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Query ? Doubts ?

Had exposure - in May
Symptoms flu kinda post 2-3 weeks
Sore throat more than 40 days
Still Improper stools

So many tests

Tested at 28th, 42nd, 56th, 89th, 93rd, 102nd and 122 days

One hiv 1 pcr rna qualitative - not detected 103nd day

I had my Id Nat test ( nucleic acid test ) on 124th day
It came not detected for HIV 1/2 / hepatitis b / hepatitis c !

Followed by one HIV duo test At 119 the day ! ! Not detected !

I have Defieciency in vitamin d and b12 as I am vegetarian

Any more testing needed ?

Id Nat ( screening test )( Roche cobas t scrn mpc )

It's highly sensitive and specific authorised by government of India !

1) Can i consider conclusive?
2) Can all be false negative?
3)If there is no antibodies formed due to compromised immune system then antigens or rna or Dan should be detected ? can all be false negative??
4) I know 4 conditions delay the window period for 6 months but that s for antibodies ? In mean time antigens / rna Dna should be detected ?

HIV Help - High Risk Exposure - Plz Help

Hi I am 31 year old Male from India. 9 Weeks ago(29th July 2015) I had unprotected vaginal intercourse with a female sex worker. I was inside her may be for 2-3 minutes. Ever since I am suffering from anxiety. I didn't contacted any doctor yet but I went and did Rapid HIV antibody test at 2nd,5th and 7th Week, and three test results were Negative. Toady (1st Oct 2015) 9th week completed after that incident and I got pain in my throat. It's a mild pain but its paining right were lymph nodes were located but no swelling. I got anxious and went and did a Rapid HIV antibody test again today and result is Negative again. I dont have any other HIV symptoms other then throat pain. During these 9 weeks I did had vaginal intercourse with different partner but those were protected sex {Oral sex was unprotected (Received blowjob and french kiss)}.I would like to know how accurate Rapid Antibody test are at 9th week and is there a chance of result going -ve to +ve in next 3 week. Does HIV transmits through receiving blowjob (Don't have any open sores in penis) and by kissing. and I just want to add that I am circumcised Muslim male. I know this is a very busy forum and many people like me come here for help. I would really appreciate if anyone from this group help me with my problem and guide me in right direction. I am not even sure if HIV rapid antibody tests are accurate. I dont have anyone else here to discuss this. Any help from this forum will be very helpful for me.

i got tested do i am free please help

i had sex with a girl i dont know if she have hiv or not on 28/5/2014 i got a bone pain and head ache and Lymph glands got bigger with some pain from 30/6/2014 until now 1/10/2015 i had test my blood in a government hospital on 11/05/2015 means 11 months and 14 days after possible exposure but i dont know what kind of hiv test was that maybe it's antibody test because everyone who want to apply for a new job he have to get tested for hiv so i got the visa and the job which means that my test is negative but i take many medicine since 30/6/2014 because of the bonepain and the headache and i had a uti infection so i take augmentin and zithromax and vitamin d and vitamin b12 and some other medicine for uti doctor give to me after urine test so my question is do my test are accurate or my test was affected by that medicine and antibiotic ???!!!and i need another test ?? help please

4th Generation Duo Test


I have had four 4th Generation Duo tests from 10 days, 40 days, 69 days and 88 days, all came back negative. I have been told this is conclusive. This was after a risk with an African CSW in Europe, (broken condom). I have had numerous symptoms from day 10 to present day, week 14 post exposure, I'm currently suffering from a very tender spot on my chest, no swelling, which feels like a burning sensation, night sweats and a white line inside my cheek.
I know the 4th Generation Duo test picks up Hiv 1 & 2 antibodies, along with HIV 1 P24 antigens and after a 13 week negative test result I should relax, which I would if I was symptom free.
Would you advice further testing, if so what type?
Does the Duo test pick up all groups of Hiv 1, M,N,O and P?
Have you come across a situation were someone hasn't produced antibodies at 13 weeks that hasn't been on Prep or have a pre existing immune disease?


Unprotected Oral

Hi Doctor I'm worrying too much about my life I did 4 times unprotected anal sex with different people but all are negative I did few times unprotected oral sex giving and receiving with a stripper last few days before I got lymph nodes between my chin and jaw no tonsil pain I feel tired poor appetite as well I'm worrying about HIV a got 10 to 15 black moles on my penis not painful I'm waiting for HIV test results but I'm not happy I cant eat sleep worrying lot plz help me is it HIV ?? The lymph nodes are not painful.

oral sex.....anxiety attacks

I had a sexual encounter 3 weeks ago. I am worried to death now. I have continuous panic/anxiety attacks along the day. I have no one around to talk to nor to consult. In a nutshell I give you hereunder the worst case scenario as I do not recall the very details nor sequence of acts during this gloomy encounter:

