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Chances of getting HIV through injection

Hi Team,

One month ago, when I was taking an injection for Vitamin B, I am not sure whether the Nurse has changed the injection or not. I checked the weight the previous day.

Now exactly a month later, I got rashes near my stomach and chest. Also I have reduced the weight of 3 kgs unintentionally. When I went to a Doctor regarding the rashes, he told me that it is some viral infection. Now I really worried that this rash is due to HIV as that Nurse might not changed the injection a month ago. I never had this kind of rash on my body.

a. What are the chances of acquiring HIV from injections?
b. Can people reduce weight of 3 kgs with in first month of HIV?
c. Is this rash related to HIV?
d. Do I need to go for HIV testing?
e. Am I at risk of HIV?

Iam very very tensed. Please reply me.

Thanks in Advance,
Very Tensed.....

Protected Anal Sex & receiving unprotected Oral.

Hi, I'm 24 years old & I got in touch with a random guy of my age group through internet on 25th April this year .on the same day I gave him a protected oral (he didn't cum) and then he gave me unprotected oral ( just a few licks ) & then we had a protected anal (I was the receptive partner & he didn't penetrate inside and I don't know whether he cummed or not) . though one can never know but it's unlikely that he could be having HIV as he did say that he never had any intercourse with a male but yes he did say that he had sex with girls before . I haven't have any symptoms till now ( though I know having or not having symptoms could be misleading) . On the 23rd May I got tested from a laboratory here in Delhi (India) & my test result was ''non reactive''. it was a (4th generation qualitative detection of HIV-1 p24 Antigen and antibody (IgG, IgM,IgA) to HIV-I and HIV-2 in Human serum/ plasma by enzyme Immunoassay based on Sandwich ELISA ) test. though when I talked to the doctor she said that 4th generation tests are 97% conclusive at 28 days but I do need to wait for 3 months after exposure for the conclusive result. I have only one doubt that condom might have got broken (though I didn't notice any such thing ) ,though right now odds are too low for me having an HIV. I wanted to know is it possible that i could be having HIV and should i move on with my life after 3 months or there will still be some chance of me having HIV despite of a non reactive test? I'm very tense & anxious since then & despite of all precautions I'm not able to have peace of mind. I've read that a false negative result has 3/1000 chance does this stat include the possibility of HIV not being detected because of complex immune system ? Please help me .

HIV Concerned

Hello and thanks in advance for receiving / reading this e-mail message.

My Name is ******

For the first time in my life I had sex at the 15th of April 2016 with a gay man . Unfortunately we had unprotected sex.

Since the 22nd of May I have experienced some concerning signs like high fever (which is stable now at 37.1-37.3 C ) feeling tired and sweating while sleeping and feeling a small abdominal pain . I also lost a bit of weight these days . But the worst thing of all is that I am afraid I am HIV positive. I didn't; have the chance to go for an examination though , as I am very scared to death and I also think that since I am an anxious person I may be enforcing the symptoms myself at a point.

2 days before I contacted the guy I had sex (he was the only sexual partner I had) and mentioned my experience to him .

HE was scared so went under a " FAST HIV TEST" the result was negative . As far as I knew his last sex experience was 4 days before me that's making a 43 days period since the 12th of April (12th April-24th May ) . He took the Test at the 25th of May .

Is the Fast HIV Test to be trusted? Shall I feel better now that I know he is not positive?

I also had some tests but general ones like CMV and EPSTEIN-BARR both were IgG positive and IgM negative. My Hematologist told me not to be worried since this seems to be an old infection. Shall I mention that weeks before I had experienced a half day vominting which was a bad experience but ended up pretty fine .

Thanks for your time

with best regards,

****** from Greece

Unprotected Vaginal Sex with urethritis present

Hello and thank you for answering my question. A month ago I had unprotected vaginal sex with a prostitute and to make matters worse i also had some minor inflammation and soreness on my penis. Prior to this incident occurring i had an STD test done on me and they all came back negative. However I still had this inflammation or urethritis in my penis head when i engaged in unprotected sex with the prostitute. I have read online that the risk of Hiv transmission increases three times in the presence of STD's and such, so based on this fact, if the average risk of transmission for males is said to be .04%, does this mean that with the presence of urethritis, my risk could be as high as .12%?

