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Follow Up - Cheek And Face Problem - Questions and Pictures

Thanks for directing for a resourceful website unfortunately i couldn't find much info on that website. as you asked i am from the Karachi Pakistan. that was only link that that i found for karachi but it doesn't have any info on it on where and how to contact them.

I see i forgot to mention my testing months. i have tested at the following months of 1 year.
First month found NON REACTIVE
ELEVENTH month found NON REACTIVE (on Eleventh month i performed the same test form 3 different Labs, Sindh medical lab, Doctor Essa lab, National Medical lab, all of them were found NON REACTIVE using fourth generation)

These all tested were performed using Agha khan Lab of karachi using fourth generation Eclia, i believe Agha khan is one of the famous and trustable lab here, however on eleventh month i ran couple of different labs as mentioned above.

now it has been 14 months to my exposure now. i still have face irritation to my parotid and submandibular gland. i was a virgin and it was first time sex in my life. i had no other exposure before that.

however after 6 month of testing i considered my test result conclusive and i tried to move on and got married to my girlfriend who was a virgin and clean.. me and my wife are married for 8 months now.. we both have one another. i never repeated my mistake which i did 1 year ago first time in my life.

One thing i want to point out here after 5 to 6 week after my unprotected vaginal exposure with sex worker, i got 2 small red rashes to my torso and shoulder and then after few months i got more of them. so currently i have 4 rashes on my stomach, 3 on my shoulder, 2 on my neck and two on my lats and two on my arms and they are still there for one year now, they are not inchy , kind of flat and can't really pick up because they don't come in your hand they don't do anything but they look odd and suspicious..

and i have been noticing my wife has got the same two small red rashes to her back above her waist below her shoulder area for 6 months now.. they look quite similar to what i have , same shape and in behavior.

Here are the pictures ..

Picture of my rashes:

Picture of my wife's rashes.. took a picture of my back just below the shoulder areas:

Picture of my sore throat:

Some info regarding my throat, i have this same throat condition for 10 months now. but just 3 days ago i have started to get the tonsils.

Doctor gave me antibiotics course 20 tablets of Augemtin 3 months ago.. three tablets in a day after every 6 hours but finished the course but that didn't heal my throat.. tired of this throat condition for 10 months now..

Non of my problems are solved yet. my face irritation kills me everyday.. i used to be very healthy before my exposure and i had no rash , no sore throat and no face irritation before my exposure.

Please help

Menstrual blood on condom etc


On Sept 23 in Asia I meet a vitamese CSW worker at a local bar (a lot of drinking took place) who I took back to my hotel. The following happened

- a condom was used for sex. About 5 minutes in I felt my erection was not holding so I withdrew and held my penis in my right hand and stroke it so my erections came back. This lasted for 10 seconds
- I then penetrated again and that is when I noticed blood on the b pillow where I placed my hand
- I jumped off right away and noticed there was blood all over my testicles and stomach area.
- I cleaned the blood off with kleenex and removed the condom. I then showered immediately

- 10 days later I went out with the guys and got pretty drunk
- on the 11 day I was very tired
- on the 12 day started with a runny nose at work (box of kleenex was used)
- on day 13 started sneezing and right lymph node was aching off and on.
- on day 14 no more running nose, sneezing and aching lymph node. Feeling much better
- day 15,16 and 17 still feeling better bUT blowing nose once in a while to clear mucus.

My question is the following
1: is it possible to get hiv even when a condom was used? The condom did not break which I confirm with the water test and noticed there was no leaks
2: the symptoms I had related to HIV?
3: even when I removed and tried to get a full erections back did I have a risk? I read that the virus basically dies when it comes in contact with air

I also checked for cuts around my testicles and stomach and noticed nothing

hiv scare

I am scared of hiv I had an unprotected sex with I lady that later tell me she is positive few days later I'm feeling weak and losing weight so I went to the clinic for hiv test and I was tested negative 3months now have been having some signs again like loss of weight but do add weight again my tongue do taste bitter at times.so I am scared if I'm positive.pls kindly enlighten me

Hi very nervous, went to brothel and had a hand job with anal rubbing after other man came out of the room with same massage lady

Hi I have been very worried, 12 days ago I went to a brothel, after a friend came out of being "massaged" by the same lady he told me he ejaculated on her hand, I did see the lady go into the bathroom and wash her hands before she came in to massage me, she massaged me for about 5-10 min before she began massaging my penis, while she was doing it I asked her to massage my testicles, as she was doing that she touched my anus a few times, but did not insert it, my question is, if she has some cemen left on her hand from the previous person, or a cut on her finger, even a fresh open cut, can that have a risk transmission for hiv? And I have been having a sore throat for the past 3 days and small swollen glands on my throat, the size of beans, my girlfriend was having itchy feeling in her lungs and a dry cough, I am extremely worried and have not been able to sleep or eat. Just the though of risk and putting my girl friend at risk makes me so nervous. Please help!! I don't know what to do with my self.

