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Western Blot

western blot test should i stop worry

sir i had unprotected sex with a familier lady . after 3.5 months i cought some bumps so i visited a skin specilist . he diagnosed moluscum i suggested to test for hiv1/ hiv 2 also vdrl . i have did that test both result are negative . i have asked doctor should i stop worry he said test again after 6 months . but due to fear i have decided to go for western blot i did this test after 4 months and result again came nagative ........ now please tell me should i stop worry .... i read that molluscum is rare in healthy adults .. came only those who have weak immunity system due to immunideficienacy disease like hiv . i again came in fear . i think that i am heathy ... and only 10 moluscum was there in genital area .. doctor removed this with surgery after one month moluscum came back to my genital area ....... so i tested western blot after 4 months of possible exposure & that was negative ...so please guid me .. now is there any need to worry because of this molluscum ... i dont have any other symptoms of hiv .... please guid

hiv ? final query ? can i move on ??

hola :)
male -26

i had an exposure to Local sex worker in may 2015 in greece as tourist

post exposure i had flu kinda symptoms 2-3 weeks lasting for 1 month

with great courage i got tested

Hiv 4th generation test at 23rd (3weeks -Eclia ) 28th (4weeks -Eclia) 42nd (6 weeks -Eclia) 58th (8weeks -Eclia) 89th (13weeks - Elfa ) 93rd (13weeks -Eclia ) 103rd(14 -elfa weeks ) 105th (14th weeks - Cmia ) 122nd (17weeks - ELFA ) 179th (25weeks -Eclia ) 224th ( 32weeks - ELfa )and last test was 304th day ( 43 weeks almost 10 months-Eclia )

One hiv 1 pcr rna at 103rd day ( limit was 66ml copies )

one ID NAT for Hiv 1/2 hep b hep c at 124th day ( Viral screening )

one 3rd generation test at 66th day

now other stds

Took syphills test at 23rd 42nd 58th 93rd 179th day - all non reactive

Took herpes 1/2 IgM IgG non reactive at 42nd day @ 93rd day IgM coming out as equivocal and IgG was non reactive @103/104 ( two different lab ) - both IgG IgM was no. Reactive again at 179th day non reactive

Took hepatitis b antigen @ 58th 93rd 179th day non reactive
Took Anti hcv at 93rd and 179th day non reactive
Took chlyamdia IgA IgM IgG -negative Anti HCV - 93rd day

i smoke 3 ciggies a day drink once a while and smoke marijuna often ...
i am lil obese (over weight ) bmi being 29

i still have and keep getting some symptoms which seems to be relevant to hiv ?

green stools ? loose stools ? sore throat ? itching ? rashes ? and many more

1) are my tests conclsuive ?

2) factors like smoking drinking or being over weight cause false negative ?

3) i just got married and i am scared of infecting my wife

4 ) being vitamin d and b12 deficiency ? Effects on tests ?

5) Can hiv 1 pcr rna qualitative detect all subtypes/strains ( even some rare like e / crf /
group 0 ) of hiv 1 at 14.5 weeks?

6) can ID NAT ( viral screening for Rna/dna for hiv 1/2 detects all subtypes /strains ( even some rare crfs groups strains !at 124 day or 17.9 weeks?

7) What is diff between Nat or Id NAT ? Is id NAT accurate?

8) do I need to test by western blot or any more test any other method ?

9) piece of guidance and help ?

Inconclusive Results, ARS, Braces


I recently was tested for HIV and when my results came in I was called into the testing clinic. These were the results:

HIV 1/2 Ag/Ab Combo Screen: Reactive
HIV 1 p24 Antigen Screen: Non-reactive
HIV 1 Western Blot: Negative
HIV Final Interpretation: No HIV p24 antigen detected; inconclusive for HIV1/HIV2 antibodies

I have had two sexual partners in my life. With one we only had oral sex. With the second more recent one we had sex twice and used a condom both times (10 weeks prior to the first test) and the person that I had sex with said that he had been tested and was HIV free prior to sex. I am gay and was bottoming. Based on my history I questioned the result and immediately went for point of care rapid testing. The test came back negative and the doctor said that he questioned the initial result, thinking that there may be a non-HIV antibody in my blood triggering a false positive. However, he told me to abstain and sent off my blood for additional testing. I have about a week to go before I hear back. I have a few questions:

1. I have braces and I kissed someone deeply three weeks before the first test. Could I have contracted HIV in this way?
2. I have had cold/flu symptoms and swollen glands on and off for the past 3 or 4 weeks. Could these be symptoms of ARS? The symptoms seemed to be resolving and then worsened with the stress from the news of the first test.
3. What is the HIV 1/2 Ag/Ab Combo Screen? Is this the same as ELISA? How does it differ from the other tests that came out negative? What could lead to a false positive on this test?

Any info that you could provide me with would be great. Thanks.

Haven't had sex in 3 and a half yrs. How can I be positive.

