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Can't tell if this is the flu or seroconversion

I am worried sick. I was intoxicated and had sex with a sex worker in Germany from Bulgaria. I remember using a condom for about 2 minutes of oral and about 10 to 15 mind of penetrative sex. I could not tell if anything happened to the condom but the worker didn't seem concerned. This event occurred on 30 August.

About 2 weeks later, I began to experience cold/flulike symptoms. Sore throat for 2 days then congestion alot of coughing up mucus. Symptoms started to clear up but then a pain on one side of my throat started. Hurts to swallow. Mostly on the left side of my throat. I should caveat that some kind of flu has been going around my work. I have not had other symptoms associated with seroconversion such as fever, chills, body rash, or diarrhea.

Should I treat this as a bad timed flu or possible seroconversion?? It's scaring the sh*t outta me.

Quick Question

Hello Vancouver team,

When you say that here at AIDS Vancouver we do not use symptoms to determine HIV status.

Is it universal? i mean if a person is having all the symptoms and still tested negative does that still theory is still work for that person?

HIV rashes and time duration - follow up


Thanks for replying on my questions about HIV rashes and time duration.
Here is the original source repllied : http://helpline.aidsvancouver.org/question/hiv-rashes-and-other-problems....

I do understand that it takes 3 months to get a crystal clear report of your status and you shouldn't doubt that.
And i also understand you should have to partner up with your doctor in order to identified the cause of your symptoms are not associated to HIV. I read alot of questions in your website so i have kind of gained this knowledge.

But my original questions regarding the HIV rashes are unanswered and they are kind of still bothering me, i am trying to educate myself here so i could help others too. i would appreciate if you could reply to my questions too.

Thank you

Possibility of early negatives

Dear Helpline,

I've already written to you about my possible exposure which was a long time ago, 11 months as of now. I also told you about me having HUGE lymph nodes in my armpit for MONTHS on end, diarrhea, rashes, leg pains and a sinus infection, which all developed in early July.

I had a 4th gen ELISA (BIORAD) ag/ab test on the 22rd, and it was seronegative. I wasn't satisfied so on the 13rd of August (22 days laters) I took a full STD panel with a HIV Duo Quick (VIDAS), Hep C, Syphilis, Gonorrhea, all the good stuff - everything negative. Still had the lymph nodes.

Fast forward September, I no longer had them, however - I have however by that time developed huge red blisters on my palms, insanely dry skin, peeling off the fingers forming little blisters, folliculitis that does not heal on my breasts, legs and other places I never had before, and as of this week chronic loose stools in the morning, no matter what I eat. Sinus infection does not go away no matter what I do, rashes do not go away, they don't react with any medication I tried.

Now since I had 2 negative tests, doctors keep telling me that no way I have HIV given the time of my exposure and the test results, but given the intensity of my symptoms, they told me to get tested again. It was explained to me that there is a chance that for some odd reason I was infected in a very non formal way, or that I seroconverted that late and maybe my body had yet to produce antibodies, and the negative tests may have been false negatives.

My anxiety is getting the best of me, so as of Monday I'm going for counseling. My question is, is it somehow possible, that I had these negative test results because of the reasons mentioned? The lymph nodes went away by September, while the blisters and the dry skin, peeling appeared after them disappearing. I can't help but make a connection.

Is it possible that I tested negative because the virus was residing in the lymph nodes, undetectable? Now I'm feeling really bad, part anxiety, part symptoms. I don't know what to do. It feels like a possible scenario and I can't wait to get tested again, even though I was reassured that I'm 99% in the clear, no matter what symptoms I have. I can't help but fear. I'll make sure to report back as I think I may really be a case of late seroconversion. Thank you in advance and for your work.

HIV Testing

I had a sex encounter with a sex worker 18 months back. I used a condom for the same but I did not see if the condom broke at the end of the encounter. I had forgotten the episode as i had no symptoms.

Now the following thing is driving me crazy. My wife developed a bout of fever, sore throat and rash 6 months back. The rash appeared on the 3rd day of fever and lasted 2 days. She also had muscle and joint pains for the last 6 months. Now almost after a year she has started getting tingling pains in here hands , legs and body.

I have done 2 HIV ELISA test in well known hospital in India post 18 months after exposure and the result have come back negative for both the tests.

1) Are my tests conclusive ??

2) Are My wife symptoms neural pain now and the above fever in the past are related /linked to my exposure ? She is monogamous

3) Have I contracted HIV and transmitted to her ???

Please advise as this is the only encounter I had outside marriage and very scared

Do I have HIV

Hello I made a blowjob for a guy and while i was doing it i discover that he had a swollen gland on his groin. He precum in my mouth but he did not cum. Two weeks after i had a little bump in my mouth i went to the doctor he told i had hsv I and II never had fever or diarrhea but now after 10 weeks i have a lyphm node on my right groin part please help me

I am tested negative but still have symptoms..


Today on 22nd sept,2015 is my 92nd day from the day I had an incident of unprotected sex.

I had an unprotected anal sex with an adult man who's HIV status is unknown to me 3 months ago. I have tested my self for HIV after 90 days window period twice one is tri-dot and other is rapid test both on same day and results were non reactive.But I have still some issues like swollen lymph gland(left side of neck) since past few days and stool density (loosing excess water than normal) as I had suffered from gastroenteritis just the day after to that incident of unprotected sex.I also feel nausea some times.Few days ago I had some small red spots on my both legs which was really itchy and they are still there but inactive and dull in color.I have also red rashes fallowed by bump(same as in mosquito bite) when i scratch somewhere on my body when it feels itchy I am so confused about the results.
Are these test conclusive?
What are these signs related to?
Should I go for western blot test too?
What additional step should i take to make my self sure about my health?

Please help me..
Thank you


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