Condom broke while having sex with prostitute

Last month i have sex with uzbekistan prostitute i am from india age 23, during intercource i realized that the condom was broken then i removed the condom and put a new one i dont know how much time my penis was exposed to her vagina (may be 5 seconds to 5 minutes) , after that with 3 hours i went to doctor he prescribe me Pep treatment within 5 hours i take first medicine of pep treatment , and 2 days ago i recently finish my cource of 1 month with no problem (physical or on rash or anything on penis) but today after almost more than 1 month after i see that behind the penis head there is one small red swollen rash like i am getting anxious that i have caught hiv please help me in this situation , after exposure my doctor recoment me some test including Std all come negative but i think or i am getting anxious that i might caught hiv and my life was ruin .

My doctor said I was fine but I'm still really scared 7 months after testing negative.


A few months ago (August 18th of 2015) I had a high risk encounter with HIV. It was in a different country (Dominican Republic) and with a girl that I've never met before. I gave her oral sex and we had vaginal sex for around 10 to 15 minutes. A week later I started feeling really sick. I had a really bad cold, a fever and a sore throat. This cold lasted for a few weeks ( around 4). I later started getting diarrhea for a week or two weeks into the cold with black stool and mucus. I told my self that If this continues I will get it checked out. I went to the hospital and got tested for everything and it came back negative. The next day ( September 26th ) I went in for the rapid HIV test. At this point my cold had gone away probably a week before. The test came back negative. The lady told me to come in a month after that and I did. I was still feeling ill at this point (probably because of anxiety) and was almost positive that I've had HIV. When I took the test it came back negative. I asked the doctor if it was conclusive and she said yes so no appointments were made. Fast forward to now.. I got my very first canker sore (2 of them). A quick google search says that they can be caused by the HIV virus... I also found online that rapid HIV test are only conclusive after 3 months. I'm freaking out right now. Was the test at 2 months ( 9 weeks ) conclusive? Were my symptoms HIV symptoms? Are my canker sores caused by HIV? By the way, I'm a male 20 years old. Thanks for taking the time to read and hopefully answer my questions. I appreciate what you guys are doing.

What is my real risk?

Sorry for my english, I'm from Brazil and I really need help. I started to penetrate a guy without condom - I leasted about 30 seconds and I didn't completed the penetration after that, I use a condom to finished the sex. The guy is HIV positive and is under treatment and his viral load is undetectable. After the sex, I went to hospital and I started PEP about 2 hours after risk. After I finished the PEP treatment, 2 days after, I started to feel some symptoms of hiv acute infection - sore trhoat, low fever, enlarged lymph nodes, nausea. I started to teste to HIV: 28 days after exposure, 33 after the exposure and 50 days after exposure (20 days after I finished pep). Today, I'm in the 55th after exposure and still feeling the symptoms - the symptoms has been leasting for 28 days. My question is: my risk was very high? is it true that a positive person with undetectable viral load is unlikely to infect other peolple? Is my last test a good signal that I am not infected?


I had protected sex with a prostitute 3 weeks back, prior to that I had shaved my beard and had a cut on my lower chin.. After the sex was over.. I removed my condom (which had vaginal fluids) and immediately scratched my chin where it had a cut.. I am very anxious of the results.. I am waiting for the six weeks window which will be on 18th of july.. I have also developed a rash in the base of my penis.. I just wanted to know , how high are my risk of contracting HIV and how conclusive is a six weeks 4th gen ELISA test?

PEP for 3 months

Hope I can get your opinion on this.
My exposure happened in the 2nd week of Jan 2016 and 3 days later went to see a doctor who prescribed Truvada for 3 months. I finished my doses in 20th April and 2 weeks later (5th May) went for an ELISA test, got a negative result. Problem is, I've experienced symptoms such as cold sore, fever and night sweats in the last 2 weeks. Is there a chance that Truvada delayed antibodies production by almost 5 months, because my last rapid test is only 1 (28th May) day ago, and I still got a negative result. I'm just so worried.

confused about ARS

1-how to treat running Nose, if its because of ARS?? can we treat it with common flu medicine ??
2-is this possible if someone is taking medicine for fever then he ll not get fever as ARS?
3- is this possible only running nose at 26th day and last 4 days, but its wasnt so worse, can be ARS, no fever, no rashes, no pain,
4- at 17th day i got very bad running nose i took medicine after 2 hour then again 2 hour then again 2 hour, next it goes away, and 26-31 day i got running nose again , i took medicine and for fever both, but there was no fever, what you think is this possible if i have to got fever cause of ARS but i used medicine so i didnt get,
5- what you think is this can be ARS?


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