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Unprotected Sex

Acute HIV Oral Symptoms, CBC Irregularities

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for providing this service. I’m a 30 year old drug-free heterosexual male. 6 weeks ago I began showing ARS like symptoms. Night sweats, fever, and oral ulcers (very large canker sores, thrush, inflamed papules on the tip of my tongue, and recurring geographic tongue). After 3 weeks my night sweats mostly disappeared, as did the canker sores, and thrush, but the inflamed papules and geographic tongue persisted and fatigue and general weakness and heart palpitations set in. Also, five weeks after symptoms began I began noticing recurring blood red spots (dark red/purple) that come and go on the inside of my mouth cheeks. I’ve never had more than 3 at once. They’re 1mm or less in diameter and can appear suddenly within an hour and usually fade and disappear within a day or two. 
I was tested for Hep A,B,C, HIV and other STDS. All negative. My most recent HIV test, a rapid antibody test, was taken 33 days (4.5 weeks) after symptoms began (a little over 5 weeks after my most recent unprotected sexual exposure). The result of the 4.5 week HIV test was negative.
Finally I had a CBC about 3 weeks after symptoms began and again about 5 weeks after symptoms began. The first CBC (after 3 weeks of symptoms) came back with no irregularities.  The second CBC (after 5 weeks of symptoms) showed:
LOW Counts:
LKCS (White blood count) of 4.1 (normal=4.8-10.8)
ERCS (Red blood count) of 4.63 (normal=4.7-6.1)
Lymphocyte of 1.4 (normal 1.5-4.0)
High Counts:
MPV of 10.5 (normal=7.4-10.3)
Low end of normal counts:
Neutrophyl of 2.3 (normal 2.0-7.5)
My risks for HIV were about 5 incidents of unprotected vaginal sex with 4 women (none of whom are known to have HIV), over the last 4 months (the most recent being just 5 days prior to falling ill with symptoms). 
I'm terrified with fear about HIV. 
1. How reliable (trustworthy) is my most recent test (after 4.5 weeks of symptoms)?
2. My symptoms have persisted for an unusually long time for ARS. Do oral symptoms of Acute HIV have a tendency to persist longer than other symptoms? 
3. Do CBC irregularities caused by Acute HIV tend to show up during the initial weeks of symptoms, or do they generally appear later, in the weeks following the disappearance of symptoms? 
4. Are my CBC irregularities and symptoms atypical for HIV? How concerned should I be about HIV at this point?
I greatly appreciate any insight you can share with me. 

Do I have HIV?

I gave and recieved oral where I swallowed some semen. Then I recieved unprotected anal without lubricant for 5 seconds because it was too painful for me. This experience was 2 weeks ago. 3 hours after the experience I started worrying that I had HIV and then I felt fatigue, nausea, and body tremors but no fever. That lasted for a week then I shaved my face + genital area and got some kind of rash there 2 days later and a sore on the top of my lip. Right now I'm having high anxiety/depression/stress and experiencing headache and fatigue. I just recieved a blood test today and will recieve my results friday. What are the chances of me being infected by HIV, and if I do have it, how will I pay for the medication? I don't work cause I'm going to school and my parents won't be able to afford it so please I need help.

Is these signs of HIV infection

Hi there Thanks for advance this is a great site..Here is my problem..
7 weeks ago i had protected sex for about 35 min with a lady i don't know ha status...I was so drunk and out of it..i wasn't really feeling the sex @ all but in that 35 min i decided to stop only to find out the condom had broken..I don't know for how long was i inside her for without protection but m guessing 15 min max..There was virginal fluids were all over my penis after realizing this i asked her if she knew her status then she said she was negative just after our little chat i went outside and wiped the fluids away and went to sleep...
I waited 6 weeks and went for an HIV i guess u can call it Eliza cause the doctor took a hole lot of my blood for a lab test which came negative..She also went to get tested cause she might have the same fears as me and she came out negative as well but for some reason i don't trust her...
Now it's been 7 weeks after the exposure and i have this kind of flu like symptom it feels like m about to catch a cold but i don't i usually sneeze a lot..No fever no night sweat..slightly headaches nothing major though..a Bid of rash that i am used to reason i say used to is because i happen to be Diabetic and the rash is something that always comes out...
Are these the beginning symptoms of HIV or is these anxiety symptoms of thinking to much about it cause really i am freaking out...
Sorry for my Broken English it's not my mother tongue.

