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Scared that I caught an STD

Hi, so I hooked up with someone from a gay app. They gave me oral sex, a rather rough handjob, and tried to insert my penis into their anus. When they tried to insert my penis into their anus, it did make contact, but there was no penetration. After the encouter, I noticed that my penis was really sore (kind of like a burning sensation), and my mouth had some dry red patches in the corner. I have been feeling a little ill, but I have also been extremely anxious about contracting an STD from this encounter. Should I get tested?

blood test

I hope you will answer me.
I was on a blood draw. Before me there were a woman, who, i think, is HIV positive, becasue she seems too slim and weak. I didn't see that the needle was new or old. What if the needle was old and re-used? Can I get HIV by this way from the woman before me. if she is HIV positive?

HIV negative but symptoms persist.

I live in Pakistan. I had oral sex with a transsexual worker. I received and gave oral.
After 2 weeks I experienced swollen lymph nodes in neck and groin. There are 2 in groin but are less than 1 cm and about 4 in the neck. 2 are 1.25 cm and the other 2 are very small but yet noticeable.
I got tested after 5 days of exposure and then i took another test at 47 days which was HIV 1/2 Antibody/Antigen it was 0.09 NEGATIVE.

Im still worried. Im not receiving any hepatitis treatment or chemo and my immune system is not compromised.
Am i still seroconverting?
Do i need to test again?


Please Is here a HIV infection risk? Fiction or reality?

Hello, my name Roger I'm 34 years old, divorced and healthy.

I have always had a girlfriend, a female companion and sometime ago I got divorced. Now-a-days, I work a lot, and I do not have a partner. I have always been a sexual active person, since I was a teenager. Now, as I don't have any sexual intercourse. I think I still produce a lot of sperm and I, somehow try to expulse it through many different ways. I did not pay too much attention to it but sometimes it hurts and it is so uncomfortable. Most of the times I expulse sperm after I do pee and once, I bleed a little after urination and it hurted, I got an infection. Concerned, I went to the Doctor, he told me that it was totally normal as I had accumulated too much sperm and that this might produce infections. I drank antibiotics for 2 days and the infection disappeared and the bleeding stopped completely. The Urologist told me to masturbate, and it wont be a big deal, however I am not a teenager and this might work just as a temporary alternative for me. Months after the bleeding, I felt such pain that I went to the bathroom rushing, in the middle of my work shift, because I felt like having diarrhea, pain and an uncomfortable feeling in my stomach and

I am young, but I work too much, and although I have tried, I haven't found a partner yet. Moreover, I am not an irresponsible or mindless person but I need to be with a woman.

I have been thinking about how can this be possible without the risk of contracting a sexual disease. I talked to a lady who offered me massages and handjobs for money. I bought condoms, latex gloves, massage creams, etc, and I am thinking about telling her not to undress while being together to avoid any risk.

Please Can you help me with my questions, they are,

Is it ok to receive massages and handjobs (only) from this unknown lady, without being exposed to a risk ? Do you have any recommendation or advice ? Am I overreacting about this ? Are gloved massages and handjobs safe ?

Thank you very much in advance I appreciate your help a lot.

PS: I have been researching about my sperm overload and I found out that Doctors recommend to eyaculate at least 5 times a week in order to avoid infections and possible problems with the prostate.

Hope I have described this well

Have a good day,


99 day non reactive rapid immunochromatographic assay

hi i am jinx from the philippines i had unprotected anal (im on top) with a stranger on march 1, 2016 and got i got tested on june 9, 2016 in a government building that offers free test the test was rapid immunochromatographic assay. the city in which i live is hiv free from 1998 to 2012 but im still confused because i had hiv symptoms that might be nothing more than just a result of heat (summer here is very hot in fact a almost 10 people from where i live died of heat exhaustion). i had rashes in my neck and shoulders. and tired other than that no more symptoms that i saw on the internet *question should i get tested again or feel safe and how accurate is a rapid immunochromatographic assay thanks

Have HIV symptoms despite negative tests

I am very worried tonight about the possibility I may have hiv and hope you can help me. Ten years ago I picked up some girl at a bar and had protected intercourse. Two weeks later I had a tonsil infection and flu like symptoms. When that cleared up I had a lump in my throat feeling that came and went on and off. Sometimes very severe and other times just a mild discomfort . My doctor diagnosed me with Gerd and acid reflux disease. But I'm concerned it's hiv. Had rna test and T cell count a month after exposure. Then a test at three, then six months, then at 3 years negative. So I put up with this problem for ten years. Saw five different ENT drs without resolution. Had a home test last year negative. The thing is I guess I experimented with a few high risk individuals in the past of course protected. I've read that the tests are rated according to lifestyle and risk status so was wondering could the tests be wrong?