Tested twice for HIV, one at 80 days and one at 95 days accuracy


I tested twice for HIV, one at 80 days (negative), one at 95 days (result not back yet).
I am experiencing irregular heart beats and chest pain, and my testicles have been hurting for months.
1) can any medication conditions I have now affect HIV testing?
2) how can the test be accurate if the blood is sent to BCCDC and takes 1-2 weeks to receive the result, don't HIV cells die very quickly? If they die quickly and it takes this long, how can result be accurate?
3) if both of my tests is negative, are they accurate and conclusive?


Try on underwear that blood on it

Hello, thank you for reading my question.
I would really appreciate it if you could answer my question.

About 3 weeks ago, I went to the store and I bought this "new" underwear. After I went back home about 45 minutes later I tried the underwear before I wash it... then I realized there was a period looking blood on underwear and it definitely wasn't my blood. I had a anal fissure and it was still bleeding little bit at that time.

Within a week after that i had really itchy skin and my skin looked like goosebump. Now it's not itchy anymore but since last week I feel my tonsil is swollen and I have joint pain on my finger and feet.

I am freaking out because my vagina touched the someone's blood on underwear and I have anal fissure so it is direct contact to my skin? I dont know if the blood was completey dry... I feel depressed and I can't get rid of it from head. Please help me.

pam urgent death like situation

Hi i have sent this question for the answers regarding HIV RNA branched chain dNA only so please answer my all the doubts regarding this only please not for forth generation antizen/antibody
I have a sexual encounter last year Julyb11 2014 with CSW and after that i have so many symptoms of HIV like swollen Lymbh Nodes and mouth infection and i did fourth generation Elisa 2 times after 3 and 6 months that comes negative but i still considering i am HIV positive because of my symptoms thats not go away. So by request my doctor order a HIV 1 RNA ( Branched chain DNA) for that i have some doubts for HIV 1 RNA
1. I have time with last sexual encounter more the 15 months is this test is effective now because window period now is more then 15 month
2. He mention only for HIV 1 that means if i have HIV 2 this test is not useful
3 Is there is same test available in toronto for HIV-2 also
4 This test is called PCR or that is different one.
5. This test is good for all strains of HIV
6. What are the chances for coming false negative of positive for this test HIV RNA Branched Chain DNA
7. If any other virus is present in my body other hen HIV then this test can come positive or its specific for hiv
8. Is there is any other test which is other then antizen or antibody and useful for hiv1&2
9 Do you have any information how many people in Canada have hiv1 infected and how many are of hiv2 as i have doubt that in my case i have any rare strain of HIV because so far my antibody test come negative.
10. Is in toronto pcr for hiv1 and hiv2 is possible.
please reply i have to go for lab quickly thanks

83 day test negative but symptoms persist

Hi, good day! I've been reading your forum for the past two months. My exposure was with a CSW in Richmond BC with condom though i wasn't sure if the condom was intact all throughout the intercourse. After the incident, I experienced the ff:

2 days after - sore throat
10 days - palpable, painless and visible nodule on the neck
3 weeks - fever that lasted for an entire day. Oral thrush, whitish tongue
29 days - had a duo test (in the UK) and it was negative
5 weeks - I decided to stop smoking
6 weeks - had my submandibular lymph node checked by an ENT and was found that it is not enlarged (within limit)
7 weeks - had rashes on my legs, one was itchy and the other one wasn't. Lasted for just a day. Also found rashes on buttocks with one boil
8 weeks - boil resolved with home treatment but rashes on the buttocks persist
11 weeks - had rashes on arms that appears and disappears. Oral ulcers and dry mouth
83 days - duo test negative and had an hep b vaccine. On the same day, I had a severe sore throat probably due to the side effects of the vaccine
13 weeks - intermittent sore throat and dry throat
16 weeks - dry throat, and more buttock rash

I was advised by the the testing center (UK) that at 8 weeks, all tests are conclusive. However, symptoms do persist.

1) is it possible to have ars symptoms beyond 6 weeks? Or even beyond 12 weeks?
2) I really want to believe my test results however the symptoms seem to occur one after the other. Can i move on or should I get another test? Getting an HIV test is surely nerve wrecking.

Please help thank you.

Open wound

Hi, my sexual partner has an open wound on his penis head, right under the mushroom and he has had it for years now. We've been checked and were negative for everything. But the other day he picked at the abrasion and made a significant about of blood come out. Is it still safe to have unprotected sex with him?

Follow up - cheek and face problem

i always i had complained about my sideburn area of getting burning/tingling/numb/tendered after unprotected vaginal sex with a CSW.

i found this picture what exactly points out the part:
Look where it says Parotid Gland. thats exactly the place where i have disturbance on daily basics which i always referred as sideburns.

and on the same picture : http://img.webmd.com/dtmcms/live/webmd/consumer_assets/site_images/media...

look for submandibular gland, it gets heavy and has a weight in it.

it has come up with so many other symptoms, but HIV fourth generation tests of 1 year are negative. i am so disturbed now. how is testing accuracy in Pakistan?

all these problems are happening for a long time.. i am so concern now.
Doctor say that these seems neurological.


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