I was tested twice. Once on September and again in October of 2015. Now four months later with no sexual contact. No needles or any at risked involvement by me. I was tested again and came up positive. My second results should be in by March the 1st. I'm confused. Was it a false positive I received and how often does that happen. The fact that June will make 4 yrs since I had sex. Could it actually take 3 and a half yrs for virus to show up?

Please help me

at dec 5 2015.today is 85 days.i tested 7 weeks Anti hiv1/2 P24 antigen test and western blot.they came back non reaction.again i tested 9 weeks Anti hiv1/2 P24 antigen test and 11 weeks(78days).they came back non reaction too.they are conclusive?our country's doctors said Anti hiv1/2 P24 antigen test result is conclusive at 6 months.now i feel worry for my hiv status.our country is not enough for hiv treatment too.i will test at 90 days Anti hiv1/2 P24 antigen test that result will be conclusive? please reply me pleaseee advice me tooo thanks you so much.

hiv westernblot test is reliable

is western blot test is conclusive after four months of exposure......i have hiv negative but i feel some symptoms last month like night sweats,pains at nighttime....so iam feeling very anxious due to this iam not feeling good in all my day to day activities please provide answer thanks in advance

Possible Causes of Indeterminate/Inconclusive Western Blot

Exactly 30 days post exposure (unprotected vaginal/oral sex) I had a rapid test done. It came with a faint line and then confirmed with a confirmatory test Western Blot. The results were indeterminate with no information about viral bands detection. The case manager who informed me about the test results explained that WB could come indeterminate if I was at the early stage of the infection and was still seroconverting or non-specific antibody reaction. She also said that if I had a cold virus at a time it could've caused the antibody test to show inconclusive results.
Are there any other reasons besides seroconversion, other autoimmune diseases and viral infections for Western Blot to show indeterminate?
I know that according to the CDC guidelines 3 month-mark is considered considerate, however, what if the patient is consistently indeterminate on the Western Blot? Does it mean I am negative or should I try other tests?
Thanks in advance for any answer.

Qualitative vs Quantitative PCR RNA

Could you please explain the difference between the Qualitative vs Quantitative PCR RNA HIV tests? I have heard that these tests are not FDA approved for diagnostic purposes as well as prone to false positives. However, I do not want to wait for 12 weeks for Western Blot antibody test, I want faster results. Should I choose Qualitative or Quantitative PCR RNA?

inconclusive Western Blot Test Result

I have tested reactive on a rapid test and then indeterminate on Western Blot test. This was exactly a month after my exposure. The STD clinic told me to return in 12 weeks to repeat the Western Blot test to confirm my HIV status.
I would like to start with my risk assessment:
Unprotected vaginal/oral sex with a male partner, lost my virginity to him. Partner tested negative right after being informed about my inconclusive test results. I believe I was not exposed to non-sexual ways to contract HIV such as needle sharing, blood transfusions, getting tattoos or piercings.
My questions are:
1. If I test indeterminate for the 2nd time would this be conclusive? Should I take PCR RNA test then?
2. Could common cold virus throw off Western Blot test results?
3. Could having HPV throw off Western Blot results?
Thanks in advance for any input.

Borderline ELISA - ONLY Female with Female sexual relationships

Dear reader

I recently took a blood test for a general check up and my HIV test results came back as borderline .

- I am 22 / Female
- Never had a sexual relationship with a man
- Never used toys ( dildos, etc )
- Never injected drugs or shared needles ( i smoke marijuana on daily basis but nothing else, not even cigarettes)
- I had unprotected Oral sex with 2 girls . One of them 1 year ago and the other one 3 months ago (both claimed to be healthy)
- I had a Flu shot 3 months ago
- Around 2 months ago i had Herpes on my lip for the first time but applied antibiotics on it so it went away quickly ( i guess i got that from a friend who i shared a Marijuana role with and after i saw she had the herpes on her lip )
- I have a tattoo and its 1 year old, it was done in a hygienic manner
- Currently i was diagnosed with having a urinary infection, but i don't have the symptoms so my Dr told me to retake the urine test
- My White blood cells count is 8200
- The only sickness i had experienced in the past year was a tommy flu ( last week and a lot of people in my university have it now )

since i didn't expect to have HIV at all the borderline result really terrified me and now i'm waiting for my PCR test results.
- What causes a borderline test results / what does it mean /?
- Given my condition, how reliable my test results are going to be please ?
- on the other hand this situation has caused me a lot of stress and all of this is happening while i am on my PMS, i can't sleep properly or eat properly. my heart rate average in the past 5 days is 98 while usually its on 65-70 . Could you maybe suggest a way that can help me reduce my anxiety please ?
- Can any of the factors mentioned above ( Flu shot, Herpes, Marijuana, alcohol, urinary infection) manipulate my test results both PCR and ELISA 3rd generation ?

- Which test is the most accurate one for detecting HIV after all ( amongst all the testing methods existing) ? as my research shows they all can be wrong for so many reasons ! How can i finally know if i have it or not ?

Thank you for your time .


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