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Unprotected Sex

Unprotected Vaginal Sex with urethritis present

Hello and thank you for answering my question. A month ago I had unprotected vaginal sex with a prostitute and to make matters worse i also had some minor inflammation and soreness on my penis. Prior to this incident occurring i had an STD test done on me and they all came back negative. However I still had this inflammation or urethritis in my penis head when i engaged in unprotected sex with the prostitute. I have read online that the risk of Hiv transmission increases three times in the presence of STD's and such, so based on this fact, if the average risk of transmission for males is said to be .04%, does this mean that with the presence of urethritis, my risk could be as high as .12%?

hiv test negative after 2 years later

hello sir...i am from india..i did unprocted sex with a sex worker in 2011..after 2 years later i had donate blood in a hospital for my friends father illness..the blood bank screening report for hiv-1 & hiv-2 is negative..after 5 years i have not been any feel side effect of hiv..i am worried about one think that i heared that in a hospital could not be tested hiv accurately & hiv-0 could not be tested so i want to know from you ,further test will be required for finding accuracy status on hiv or not? thank u sir

What is my real risk?

Sorry for my english, I'm from Brazil and I really need help. I started to penetrate a guy without condom - I leasted about 30 seconds and I didn't completed the penetration after that, I use a condom to finished the sex. The guy is HIV positive and is under treatment and his viral load is undetectable. After the sex, I went to hospital and I started PEP about 2 hours after risk. After I finished the PEP treatment, 2 days after, I started to feel some symptoms of hiv acute infection - sore trhoat, low fever, enlarged lymph nodes, nausea. I started to teste to HIV: 28 days after exposure, 33 after the exposure and 50 days after exposure (20 days after I finished pep). Today, I'm in the 55th after exposure and still feeling the symptoms - the symptoms has been leasting for 28 days. My question is: my risk was very high? is it true that a positive person with undetectable viral load is unlikely to infect other peolple? Is my last test a good signal that I am not infected?

Late seroconversion due to hepatitis B?

Hello, in drunk state I topped a guy that I know unprotected ( Insertive anal sex).
About a month after, my eyes turned yellow I got tested and came back positive for Hepatitis B. I freaked out and asked that guy to get tested he came back POSITIVE for BOTH HIV and Hepatitis B ( I know he injects drugs so I shouldn't be surprised). Now it is 15 weeks after exposure, I got tested for HIV and It came back negative? How conclusive is that? I read that Hepatitis can delay seroconversion, is this true? Also, if Hepatitis B and HIV are passed the same way, is it possible that I only contracted one of them from a guy that is coinfected with both? Why would that happen? Now I have to wait till six months mark and get tested again for Hepatitis B to make sure that I will not be chronic carrier, should I also get tested for HIV at the same time to be sure?
Thank you

Unprotected vaginal penetration

I had unprotected sex with a women last week. it lasted only for 10 seconds or less and removed my penis before ejaculation. that women seems fit and fine however i started to feel sweating and very light headaches since last day. is this a symptom of HIV?

Does HIV rash come and go and leave dark spot after healing?

I had unprotected vaginal sex with two girls which I met on dating site and in dance club white traveling in Thailand. It was very stupid. On both occassion it happened because I was drunk which I am regretting every day. After 2 weeks, my body started itching and I got 3 rashes due to itching on my inner thigh and 1 rash on my leg. These rashes disappeared after few days and new 3-4 rashes came on my back and on my right bisep which are going away. Rashes are coming and going away. Rashes are suddenly appearing beacuse of itching. For example, yesterday I felt very itchy on my buttock and then I scratched and got rash there. All the rashes are leaving dark spot after they are gone. Just to mention I have no other symptoms. Also, I would like to mention that I was stressed and facing lot of anxiety because of my unsafe sex. I am worried whether these are HIV rashes or some thing else like heat rash since its very hot wheather here. I would really thankful to all the help and guidance on this problem.

HIV transmission

Hello, I was starting to get sick when I had sex with my partner, coughing and sneezing. We were having oral sex, when suddenly his organ started to bleed. He was tested negative a month earlier. I ran into the bathroom and spitted the saliva mixed with blood, then i washed my mouth with water. However I am not sure if i swallowed some or not. I can't remember. I am worried about getting HIV even if he is tested negative. It is me being paranoid and I can't stop thinking about it. I need your advise. He is supposed to get tested again tomorrow. Please help. Thank you.

Possible exposure

I had sex with a call girls. And at some point the condom broke and I ejaculated inside her. I am freaking out. I know am in possible exposure it's been 5 days. How long should I wait to get tested.



Had unprotected sex with a lady on 9th march 2016 (4-5 rounds on three occasions) letter when we tested the lady was positive with Determine. am worried, my first test with rapid test showed negative, in 21 days after last exposurer, Did PCR they said NO HIV DNA seen. in other laboratory after 56 days another laboratory results said my immune Virus-DNA quantitative less than 12iu/ml and this lies below cutoff point, but weak signal detected plus DNA, am infectious, when to another viral research centre at 58 days, they did rapid test (determine, stapak, unigol) all negative, cambo negative and try viral load, no HIV virus copies detected and at 76 days after last exposuser, determine still negative, which test should l believed in, am worried, becouse had even pharyngitis now but am being allergies to cold wherther and sit in a room with AC as an office.

hiv symptoms (skin dryness and rash)

Dear whomever it may concern,
I am a gay man and had unprotected sex two weeks ago. I start to think that I contracted HIV because I got symptoms:
1. skin peeling off between my fingers on my left hand only
2. red spots on my arm, they are not bumpy nor itchy though (i think its rash)

I really want to know my results, but two weeks is too early for an HIV test and I have been worrying the past week. Are these symptoms of HIV?


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