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Window Period

am I late seroconversion??

thank you aids Vancouver for your help I've been following you from 3 months and more. after having unprotected high risk exposure(4 times) with bar dancer whom I'm suspecting to be hiv+.
after exposure at 5th month I had all ARS symptoms one by one and after that I'm having so many illnesses coming to 7th month they are:

-hard fixed big swollen nodes behind ear with other
small two
-persistant left eye pain almost everytime mostly at
day time now slight pain at right too
- white things in tongue with some red dots
- light sensitivity
-whole body weakness especially both hand
-neurologic disorder like feeling (right hand numbness) it feels like I do not have full control on my right hand (shaky hands)
-dry lips
-pain behind head sometimes
-digestive problems
-no taste of tongue it feels tongue is covered with something
-reoccurring boils on body
-many tiny boils in nose which is now taking more than week to heal
-mouth ulcer which took almost 9 days to heal
-little rash on body and hand
-left chest pain sometimes
-lleft hand pain
-ddandruff problem
and more

5th month immunochromatograpgy test-negative
6th month élisa 4g negative
6 month 25 days élisa negative

although all test negative is concerned that I'm late seroconversion at 5th month so after three months of seroconversion I may test positive.. is this right that late seroconversion may occur any time and test should be done after 3 month of seroconversion?
I'm in doubt I'm late seroconversion

and I know that hiv is not diagnosed by symptoms as you say but I would like to know is there Any disease (sti) like hiv that can make illnesses in whole body.. due to its effect on every part of my body I'm suspecting this as hiv..
please tell me the chance of seroconversion and please tell me about the immunochromatograpgy and elisa test. I also like to know can western blot be the exact test?? when I can do western blot after exposure?

please help me...hoping for response..what can I do now?? suggest something I'm really tired and stuck with illnesses.

Windows period and tests

Hi again. I had his risk of unprotected receptive anal and oral sex 9 weeks ago. Then two weeks later I had all ars symptoms and last until now.
- partner tested one day after encounter : rapid blood test > negative
- I tested on weeks 2.5 HIV rapid blood test > negative
- I tested on weeks 5 HIV rapid blood test > Negative
- I tested on weeks 8 HIV 4th gen combo test > negative
- I tested on weeks 8 syphilis blood test> negative
1- how accurate my test?
2-what cause the symptoms( I know don't discuss symptoms but hope you tell)
3- do I need three months test? Why? Why not?
4- do I need six months? Why? Why not?
5- many doctor in Cambodia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, UK, some states in U.S. Said six weeks or eight weeks with fourth generation test conclusive. Why?
6- if most specialists and experts never seen six weeks or eight weeks negative then turn out positive later, why CDC reduce not the window period to six or eight weeks?
7- why the specialists use the same test but different guideline of windows period?
8- why those specialists unanimously set specific window period?
9- will my test conclusive if I take PCR test at 11 weeks?
Hope you answer my questions

Fingering and Oral

I gave a blowjob and there was no ejaculation. I also fingered butt briefly and later found an open friction blister on my finger. The guy was HIV positive. Should I be worried that I may seroconvert/start PEP (I did start PEP 35 hours after exposure)?


Chronic insomnia, unexplained heart pain


I have done one HIV1+2Ab + HIV p 24 Ag (screen) at 79 days. After that I have chronic insomnia and unexplained heart pain. I got tested negative for autoimmune and negative for hep C. X ray showed nothing happening to lung. I am waiting for my heart echo to come back. I also done one HIV 1+2 Ab + HIVe p 24 ag (screen) at 96 days. Negative. But would my heart problem and insomnia affect the test? Since x-ray showed nothing I probably do not have cancer. Could anything affect the 3 month test?


Exposure after 5 months

I had unprotected sex with a friend from a work and I am unsure of her HIV status and 5 months later I decided to take a Oraquick home test and it came back negative then about a week later I took a HIV 4th generation test at a lab and it came back negative are these results conclusive and should I not worry about having HIV?

