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I'm worried I got the hiv through a pin

Hello. I'm from Greece and before 5 days i visited Austria to go to a heavy metal concert. I wore a special "old" pair of shoes to the concert so that my new ones wouldn't get destroyed. Since the day of the concert i didn't wear those shoes again. In the meantime i returned home to Greece. Last day i wore those shoes again and after a bit, i felt a slight sting on my big toe. After i removed the shoe, i found out that a pin was the cause of the trouble. I immideatly thought that this pin could have had hiv viruses on it since the concert, but then i said "hey, i can't be this unlucky". The bad thing is that today I've had diarrhoia twice and I am a lot concerned that i have aids, since a teacher at school had told us that diarrhoia is one of the symptoms of the first steps of the virus. Do you think i should be worried?
P.S. I talked to my doc and he said I probably shouldn't be worried, but I don't know if he knows much about aids, since it isn't his field of expertise. I thought i should get a second opinion.
P.S. I didn't blead when I felt the sting by the pin.
Thank you.

unprotected not completed sex without insertion

hi ,

please advise me i had big mistake to hire a call girl in dubai at 30th of april 2016 .
i had 2 hiv antibodies tests negative at day 48 and 55 .. i believe it is not the fourth generation test ..

i also tested hiv p24 antigen negative in day 55 ..(also not the 4th generation )

i didnt insert into her , i only recieved blowjob , i fingered her in he back bottom , there was alot of surface contacts without condum and without insertion ( vagainal surface contacts without insertion ) .. alot of kisses and hugs and i recieved oral sex for more than 20 minutes ...

i had some symptomes , like neck lymph pain ( still with me ) , tempreture up to 38.5 ( lasted for 14 days and now gone ) , some red spots on my chest and stomach with small white heads ( now gone )

i got some analysis found that i am EBV +, CMV + , HSV-1 &2 + ,

yesterday i tested hiv i&ii Ag&Ab and teh result came negative ( this was after 63 days from the exposure and i dont know if it is 4th generation or not )

please advise as i am living in a nightmare

hiv test nagative after five months but pink color pimples on chest since 5 months

unfortunatly my condome was broken..during middle in the sex...i mean this is unprotected sex
i tested pcr dna at 21days from exposure and hiv duo p24 on 6th week. and same duo test after 2 months.
again elisa fourth generation after 3 months 4 months and 5 months...all this tests are nagative and non reactive..
there is no symptoms from these 5 months like fever headech flu and body pain...i am very much healthy..
but the problem is....i am seeing the pink colored very small pimples since 5 months on my chest..all that are in very distance and very less like 5 or 7 on my whole chest only...there is no pimples and bumps any where like that on my body except on chest..these all are fading and re appearing...i met a dermotalogist and that doctor said that..
acne vulgaris and prescribed me with minocillyn and ointments...but i had inflamation like dry skin due to ointmet and acne soap. but when i started minocillin and ointment all that pimples on the chest was gone..
i stopped all that minocillin and ointment after a week.. the pimples in red shape was started after some days.... but i am not using any medicne in between i have an alergy hives cause with food or some thing...i used prednisolone and rantac and artis.. all that alergy gone in a single day and i used for 5 days this medicne as doctor priscription...
all of my pimples on my chest was gone...when i stopped that alergy medicines...after 3 days this pimples was started again....pls help me is it cause of hiv or any other skin problem....if hiv bumps are very less and in distance like this ...if the hiv pimples stay for 5 months like appearing and fade out..and re appering...
is there any chances to not devlop my antibodies since 5 months...if this pimples cause with hiv..does it appear and reappear and it fade out with acne creams..and tese are all not itchy and no pain for me.. just look like normal pimples colored in pink...but i am scaring with this pimples i never saw on my chest like this...is there any way to find out or diagnose this kind of acne like pimple or is it hiv pimple or normal bactirea pimple...i tested my complete blood count also..there is no issues..all are good ..but the only limpocytes are 50 little bit more than normal range...
is it cause of any bactiria..is there any chances to not devlope my antibodies up to 5 months...i am in very tension...pls help me with proper solution on this acne like red spots...is it cause for hiv or any other...what is the right kind of solution to find out this pimples issue...this is the only problem... i am staying away from my family...
i want how to calrify this pimple cause ..is there any test for pimple cause bactiria...
thanq u

Chances of Getting HIV from Unprotected Oral Sex

I have just diagnosed with tonsillitis. I wonder if this is related to my recent unprotect oral sex with my partner (not sure about the HIV status). He ejaculated in my mouth three days ago. What are the chance of my tonsillitis is related to the unprotected oral sex? Is it possible that I got HIV?

Rash from high risk encounter

Hi, I had a high risk encounter and went on PEP shortly after. about 5 weeks after exposure I saw eczema like sores showing up. It is now 14 weeks post exposure and my body is still itchy and rashes still visible. My question is would an HIV rash still be itchy after 14 weeks?

HIV symptoms or anxiety attack?

Hello Doctor!.