What could this be?

Hi there -
I have had unprotected sex before and i am not sure whether my vaginal discharge has been this way before but since my encounter i have constantly been noticing an increase in discharge. I am quite sure it is a larger amount than most woman and experience it every day.
This is not accompanied by any burning, itching, or pain. My question is - is this constant increase in discharge a sign of an STI ie. syphilis etc. ? 

Itchy Bumps

3 days ago i noticed I had a red raised legion on my neck.
The next day it had a very tiny white head. I have also gotten very itchy bumps on my arms, knees, and recently just got one on my pubic area (vagina). The bumps on my arm, knee, and pubic area are itchy.
I had unprotected sex 5-6 months ago.
I also had swollen lymph nodes last week that lasted for about 7- 10 days.
Could these be symptoms of STI's? If so, which ones?
I am very worried. 


I had an unprtected vaginal sex . I had 4th generation a test 92 days after exposure and a PCR RNA (20 copies/ml undetectable is it enough?thnaks

My Case Please Help DUO TEST on 23rd day

I live in Dubai My case:I have had an oral sex with a man of unknown HIV status (deep kissing, sucking each other and I rimmed him but no ejaculation inside the mouth neither anal sex).That was on 5/1/2012 been dating him whole day till 8/1/2012 One of the exposures I gave him a hand job using durex lubricant after he has ejaculated I caressed his semen by my hand when I went to wash my hand I realised I have hangnail on my thump It was not bleeding at all but I could see the red skin inside it as it was happened hours ago (I don't know when it has happened) it was sting when I went to wash my hand as if the semen was burning it ??!!On 15/1/2012 I had mild sore throat the second day 16/1/2012 I had a mild fever at night I woke on 17/1/2012 very tired with sore throat I checked the temperature it was around 38.3c on 18/19-01/2012 I was checking the temperature it was around 37.3 and 37.6On 20/01/2012 I woke up feeling no fever but the sore throat was still there and I felt tired in the afternoon and by legs were very tired I was not taking any medication till 20/01/2011On 21/01/2012 i went to the hospital the doctor said you have flu symptoms and this because of the weather in Dubai these days he has prescribed antibiotic and panadol the antibiotic was ( named zinnat 500mg) I took one tablet at night I felt my skin itching me I went to the doctor second day and he changed it to Clarithromycin antibiotic I used it from 22/01 till 25/01 the situation improved but started my day on 24&25 with diarrhea it was too hard which made me worried more and on 25/01/2012 morning my throat started to sore again but i felt better in the evening today 26/01/2012 I feel better and didn't take the antibiotic only gargle till this moment everything is fineI have not experienced any rash vomiting diarrhea I think only Because of medication nor sweating at night but I am still checking myself and I am so worried.Update:I went to the hospital and the doctor he took throat swap sample and after few days the result was group A streptococcus test done on 28/1/2012 and I got the result on 31/01/2012.The doctor did a full check up and he prescribed the medication which worked fine till today 5/02/2012.On 1/02/2012 I did HIV 1& 2 antibodies & HIV antigen p24 (Electrochemiluminescent immunoassay) ECLIA the result was negative.My questions:- The HIV test I have done was after 23days from exposure how accurate its and can I consider it conclusive ?- Will it be the same result if I have done the test after 30days, 33days or later from exposure?- Shall retest again?- Is this the final result? -Kindly help me many thanks

Sex worker, unprotected sex. Test. Sex worker, unprotected sex. Test.

Intercourse, 37 days later, the combo test ag / ab negative. 84 days after, HIV-1/2 (EIA) Ab test, negative. Is only enough? I another test?Thank you?

window perio

helo,im 30 old male..i got an unprotector sex in 27 november 2010..after 4 weeks,I had diarrhea for 2 weeks..i test on 8 february 2012 (14 months) with eliza and non reactive.am i safe?I never had sex again during this.thx

Could i be Hiv - or +

First of all i want to thank you so much for this useful site that help many. My question is this...I had a unprotected sex in between September 15 and 30 2011. I went to the VCT on December 2 and i tested negative i later went for another test on 21 December and i tested negative.
I tried to calculate from 15 September if it could be the possible exposure date and it comes to 97 days and when i calculate from 30th Sept to 21st Dec it comes to 82 days. Am afraid of going back to test again for possible infection. Am i safe with the 82 days. I normally have night sweets and have lost 2kgs of my wait.
Thank you for a sincere response.


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