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Western Blot

can I do Western blot after tested negative on elisa?

after the unprotected sex I have done three test after getting severe all ARS like symptoms from 5th month...im still having symptoms which put Kevin doubt because I still have head bumps, generalized swollen lymph nodes on neck and one on back head too, weaknesses and pain on hand and leg..it exist after 7 month of exposure which started on 5th month..
I did test on 5 month and 5 days after exposure method immunochromatography (negative)
next test élisa 4 gen on exact 6 month (negative)
another test immunochromatography on 6 month
and 23 days which is negative too
so what you say about my status??
is this conclusive?
I have given blood for western blot test which will take 1 month for result to come..why so long? and is this test Is deciding test for hiv status??

equivocal eia and subsequent rna naat

Feeling very anxious and looking for some guidance please.
My boyfriend went for routine bloodwork 6 weeks ago incl an hiv test. His dr said his first test was inconclusive but the second test was fine so he has nothing to worry about. I asked my boyfriend what the deal was with his first test - he doesnt know. He showed me the test results - "eia equivocal. Ag (screen) very abnormal" . The western blot was not done as a secondary bc "low eia signals" dont allow for useful results. So an rna naat was done - no rna found - "these tesults are inconsistent with hiv infection" . His drs final conclusion was " nonreactive"
I'm wondering:
1. What does the very abnormal on the Ag screen mean?
2. Why wasn't a western blot done?
3. How conclusive is the overall result since the rna naat came back clean?
I am so overcome with anxiety I cant take it another day. Ive spent sbout 40 hours online trying to sort this out and it has just made me more anxious. I just need an interpretation bc trying to do it myself is killing me. Please help me.
Thank you

about hiv test

dear sir

i have unprotected sex with a commercial female after 9days i tested a westron blot test that was negetive but after17days i have fever and knees pain so i am worried about it please suggest me what to do I am in big stress please suggest me.


Oral sex + 6 and a half months test negative

Hello Guys,

Thank you for answering my questions in advance!
I have had an contact with a true positive person. I received fellatio, thats all i have done!
That happened on January 27... my last test is on august 17 i think (among many other tests..)
I have been tested well over 10 times, I have had 3th gen elisa's, 4th gen duo tests, westernblots, and one time RNA PCR test on 9 week after exposure.

I have had many symptoms(i will not go into much details) the remaining symptoms are:
Isometric Tremor (when i flex my muscle and try to hold it just shakes and cant remain steady), brittle nails, cold feed, eyefloaters and some weight loss + pain in the head when i look right with my eyes.

I am considering to get another test, but I am too scared to do this now... I have had so much hard time, every test i engaged i died inside waiting for the dreaded news... THANK GOD I remained negative, but even after hearing so many negative tests, I still cannot get back to normal :(

Can you please advise me how to proceed in this kind of situation? Should i go to another test and if so, what is my chance of testing positive after almost 7 months negative duo test, 9 week RNA test - undetectable + westernblot ( and many more tests).

THank you! I love you!

What does <1.00 mean ?

I went to a clinic where my friend works got blood work done for an hiv test acouple days later I got results back that said hiv-1/hiv-2 antibodies reflex confirmation western blot non reactive <1.00 cut off <1.00
I did this test post 35 days (5 week after exposure. Im very scared I didn't ask for a western blot does that mean I had a positive before and they had to confirm it?
Do you think it will change after because it is borderline <1.00 ? Do people usually get less than <1.00 ??

I am tested negative but still have symptoms..


Today on 22nd sept,2015 is my 92nd day from the day I had an incident of unprotected sex.

I had an unprotected anal sex with an adult man who's HIV status is unknown to me 3 months ago. I have tested my self for HIV after 90 days window period twice one is tri-dot and other is rapid test both on same day and results were non reactive.But I have still some issues like swollen lymph gland(left side of neck) since past few days and stool density (loosing excess water than normal) as I had suffered from gastroenteritis just the day after to that incident of unprotected sex.I also feel nausea some times.Few days ago I had some small red spots on my both legs which was really itchy and they are still there but inactive and dull in color.I have also red rashes fallowed by bump(same as in mosquito bite) when i scratch somewhere on my body when it feels itchy I am so confused about the results.
Are these test conclusive?
What are these signs related to?
Should I go for western blot test too?
What additional step should i take to make my self sure about my health?

Please help me..
Thank you


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