Wbc decreased rapidly but tested negative

hello my dear helpful experts I had unprotected sex 4 times with a bar dancer two days and she looks sick at that time and she was having tonsillitis, sore throat which I didnt care and I barely know her..what A big mistake I've done..after few weeks I felt little unwell and different feeling like I'm lazy with maybe slight fever...but after 5 months I felt unwell and felt like I'm about to get fever and I get that fever for three days after finding out head bumps.. and with fever I got white dots on my tongue and then tonsillitis, sore throat, headache, weakness..(all ars symptoms) at that time one night I woke up with severe hand and leg pain as my hands will fall out.. next night I had severe back headache from back neck.. after that marked on 5th month I did cbc blood test which was 7500 and I took immunochromatograpgy test on 5 months and 10 days which came negative I dont know what test is it?? but my symptoms didnt subside quickly I have many illnesses coming to my 8th month..after that test I had swollen nodes behind ear big hard but not seen by others but easily felt.. now in 8th month I still have swollen node hard fixed golf ball and with some small other near that..now I have left eye pain, white patches on tongue with red dots and it sometime gets dry, hard to sleep, no energy in my body and on my hand, my wrist make sound when I move it round I can feel the weakness on my both hand I think bone is so weak that it Is making sound, boils on my head below hairline which came so quick at 10 clock at night before that I was alright I woke up with pain of boil n before that a boil was on my left leg and fever, I still have red big bumps on my head that dont go away and it comes back again after subsiding, one important thing I have consistent left eye pain every day mostly when I'm out of house, mouth ulcer which is taking more than weeks to cure, all these exist till 8th month.. I did another test after a month of previous test after 15 days which is around last of 5th month, cbc test wbc was 4600 im shocked wbc was decreased so much I did another test on exact 6 month after 24 days of 1St hiv test it was Elisa 4 gen and came negative..Elisa test done at exact 6 month.. now I still have problems that not going away I don't feel my body as it used to be before. I can feel every weakness around my Hand and legs and I know it is not because of stress I'm confirmed that I have hiv..so what you think about my decreased wbc with the illness???
. maybe it's all because of low wbc I'm getting many illnesses now a days
- whenever I drink sprite it felt like my body is getting affected and something strange weakness feeling come
- I have small boils in my nose left hole more than two
- white tongue at back not many now.. and also many red dots on tongue mostly on tip
- mouth ulcer which slowly decreased now its been 9 days not yet fully disappeared but it doesnt hurt now
- HARD SWOLLLEN NODES behind left ear below hair line it is big and immovable and there are other small nodes swollen around it (3)
- few rashes on left hand which came and went
- sometimes mild headache at back with the eye pain mostly left eye but few time pain on right too
-low appetite
-sometimes so weak feel that I felt I'm going to faint
- pain while touching just above the chest below the collarbone
- especially eye pain is the most common nowadays it felt like something beyond the eye ball is causing pain
-head bumps and dandruff is also the common it doesn't go away If it goes than return again
- digestive problems
-I can eat apples rather than meal.

I dont know why wbc decreased and why I still have swollen nodes it's been more than 1.5 month.. is this hiv test same effective all over the world?? I'm from Nepal a developing nation does it make any difference with my result??
please suggest me something I have heard that It may take upto six month to years to get accurate result and hiv is not easily diagnosed.. it should be tested again and again for 1 year.. is this true??

Plagued with Anxiety


almost eight weeks ago I had a one night stand with a random man I had met. We used a condom, but I noticed after the encounter that there was a large tear in it (approximately one inch up from the tip). He didn't ejaculate inside me, but I think there was pre-ejaculate inside the condom. Moreover, I believe I developed a vaginal tear which healed two weeks afterwards.

One week after the encounter, I started to experience a minor pink rash on my neck/collarbone area (wasn't very itchy, mostly dry skin, but it randomly changed places on my neck and got worse with anxiety). Altogether, the rash lasted for about three weeks. A couple days after the rash began, my seasonal allergies started to kick in, and I've had congestion, headaches, minor body aches at times, a couple of oral canker sores, a cough and a minor sore throat for about two-and-half weeks now (the severity of the symptoms come and go). A few weeks after exposure my neck started to become tense/sore (not sure if it was the way I was sleeping), and it felt like someone was wrapping their hands around my throat; it almost felt bloated and full at times, like the muscles in my neck were tight (this also became worse with anxiety, but the symptom came and went for about two weeks).

I went to my doctor three weeks after exposure for STI testing and I came back positive for chlamidya (I know it was him who gave it to me because I tested negative for everything before I moved here). I received my antibiotic regimen and experienced nausea, vomiting, and minor diarrhea during treatment. As far as I know, all of my other tests came back negative. I've been plagued with anxiety the last several weeks that at its worst has crippled my ability to function.

Altogether, my various symptoms have lasted a cumulative seven weeks (but the allergy/mouth sores/sore throat symptoms still ongoing, although minor and come and go); but I've experienced no flu-like illness, no fever, or swollen lymph nodes, which I've read are common symptoms. Is there a chance I could have HIV, or am I just a victim of my paranoia and anxiety?

Are my symptoms attributable to allergies, anxiety and my antibiotic medication? Were the blood tests I underwent at three weeks post-exposure enough to give me conclusive results?

Thank you.

eclia 8 week test accuracy?

i had protected sex with sex worker i tested eclia ag/ab hiv 1 and 2 at 4th week and 8 week both came back negative how accurate is this ? still another 4 weeks r left for conclusive is thr a chance to turn positive?plz help

Girlfriend viral load went up after 3 months of unprotected sex. Should I be concerned and can we live a normal sex life

Me and my girlfriend been having unprotected sex for 3 months between August and October. She confessed to me around the end of October that she HIV positive for 5 years. She's been undetectable for 5 years too. I went with her in the middle of October to get her test done. Her viral load went up. She said its cause she had stopped taking her medicines in the beginning of October for about 3 weeks cause she was depressed. Her viral load was 1676 and her cd4 was 1315. Ever since then she's been taking her medicine again from the end of October till now. We use condoms now since her viral load went up but we still have unprotected oral sex on each other. I was tested almost 2 weeks ago and was negative. I had a HIV antibody test and HIV viral load test. Both was negative. I want to know how long will it take her viral load to go back down again? How long will it take her to get undetectable again? What's the chances of her body becoming resistant to the medicine. The name of her medicine is called Complera

Hiv testing

Hello everyone,you guys are really doing a great job and plz help me out I'm from India and I have got negative 3 months result I have to ask one question still there is requirement for getting tested after 6 months or it is a old guidelines which is changed plz help.


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