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Unprotected Sex



Had unprotected sex with a lady on 9th march 2016 (4-5 rounds on three occasions) letter when we tested the lady was positive with Determine. am worried, my first test with rapid test showed negative, in 21 days after last exposurer, Did PCR they said NO HIV DNA seen. in other laboratory after 56 days another laboratory results said my immune Virus-DNA quantitative less than 12iu/ml and this lies below cutoff point, but weak signal detected plus DNA, am infectious, when to another viral research centre at 58 days, they did rapid test (determine, stapak, unigol) all negative, cambo negative and try viral load, no HIV virus copies detected and at 76 days after last exposuser, determine still negative, which test should l believed in, am worried, becouse had even pharyngitis now but am being allergies to cold wherther and sit in a room with AC as an office.

hiv symptoms (skin dryness and rash)

Dear whomever it may concern,
I am a gay man and had unprotected sex two weeks ago. I start to think that I contracted HIV because I got symptoms:
1. skin peeling off between my fingers on my left hand only
2. red spots on my arm, they are not bumpy nor itchy though (i think its rash)

I really want to know my results, but two weeks is too early for an HIV test and I have been worrying the past week. Are these symptoms of HIV?


If starting to have anal sex while trying to insert penis it hurt so did not continue is there a chance I could have been infected??

finger stick and sex

I was pricked in the finger with a used lancet. The HIV status of the patient was unknown since we couldn't determine who it was. I then had unprotected sex around 12 hours later. When does HIV appear in seman and what is the risk of transmission to my sexual partner?

willbroad kaovela

i had unprotected sex with affected girl 4 month but on 5week after infection are measured HIV Elisa but result was negative but now i suffered from some wound in my lips and my penis now giving some sort of pus.


i had unprotected sex in February and i have been using alere hiv1/2 determine kit and today makes it 3 months and am negative. Does it mean am confirmed negative

Availability of HIV Duo test in Ontario or eleswhere

Good Day,
I’m a resident in Cambridge Ontario, and I had unprotected vaginal sex with a high risk partner approx. 4 weeks ago. I recently had a rapid test, which was negative, and I understand this test is unreliable prior to 12 week from exposure.

My question is, where can I go for the Duo test within my area or elsewhere even in the US? The stress of not knowing is wearing me down, and I’m prepared do whatever necessary to get tested with the Duo test. It would help to have some reassurance now, but I will also do a follow up test at 3 months.

Thank you your assistance is very much appreciated.


having on protected sex during pep but tested negative

i had sex with out condom with a female friend,after the sex the told me she had on protected sex with someone else 2 days ago so she went to the doctor to get tested but she was negative but was given pep ....i want to know if it's is possible i am infected with anything .
kindly respond to me asap so i can know what next

hiv in erotic massage

Hello . few months ago I went to a strip club in Prague . I recieved a erotic massage . I was naked , in the beginging she used some massage oil and started doing blowjob , then later she sat down on me and touche my penis with her vagina , and I think my penis went vinto her vagina for few times , the she did againg blowjob and did the same again. I didnt ejaculate . and I am not sure if she used a condom . I am very worried . Can I get hiv from this ? Please help me


Hi, hiv has me scare to death. 8 months ago i had unprotected sex with a girl that i barely knew. Turns out she had a boyfriend so we had to stop seeing each other. That made me paranoid so fourty days later i went for an hiv test and full std test that came out all negative.....dr told me to come back in six months but after 3 1/2 months i started to feel sick..i felt headaches, body aches and weakness...now im scared to death and i cant get the courage to go back....it scares me because during that six month period i ended up getting a gf and we have always used condoms but one time she put the tip of my penis on her clit and rubbed then i put on a condom and had sex withh a condom...at one point the condom broke inside her but i inmidiately pulled out. I am afraid to give her something if i have it..I dont know how in the world i would face her if sometihng was wrong with me.. i never ejaculated inside her vagina or mouth...now eight months later i feel sick again..i feel extremely fatigue and weak...i dont know what to do.


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