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Unprotected Sex

A series of dangerous sexual contacts

Hi expert, I highly appreciate your knowledge and dedication, you helped people get rid of paranoid dilemma enormous times. Last week, I encountered a very "turn-off" experience that still keeps making me feel guilty and repentant. I went to an escorts service, but I was not aware that she was transgendered until we finished and she told me. ( I am used to avoiding touching ladies' genitals when using an escort service.) Anyway, What I'm concerned with is my risk of HIV infection.(Let's assume she is HIV+, since I checked out the website where a client of her strongly claimed that she is HIV+. But, she persistently told me she is HIV-, and showed me her HIV result. However, I'm still very suspicous of her. The result was handwritten and signed by a doctor.) The sexual contacts during this encounter were as follows: 1. We did not have sex. 2. She performed protected oral sex on me, and also I did not notice any damage or failure on condom. 3. I licked her nipple for couple of times. 4. She spent most of time jerking off for me during this session. 5. I kissed on her lips less than 10 seconds, quite gentle not like french kiss. ( I know saliva does not transmit the virus). I did not notice any blood. 6. I touched her face with my penis for seconds, I'm quite concerned if the pimples on her face will carry any risk. 7** What makes my really paranoid is that I was on the top performing frottaged on her for about 10 seconds, that my penis might have rubbed somewhere closed to her vagina where I believe it is a risky area. Hopefully she had her underwear on during the session, but I can't remember if I have a condom on during this frottage. Those were all of my sexual contacts with her, I was very worried if any vagina fluid on her underwear will put me into trouble in terms of the infection, assuming I wasn't wearing condom during frottage. I know all of my activities are actually quite safe, but I greatly need to be reassured by your professional knowledge and comments. Does this very unpleasant encounter carry any risk of HIV infection? Do I need to have a HIV testing for this experience only due to medical reason? I highly appreciate you have read my odd experience. Thank you very much!! Looking forward to your reply!

Am I HIV neg?

I've always used anal protection in my life. I recently went down to MIAMI oct 28-31 ... I've performed UNPROTECTED oral sex only throughout my trip there twice & got rimmed. All those encounters were less than 10 min each. I got tested dec 5 with a 3rd chemiluminescence hiv test. Some sites say antibodies react after 28 days but now Im living in fear in feb when i have to retest 3 months later ... scared it will be positive


Hello, I had unprotected sex about 4 months ago. I got tested for hiv around the 10 week mark and it came back negative. For the past month i have had a ongoing dry cough. I have read that this is a symptom of HIV and it has gotten me worried. Do you think this would indicate HIV. I also tend to have a low immune system and i read this could mean you would only show up positive in later tests. What should i do?


I was wondering if nausea is a symptom of hiv? i had unprotected sex 3 months ago and have felt nauseas mostly every day since.

MEIA test accuracy and CMIA accuracy

I had protected sex with a sex worker on May18- 2011, However i gave her a cunnilingus and she performed protected Fellatio, then, exactly 91 days after on the 21 Aug 2012 (3 month) i tested HIV by using MEIA test methodology and Hep B Surface Antigen test by using CMIA methodology
Both results came negative, however i am still concerned especially i am having Flu since 3 days with 38 deg C fever(actual date 23 jan 2012- 9 month after) because i went back on vacation and the weather was very cold, snowy and windy and all my family had flu
I am worried about the accuracy of the test
I am not having running nose or white spots at all
Please reply
Thank you

Test results conclusive?

Hi, I had a high risk exposure with a sex worker more than 3 months back. I got myself tested on the 90th day post exposure using the Chemiluminescence HIV test in a hospital in Mumbai, India. The report gives the following information about the test: -The test was performed on an Immunodiagnostic Vitros ECiQ Analyser and is used for the invitro qualitative detection of antibodies to HIV1 and HIV 2. -The vitros anti-HIV 1+2 assay uses 4 recombinant antigens such as HIV-1 env13, HIV-1 env10, HIV-1 p24 (core) and HIV-2 env AL. -My report reads Non reactive with a reading of 0.05. -The report says anything above 1.00 is considered reactive. The following are my questions: 1) Is the Chemiluminscence HIV test a reliable and an accurate one for HIV testing post 90 days of exposure. 2) I asked the hospital to perform an Elisa test but for some reason they did the Chemiluminscence HIV test despite having an Elisa test available with them. Is there any difference between the two tests and if so which of the one is an accurate one? 3) Do I need any further testing post this after 6 months, the reason being I was diagnosed with kidney stones during the 3 month window period, so was just wondering if that would have any effect on my HIV result. Also I read in many places on the internet that tests are not accurate till 6 months of exposure. 4) Which generation of the test is Chemiluminescence HIV test and what is its window period? Kindly let me know the answers to the above questions, I would be really grateful to you. Many thanks in advance.

HIV risk

I made a stupid error. I had unprotected vaginal sex with a sex worker in Germany. After a week I had pain in the thighs for 2 days. Then I got to 1.5 weeks and abdominal pain after 2 weeks, a weak bladder. Physician visit was negative. Normal blood count. urine normal values. No bacteria. Had abdominal pain and bladder problems to the 4th Week. After 5 weeks, I got a sore throat but had gone back after 1 week. After 7 weeks with a sore throat and tonsillitis geschollenen lymph nodes. Was at the doctor yesterday and got HIV test done. Conclusion reached Monday.
Is that the same course of an acute HIV infection? Have enormous fear and do not know how I can stand until Monday

my test after unprotected sex

my test : p24 combo at 14 day p24 combo at 34 day h1&h2 ab at 44 day p24 combo at 48 day all was negtive is that accuracy?? do i need any more test?


I had unprotected vaginal sex with a Thai bargirl on Nov 25. So far I have had 2 tests. First was a combo at 25 days ( negative) and Western Blot on the 10 Jan ,just over 6 weeks.Also negative. Last week I felt my lymph node on left collarbone about the size of a small pea, It can move but not sore. Also had the burning pins feeling over various parts of the body at different times. Had the usual sore throat and stress related issues as well( churning gut, lack of appetite and lost weight, 7kgs from 85 kgs.I realise the need to retest after 3 months, but was wondering your thoughts on accuracy of aformentioned tests at these times.
Thanks alot


I made an awful mistake. I had unprotected vaginal sex with a woman of unknown status. Within a few weeks I was fatigued, had a couple nights where I had night sweats, those of which disappeared within a week or so. Then around the fifth week I developed a headache and swollen lymph nodes. The headache went away within two weeks but the swollen lymph nodes remain even now. (10 weeks after exposure). I also developed an ulcer on my bottom lip at the 9-10 week mark.
I had standard antibody tests done (3rd generation ELISA I assume). The first one was at 6.5 weeks(negative) and the second was done at 9 weeks (negative).
I have a couple questions. My 9th week test I tested for Hep B and C and mono, as well as HIV. All my tests except HIV came back within a couple of days. My HIV test took twice as long to come back. I'm worried that they needed to do a confirmatory test with a Western Blot and that its possible that there weren't enough antibody bands for the Blot to deem it conclusive. 
Does a doctor or lab have a mandate to report a positive result on an ELISA if the Western Blot deemed it negative? I'm very worried and anxious about this, simply because I have the clinical description of ARS (the lymph node in my neck and possibly an enlarged node in my groin(hard to tell).
My other question is ...why do some people seroconvert later? I am a 23 year old male with no history of chronic illness or anything like that. I smoked cigarettes for a long time and drink often but consider myself pretty healthy regardless.
Sorry about the length of this post, I have been suffering from severe anxiety.  Thank you for taking the time to read this. 


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