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Western Blot

hiv test results

hi i did an hiv screening test in which the p24 antibody index was more than one . it was 2.18.

after that all hell broke lose , and i did viral load test from dr dang and western blot from dr pathlabs. both the results were negative.

time of test : 3 months after unprotected sex

please help

thanks and regards


Please help me to clear my query. I had unprotected sex who HIV status is unknown. But, I suspect, she is HIV positive. My last exposure 8th December, 2015. I first tested WB testing on 12th April, 2016; the result was INDETERMINATE NEGATIVE (Bands present, but pattern does not meet criteria for POSITIVE). This put me in more worry. I then tested ELISA testing on 27th April, 2016; result was NEGATIVE.
What should I consider now? I am suffering from excessive flatulence and gassing. I get my nose block during bed time, at night. I have other unusual problems that I had never experienced and suffered in my life, earlier. Please help.

2 pos Elisa, Neg WB, help

Hello, thanks for helping me with my doubtful situation.
I´m an homosexual 25 y/o male.
Past march 25th, 2016 I tested positive with a 4th generation ELISA test. I repeated the test in a State hospital wich came back again Positive (value=21). Next, they performed the confirmatory Western Blot wich came back negative with no bands. At the same time of tests i had an acute streptococcal pharingytis in course wich resolved hardly with antibiotic treatment.

I've been sexually active since 2015 but i've prcaticed safe sex. I've had receptive penetrative acts (2 or 3) all protected and unprotected oral sex with no in-mouth ejaculation or similar. I dont see any potential risk, am I wrong? I also had not any seroconversion-like illness and a recent CD-4 test gave a 534 number.

My doctor keeps on telling me that i have to retest because he thinks my WB is a false negative. But HIV specialist says It's not necessary. My question: Do I really have to re-test since my low risk? Is a false negative WB possible?
Many thanks.

some doubts about my health situations

i had high risk sex many times with unknown girl and got checked up myself for hiv on 5th month, 6th month, seventh month and 8th month all came negative. i did hiv elisa 4 gen and western blot test. And now its been a year from a time when i had high risk sex. But i got scalp folliculitis and one large swollen nodes on my neck just behind ear from more than three months which is not going away. so I also have heard that hiv infected people develop the swollen nodes on neck and also the hair issues. Is this true??? are all my test result is conclusive ? do i need to checked up for hiv again??

HIV Combo reactive Western Blot Indeterminate

Reactive combo
Reactive p24
Indeterminate Western Blot.
I was ill in hospital in Cambodia prior to testing back home. My symptoms were massive headache, eye pain (very bad pain behind my eyes), vomiting blood, diarrhoea and rash all over my chest and back.
I had vaccines before going away. I was il off and on the whole trip. I had pills for Malaria but did not take them because they made me feel ill. The hospital in Cambodia wasn't really what I would call a hospital, I had no cash and so payment was an ipod I happened to have with me. I was given IV fluids and antibiotics and told it was possibly salmonella.
The type of sex I had was oral, no condom.
Could this illness and vaccine be the reason for the reactive combo?
Any help offered would be greatly appreciated.

hiv ag/ab 4th generation w/rfl REPEATEDLY REACTIVE

my HIV 1/2 ANTIGEN/ANTIBODY,FOURTH GENERATION W/RFL came back REPEATEDLY REACTIVE, I tested again and came back with the same result. I'm a 47yrs old man who hasn't had sex in quite a long time nor been exposed to any potential infected source. is this possible? what should I do? thanks

4th generation tested I'm HIV positive

Hi there,

I hope you may help me out with this because the result came out that I'm HIV positive is freaking me out.
The last time I had sex it was mid of March , I went to get tested for HIV, (it's 4th generation test) , within 15 mins it results positive. Right now, doctor sent my blood for a western Blot test. Throughout the month , I've got flu and feverish, as well as got some rashes on my skin (doctors says its eczema)I just want to know what are the obvious signs and symptoms during the first few months after you get exposed to HIV. And could it be a false positive on my 4th generation test?

Mono and window Period

Hi I am writing this from India. I had unprortected vaignal sex with a Girl on 25 Dec 2015. And then I had protected vaginal sex with another girl on 27 Feb 2016 with some Kissing involved. After 16 days my second sexual contact I had pain in my neck on the 13th of March 2016 along with a mild fever of 99 F mostly in the evening. I went to the doctor and explained him about the situation. Since then I have visited around 5 to 6 Doctors. Initially the first doctor advise me for HIV 1&2 P24 ANTIBODIES screening Combo test (CMIA) along with VDRL (RPR) SERUM which came non reactive on the 23rd March 2016. Also on the 08 April I got a negative result for Western Blot test as well. After four weeks from the initial infection in my throat which invoved sowllen Cervical lymph nodes I have been diagnosed with Infectious Mono caused by EBV which came positive in my blood report. As per the articles I am reading on the net since then says that mono and HIV have almost same symptoms. So after when I got Diagnosed with Mono my mind is at a bit rest. Now again on Friday the 22 Apr 2016 I tested negative for HIV 1 & 2 Antibodies (CMIA). My question is that if you have mono is it quite obvious that this can be because of weak immunity because of the HIV Virus? As I am 27 now so I am a bit worried as mono happens with teens and younger adults.
Do I need to get tested again in future to confirm the Status of my HIV? Or the medication which I have taken for Mono which Initially came as Acute throat infection and Viral Pharanzitis can change the window period of the Test? Also Is mono considered as immunodeficiency Disease?
I have taken Many antibiotics because of Mono as intially the doctors were not able to identify the Issue with my throat. I also had a very hectic lifestyle including smoke and Alhohol and late night sleep.
Please answer my question as I am very much worried about my future.
Many Thanks

western blot after 10 weeks

sir i had a protected sex with lady prostitute . during sex she has used coconut oil as a lubricant .I was not getting why she is doing so after sex i have checked condom it was not broken . after some weeks molluscum contagiousm devloped in my genital area . i visited skin specilist he suggested to test for HIV 1 & HIV 2 also vdrl after 6 weeks of possible exposure . then for confirmation i did western blot test that test also come negative after 10 weeks
1) Is western blot is is conclusive after 10 weeks
2) even though there is no condom broken am i risk of getting HIV ?
3) can use of coconut oil weak the condom that can pass HIV virus .

molluscum contagisum

sir i had unprotected sex with a familier lady . after some time i noticed some bumps on my genitals i visited to skin specilist . he adviced to take vdrl & hiv 1 & hiv 2 test .I took both test both r negative . i took this test after 3.5 months after possible exposure . i have confirmed this test after 4 moths with western blot technique .
i dont have any other previous disorder like hep c , i am not receiving any kind of cancer treatement . i feel that i am completaly healthy no any kind of hiv symptom yet present .
I hear that molluscum contagisum is due to weak immunity system like AIDS . i am 26 year completaly healthy looking man . i am scared due to above sentence . i live in india . is there differance in window period of hiv each country . please tell me is there any need to worry more . i asked doctor but he said test again after 6 months but i read on internet mostly that window period of hiv is not more that 3 months . i am completly confused scared plz plz plz guid me that i can take charge of my healthy life.


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