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Unprotected Sex

broken condom during sex

HI, the other day i was having sex with my bf..i am a girl, his condom broke while inside me and i think he gave me three pumps and then he pulled out...he was not in there really long....we stopped having sex after this happen..does that present a high risk for hiv? he did not ejaculate or anyhting

HIV Infection

Hi There,

I have been to a lady a month back. I am little worried of myself now. What I did is I rubbed my penis on her vagina and while rubbing I inserted the tip of my penis and suddenly i realized and took off. Wore condom that had sex. But m still worried if I can get HIV transmitted. Since she was an unknown lady i am not sure of her. status. Please advice me. Thanks

Scared of Possible Transmission

Okay, so, this is probably just going to sound like another kid who messed around without thinking and now he's freaking out because of it. I'm 18 and my girlfriend and I messed around (unprotected anal sex) about 7 or so weeks ago. I ejaculated outside of her. About a month ago, we did it again but this time used protection. I did not ejaculate, although we went at it much longer and her anus remained "open" after I pulled out. I didn't see any blood. Anyhow, about two weeks ago I came down with some pretty nasty flu-like symptoms- low grade fever, sore throat, cough, dry mouth. I decided to research if that could have anything to do with what we did, and lo and behold, the internet decided I had HIV. Soon after, I developed some pretty nasty diarrhea (only in the morning) and vomited once. I visited a walk in clinic, but the doctor said I'm fine without even a test, and that I just gave her a cold.At six weeks post-unprotected sex, despite the doctor's recommendation, I took an Oraquick test. It was negative. A few days later, I had her take one as well- again, negative (I understand they're not conclusive until three months, but I've also read that they're 95% accurate at six weeks). Her and I are both virgins, and neither of us have ever used any intravenous drugs outside of a hospital. She did used to self-harm, but she claims that she was "sterile" about it, and wouldn't use a bloody blade or razor. Now, 7 weeks post-possible exposure, my symptoms have subsided. She got something similar (without any digestive issues... that was probably caused by my anxiety), but her symptoms too subsided. My mind is still freaking out though, and it's annoying her really bad as I'm accusing her of having HIV.
Anyhow, my questions go as follows:
1. As virgins, how remote is the chance that either of us would have HIV?
2. How hard would it be for HIV to spread through self-harm (without another person around)?
3. If both of us came up negative at 6 weeks, is it safe to assume we're both safe?
4. Should I still go get a blood test at three months, or is the Oraquick's negative conclusive that I've never been exposed to HIV before we had sex?
5. Am I needlessly freaking out?

HIV Risk Through Massage / Foreplay / hugging & Anus Fingering

Dear Sir,

Good Day...

First of all i wish to say thanks to you for this forum...
I am 30 yrs old man. now i am afraid of that, i have gone for massage for 6 times. all this time had no sex with them unless fore play. here i am listing the activities which we did during the massage.

1. I fingered the girl's anus. there was no active bleeding found after fingering.
2. They gave me hand job with some oil at the end of each massage.
3. I have once sucked her nipples but i am sure it was not lactated.
4. Once i noticed that she was wet (vagina), i felt it when i touched her vagina over the inner ware.
5. Some naked hugging was happened during the massage.
6. At last i used to smell her vagina and anus also.

Sir, really i am feeling guilty and also these incidents are hunting my mind, i could not concentrate in job and also i am afraid of doing intercourse with my wife without a condom. one part of my mind saying i have reached end of my life. I hope you may help me with some valuable advises. kindly let me know about the risk of getting a massage with a person who is HIV +ve.