- Out of curiosity, 3 weeks ago, I had unprotected oral sex with a transsexual (circumcised) sex worker. Let's say she was HIV +
- We kissed shortly and gave each other blowjobs with no ejaculation in the mouth. However, at some point maybe her precum came in my mouth.
- We rubbed each other's penis using lotion.
- After she ejaculated, I rubbed my penis against her penis contaminated with her sperms and lotion. Moreover, I rubbed the shaft (head) of my penis against her shaft (here is my biggest worrisome that her fluid came into my penis urethra .)
- After I ejaculated the first time, she rubbed my penis with her hand contaminated with her sperms and lotion for a second round for maybe 2 minutes, but I did not cum again.
- I fingered her and licked her anus with my tongue. She externally rubbed my anus with her hand maybe contaminated with her sperm and lotion.
- I had a shower directly after the episode and peed (if this makes any difference). I washed my mouth with Lestrine mouth wash 3-4 times, and brushed my teeth when got back home.
I was worried all the time after this day. However I evidently noticed the following symptoms as of the 15th day which persist until the time of writing to you:
- itchy skin at different spots of my body that became more frequent. I had a reddish rash near my right pit that lasted for only one day and went away when I put some vesline. (honestly maybe due to the use of perfume directly under my pit, I do not know)
- Now, it is really getting worse by time. As I read a lot about the symptoms of HIV infection and my mind is not resting at all. I have itchy skin (but not always need to scratch myself) on the upper part of my back, my face, around the lips, hot breathes, itchy scalp. light burns feeling on my arms and chest. My arms and hand veins are getting bigger. I get frequent severe itchy skin at the anus area and scrutom sac, this really annoys me. II totally lost appetite. I have upset stomach. I am trembling. I cannot distinguish between the symptoms of HIV and anxiety/panic attacks I have, as I read that the levels of adrenaline in blood due to anxiety could cause similar symptoms as HIV.
Please advise, what is my risk contracting HIV and other STDs? what should I do now? Am alone, thoughts are killing me. I totally lost appetite. I did not eat for the last 2-3 days. People around me noticed my gloomy mood. I really appreciate the time hopefully you will spend to reply to my email.
You and people like you are doing a great job raising awareness and providing guidance to ones with vulnerable status like me now.
bless you

test results assessment with hiv symptoms

Hi everyone. I would just like to get your opinion regarding my risk/possible exposures and the results of my previous tests.

June 7 (possible exposure # 1) - unprotected anal and oral sex with a guy met from an online application with ejaculation on mouth only

June 9 - sore throat, diarrhea, low grade fever, diarrhea, night sweats, muscle pains (arms, legs, back) all for 6 days.

July 30 (7.5 weeks past exposure # 1) - tested negative at a local clinic using HIV antibody rapid test

August 14 (possible exposure # 2) - gave unprotected oral sex with ejaculation, upper gums got swollen in the afternoon

August 24 (11 weeks past exposure # 1) - tested negative using an approved Philippine home HIV test kit (finger prick blood)

August 30 (2 weeks past exposure # 2) - high fever for 2 days, nausea, headache, diarrhea for 1 week

I was so paranoid and related these symptoms to my oral sexual encounter last August 14. My gums got swollen that day and I thought that I could have an open sore that time which led to the possible infection. What makes me more bothered is that I got the fever around 2 weeks after, when ARS typically appears

September 12 (4 weeks past exposure # 2) - Due to paranoia and since I haven't purchased a new HIV kit yet, i re-tested using the kit I used last August 24, since there was still a reagent/HIV buffer left. Before re-using, I was so sure that there was no indication of any line in the T area. After putting blood and the buffer, there was a faint line that showed in the T line!

September 27 (6 weeks past exposure # 2) - tested negative using a new HIV kit.

Now, my questions:

1. I know it was a dumb idea to re-use the kit, but why is there a faint line that appeared? Is it because I re-used the kit? I was thinking there could be something that really reacted from my blood, because if there is nothing, then it should have stayed the same, with nothing appearing on the T-line.

2. Is the September 27 test more reliable? I know that 3-month test is conclusive, but could this be a false negative, given that a faint line appeared on my September 12 test? Did I just use the kit wrongly this time, that's why there is no faint line that appeared?

3. If my September 27 test was indeed accurate, am I cleared of my June 7 exposure?

4. Given my oral exposure last August 14, should I re-test at the three month mark?

What are your thoughts?

Can't tell if this is the flu or seroconversion

I am worried sick. I was intoxicated and had sex with a sex worker in Germany from Bulgaria. I remember using a condom for about 2 minutes of oral and about 10 to 15 mind of penetrative sex. I could not tell if anything happened to the condom but the worker didn't seem concerned. This event occurred on 30 August.

About 2 weeks later, I began to experience cold/flulike symptoms. Sore throat for 2 days then congestion alot of coughing up mucus. Symptoms started to clear up but then a pain on one side of my throat started. Hurts to swallow. Mostly on the left side of my throat. I should caveat that some kind of flu has been going around my work. I have not had other symptoms associated with seroconversion such as fever, chills, body rash, or diarrhea.

Should I treat this as a bad timed flu or possible seroconversion?? It's scaring the sh*t outta me.

Quick Question

Hello Vancouver team,

When you say that here at AIDS Vancouver we do not use symptoms to determine HIV status.

Is it universal? i mean if a person is having all the symptoms and still tested negative does that still theory is still work for that person?

HIV rashes and time duration - follow up


Thanks for replying on my questions about HIV rashes and time duration.
Here is the original source repllied : http://helpline.aidsvancouver.org/question/hiv-rashes-and-other-problems....

I do understand that it takes 3 months to get a crystal clear report of your status and you shouldn't doubt that.
And i also understand you should have to partner up with your doctor in order to identified the cause of your symptoms are not associated to HIV. I read alot of questions in your website so i have kind of gained this knowledge.

But my original questions regarding the HIV rashes are unanswered and they are kind of still bothering me, i am trying to educate myself here so i could help others too. i would appreciate if you could reply to my questions too.

Thank you


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