My question is as stated above. I am a 23. Currently healthy, living with my partner which has been with me for almost 3 years. I had a crazy night 1 month ago (May 27th) and I did oral sex to another male unprotected but it did not last longer then 1 minute. I also had protected anal sex (me being receptive). In which case I brought the condom, I checked it before opening the package and fully unrolled the condom on his penis. He did not have marks, bruises or sores. Sex did not last more then 5 minutes until he ejaculated inside then condom while inside of me. I proceeded on taking the condom off him, closing it up and throwing it away. After that I washed my hands. I know the condom did not break since I examined it. Even tho I am very paranoid I went to my doctor and explain the situation and told me I am a low risk case. Well, I had a few test done 2 weeks after that encounter. I had a Gonorrhea, Chlamydia and Herpes 1 & 2 test. Well, Gonorrhea Negative, Chlamydia Negative, Herpes 1 <8.0 and Herpes 2 >0.9 Well, he told me I was positive for Herpes 1. Meanwhile, I keep checking myself every day. I had diarrhea the first week after that encounter and always after I start thinking and worrying a lot! I have had no fever, my temperature is always 98.6F or below. No fever, night sweats, no rash, no muscle ache (unless I sleep wrong), no joint pain, did have a sore throat but 2 days after the encounter, no sever headaches (I did get a very soft headache yesterday and today) I do have lymph nodes tho. I did have one in my armpit but it went away in 2 days and also the same for groin. They have not come back in the armpit and groin area. I do have a few on the side of my neck and this has me worried sick! They hurt a little but they are not big, there are very small in size. This is making me go crazy even with suicidal thoughts! I can't have a STD test done at my local clinic because they say I have to wait until August! I don't know what to do! Help please! Thank you.

Scared that I caught an STD

Hi, so I hooked up with someone from a gay app. They gave me oral sex, a rather rough handjob, and tried to insert my penis into their anus. When they tried to insert my penis into their anus, it did make contact, but there was no penetration. After the encouter, I noticed that my penis was really sore (kind of like a burning sensation), and my mouth had some dry red patches in the corner. I have been feeling a little ill, but I have also been extremely anxious about contracting an STD from this encounter. Should I get tested?

blood test

I hope you will answer me.
I was on a blood draw. Before me there were a woman, who, i think, is HIV positive, becasue she seems too slim and weak. I didn't see that the needle was new or old. What if the needle was old and re-used? Can I get HIV by this way from the woman before me. if she is HIV positive?

HIV negative but symptoms persist.

I live in Pakistan. I had oral sex with a transsexual worker. I received and gave oral.
After 2 weeks I experienced swollen lymph nodes in neck and groin. There are 2 in groin but are less than 1 cm and about 4 in the neck. 2 are 1.25 cm and the other 2 are very small but yet noticeable.
I got tested after 5 days of exposure and then i took another test at 47 days which was HIV 1/2 Antibody/Antigen it was 0.09 NEGATIVE.

Im still worried. Im not receiving any hepatitis treatment or chemo and my immune system is not compromised.
Am i still seroconverting?
Do i need to test again?


Please Is here a HIV infection risk? Fiction or reality?

Hello, my name Roger I'm 34 years old, divorced and healthy.

I have always had a girlfriend, a female companion and sometime ago I got divorced. Now-a-days, I work a lot, and I do not have a partner. I have always been a sexual active person, since I was a teenager. Now, as I don't have any sexual intercourse. I think I still produce a lot of sperm and I, somehow try to expulse it through many different ways. I did not pay too much attention to it but sometimes it hurts and it is so uncomfortable. Most of the times I expulse sperm after I do pee and once, I bleed a little after urination and it hurted, I got an infection. Concerned, I went to the Doctor, he told me that it was totally normal as I had accumulated too much sperm and that this might produce infections. I drank antibiotics for 2 days and the infection disappeared and the bleeding stopped completely. The Urologist told me to masturbate, and it wont be a big deal, however I am not a teenager and this might work just as a temporary alternative for me. Months after the bleeding, I felt such pain that I went to the bathroom rushing, in the middle of my work shift, because I felt like having diarrhea, pain and an uncomfortable feeling in my stomach and

I am young, but I work too much, and although I have tried, I haven't found a partner yet. Moreover, I am not an irresponsible or mindless person but I need to be with a woman.

I have been thinking about how can this be possible without the risk of contracting a sexual disease. I talked to a lady who offered me massages and handjobs for money. I bought condoms, latex gloves, massage creams, etc, and I am thinking about telling her not to undress while being together to avoid any risk.

Please Can you help me with my questions, they are,

Is it ok to receive massages and handjobs (only) from this unknown lady, without being exposed to a risk ? Do you have any recommendation or advice ? Am I overreacting about this ? Are gloved massages and handjobs safe ?

Thank you very much in advance I appreciate your help a lot.

PS: I have been researching about my sperm overload and I found out that Doctors recommend to eyaculate at least 5 times a week in order to avoid infections and possible problems with the prostate.

Hope I have described this well

Have a good day,



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