Thank you.

HIV Test Result


I'm a 28 year old Indian male. I had a high risk exposure on 30th April '16. I had anal sex with another guy in which I bottomed. The other person used condom. But I started having several symptoms of HIV on week later.

I got tested twice. First on 28th of May and then on 24th of June.

Both test results were negative.

(1) Latest result: HIV - DUO by CMIA (IV th Generation test) - NON REACTIVE (0.08)
(2) Older result: ANTI HIV I & II (Serum/CMIA) - NON REACTIVE (0.07)

I still seem to have all the symptoms and test results are negative.

Should I get myself tested once at the 3 month mark and then again at 6 month mark ?

Please advice. Waiting anxiously for the reply.

Swelling of Armpit Lymph Node

Hello -- Thank you for great service. I've one question and one question only. My exposures are "unprotected oral sex (receiving BJs from girls) and going down on girl (giving unprotected oral to one girl)". These all happened 1 year ago. Since then, I've been happily married.

In January of 2016, I had very visible swollen lymph node behind my right ear. It lasted for 1 and half week and it went down without any medication.

In May of 2016, I had very painful swollen lymph node under my right armpit. It lasted for 1 week and it went down without any medication.

Just three days ago, I had yet again very painful swollen lymph node under my right armpit (same spot). As of this writing, I'm still suffering from that lymph node. The pain is gone but little bit of swelling is still there.

Are these symptoms are HIV? I'm feeling completely healthy. I'm lifting weights, doing cardio, drinking and everything else. But, the recurrent swelling of lymph node has turned my world upside down. I could not sleep at nights. I'm thinking it's HIV. But then I'm thinking how could I have gotten HIV with such a low risk activity. I must admit that I do get occasional infected hair follicles. Would that cause repeated swollen lymph node under armpit? Can you please help!!


I last asked a question on this platform on 7th of JUN and well answered. Thank you guys for the services. however, my worries continue. Due to nonstop browsing of the internet for HIV information since i last became suspicious of my possible exposure to HIV now 2 months back, and almost having visited every HIV site, it looks like every site mentions skin rash and headache as some of the major symptoms of early HIV infections. It is by no doubt that i have experienced these symptoms at one time and the current one being a very mild headache. 1 week ago i experienced strong dizziness where low blood pressure and dehydration were diagnosed and was put on IVs and the dizziness reduced but hardly has the mild headache gone away. OK, i know also these can be due many other causes but i cant rule out the fact this can be due to sero-conversion illness because never in my life have i ever got this severe dehydration, and a SKIN RASH!!!. Though all my sexual activities were categorized low risk, i cant rule out the fact carefulness could not have been highly observed during the acts. Nevertheless, i have become a daily customer to the HIV testing centers and all my 6 tests have returned non reactive the recent one having been made on 22nd (8/9 weeks) JUN. My brother who is a health professional has told me never to rely on these rapid (determine) tests as they can only be trusted 60% before the 3 months window period yet i also fear to do other tests like the PCR which can detect the virus no mater the window period. some piece of advice please!!

Concerned and Scared!!

Good Afternoon! I am a bi-married man, who has had a few sexual encounters with men, all protected - but twice I had a condom break, and subsequently I have taken the OraQuick Home test every month for the past 12 months. I have recently learned two individuals are HIV - Undetectable, but neither are sure if they were infected during our encounter. I have never tested positive, but show symptoms of HIV.....Oral Thrush, Rash, Sporadic Headaches around my eyes, Night Sweats, and diarrhea. I am scared to death, and afraid to go to my doctor. I have read many cases, of similar nature, and the symptoms I'm experiencing can be self induced (with the exception of Thrush) from stress and anxiety.

Looking for direction and support!


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