account for human error and breaking.

I would say you don't need to get tested or get PEP for this encounter, since the risk level was basically none.

I hope this helped!

Check out smartsexresource.com for more information.



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I was intimated with the guy in the month of June. Later in the month of August I had fever, allergic ,and calcium vitamin deficiency. Now I don't have any sort of health issue or than calcium deficiency .Do you think I have HIV I'm not even able to get tested I'm dying with the fear
Please suggest me what am I suppose to do

4th generation duo test and Proviral DNA Test

Hello, here is my summary:
I had an unprotected sex with a masseur. Before the relation I used reterdant spray for postponing the ejaculation. But still the ineraction lasted 10-15 seconds. I know it is a very risky exposure. .ı felt extremely guilty and stressed. Talked with the masseur she mentioned me that she had her tests regularly but I think she may be infected someone before me and in the acut period of infection. Anyways, I did some tests here are the results:

After 10 days 12 hours later, proviral DNA test( city in my lab advised me to do in 10th day)
After 14 days and 17 hours later Vidas Duo Ultra( another lab said me 14th day p24 can be detectable)
After 42 days and 9 hours later I had another Vidas Duo Ultra
They were all negative. I know the WHO guidiline of 90 th day but I am very stressed right now. I have some sythomps since the first days of exposure such as white- yellow colour on my tongue, a little fatigue( somedays i feel super well do sports etc, somedays i feel tired) I never had high fever or diarrhea.
Most experts claim 28 days is gold standart for Duo tests but I did 42th day. So this frightens me I did it a little bit late. Also seroconverstion issue scares me too. So my question is does that spray i used during sex can cause change in my testing performance? And how acure the 42th day result?( Experts in UK claim 28 and after is conclusive but acording to their respond I understand that they are sure about day 28 not 42)
Thank you for your answer and help.
Kind regards..


Hello .... Is it possible to move HEV virus in secretions from the mouth of the rod, I have four tests after three months are all negative 0.5 but I have symptoms such as stuffy nose and spasm and general weakness .... and I have a question again in two months received the vaccine Is liver virus vaccine influenced the outcome ?? I'm concerned and under the pressure of myself every day I have terrible symptoms by one and I have a check-up the whole Normal Please help me and thank you

Sore throat ?

In august I got an oral swab and it came back negative and just a couple weeks ago I got a cut from a customers plate and then I got water splashed on my eye from per soak where customers throw in there used silverware you guys said it was no risk but today I have sort of a small sore throat .. the soreness seems to be just around where the nasal opening is in the mouth and 1. If it were hiv would a get a bugger sore throat not just a small one and would there be more symptoms ? I tested negative in august and is there anyway they could have made a mistake ?


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