Shyam Kumar.

gonococcal infection

Hi ..i had sex with 2 times without condom, and after few days my penis got swell and discharge, when i go for check up, urine PCR gonorrhea is positive, and doctor saod gonococcal infection n treated..is it worry about getting HIV? doc said PUS calture also positive.
BUt doctor said no need worry, pls give more clear information

Potential HIV exposure

Well, i recently had unprotected sex with a (trans person) it was insensitive action by me, noting that it was 10 days ago.
he or she is working for paid sex.
also it was one time only even before that time i didn't expose my self to risky sex.
I took RNA test after 2 days but i think from what i read it wont be reliable.
I am planning to have another RNA test after 10+ mark.
Will that be enough?
Should i take another test after 45 days or 3 months?.
Note: i am very stressed over this and i don't have any symptoms of HIV (flue, Rash ....)
I had my dual anti body and RNA test at 10 days mark, the result is negative, am i still at high risk?
Thank you for your support.

what does low risk mean

is there a prectage like .5 or 10% what does low risk mean and part two to my question can hiv only go up the utrrea when you come or it doesn't matter if you come inside or out

Please Help This Has Caused Me A Lot

Hi I hope you can shed some light to what I am experiencing now and I apologize for this wall of text. Allow me to go back form the very start. My ex-partner and I have been (both men) together for 1 year and 7 months. Just this March (2015) we often quarreled and it just feels like everything is going downhill because of this, I fell into the temptation of Grindr. Last March, I hooked up with a guy through Grindr. I am very turned off with guys with body odor hence I have to walk what I preach right? Before meeting up the guy, I brushed my teeth vigorously and flossed until a bit of blood can be seen in the thread. I also had several crack wounds on my lips. When we hooked up, there was no penetration involved. Everything was just oral, kissing, touching. When I gave him a blowjob, I did taste precum in my mouth since there was no protection (stupid of me). His body somehow felt "soft" like the skin is too loose and I saw two very red round boil-like bumps on his left arm pit and right back near the ribs. After one day, I had a fever. No rash, no colds, just fever. It lasted for 3 days. On the month of May, I started feeling very tired and out of breath and I mistook it as signs of stress or diabetes since I like eating sweets. On the month of July, my boyfriend had rashes on his forearms and we mistook it as insect bites. When the rashes on his arms disappeared, bumps filled with waterlike fluid sprung on the back of his hands. His nails also had "holes". This was when we decided that he should get tested. Surprise, he was positive of HIV. I also did the test but negative (this was 4 months from my exposure with the guy I met thru Grindr). We thought that it was impossible for me to test negative since we have NEVER used protection (me being top). Our last sex was May, which makes the test 2 months after my last exposure with my positive partner.

He decided to break up with me last September. On the month of October I got tested again but the result is still negative. This is 7 months from my exposure with Grindr Guy and 5 months from my exposure with exboyfriend. Now it's been a year since my exposure with Grindr guy, and I am loosing muscle on my arms, white tongue, extreme fatigue, it looks like my skin tone is the same all through out my body including those that are not exposed to the sun, ring worms near my mouth and neck (similar to positive exbf), enlarge and swollen lymph nodes on my neck and pits, mouth ulcers, dandruff, plantar warts and shortness of breath and I now have started coughing and has the need to constantly clear the throat because it feels like a phlegm is always stuck in there.

I don't know what to do anymore. I feel like I have infected my BF with HIV which I got from Grindr guy. However, I do not understand why my results are still negative despite very obvious HIV symptoms. The test they used on me by the way is SD Bioline HIV test. I am going crazy because I'm scared that it's too late for meds to work on me because they can't detect the virus early. I should already be way outside the window period right? Do I still need to test again? Are there people who do not seroconvert? The timing of these symptoms are just a little funny.

Penis head

I had a romance with a man, I don't know his hiv status

while having romance he ejeculates his sperm on my body and also in my penis head (not on urethra open).

I am worried
Do I need to go for HIV test
and do I need PEP???

Thanks for the help

When excatly does penis comes in contach with vaginal fluids? After ejaculation or not ?

Hello I had sex wearing condom, but i was little bit drunk and when sex was done and when i removed my penis from her vagina, i see that my condom is dropped off, but there is no ejaculation. Just want to confirm when does it comes in contact with vaginal fluids?


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