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Window Period

This is not a question but a story for people who are in hiv panic

Hey guys . First of all thanks for your help. You might remember me a girl in panic for hiv and reliability of Eclia tests.
I went again at week 19 at the clinic . I asked to meet a doctor and she bless her recommended me to go to a hiv specialist . She said is better for you to talk with him . I went to the nurses room and they took my blood for the 7th time laughing at me and telling me that i only needed to go at 3months 6 month 1 year , I was like yeah ok .

I went to the other clinic and meet the doctor , the specialist . I sat down with him and explained i took ac anti hiv duo test . Asked him if this test was looking for both antigen and antibody ? He confirmed . Asked him if antibodies wasnt creating yet antigen would be there , he confirmed .
He told me nowdays we can find hiv as soon as 4 weeks after infection . Antigen will be there he explained me but this only for the first 4 weeks then when it start decreasing antibodies will be there and the test would pick them up . I told him i took 6 hiv tests and the last one 1 hour before talking with him and he smiled and told me will be a negative . Maybe you can doubt the chance of one test missing hiv but after 6 ones , there was need for me to worry , he said .
I told him about the advices i was given at the other clinic and they are partners with eachother , told him even a doctor said that only at 6 months an infection could be found . Those are old date information and it only refers to an antibody test he said . That is why you need an expert to talk to . You are negative without any doubt . It doesnt matter if your partner was + or - your tests have ruled out hiv . I asked him about RNA , he said there is no need for me to do that . 7 negatives in 4 months you are conclusively negative . I did not go for the RNA since is not needed .

Then i went back to the other clinic and for the first time in my life i was calm waiting the results . I went to the nurses who laughed at the information i gave them through internet and explained about this duo test. I told them that the expert said there is no need to test at 6 months and about the reliability of duo tests , it can pick up hiv-1 as soon as 4 weeks and to call it conclusive hiv1 or hiv2 is a follow up test at 3 months then stop . I told them that was not nice and it ruined 5 months of my life their advice to retest at 6 months and 1 year . They told me that that was what they learned in school and they follow it and they did not know about this new test .

I took the last test , ofc a negative one at week 19 . Then came home . I collected all my hiv tests and set them on fire and i am sorry if this is rude but i yelled . F... you Hiv , F... off . You have ruined my life for 5 months now is time to get over you .

Do not doubt a duo test ! My only question is if hiv antigen will be high even in people treating cancer or hcv . I mean a duo test will be positive if hiv is there even if antibodies arent creating ?

I am done ! I am conclusively hiv negative and there is no way i will doubt my tests again . Thank you for your time

Acute HIV symptoms

Hello. I am 23 yrs old guy. I had unprotected anal sex with another guy that I am a bottom and he cum inside me. Ten or twelve days later I experienced deep tiredness and numbness all over my body. 14 days after expose I experienced itchy inside penis and discharge ( look like urine) 17 days after exposure I experienced fever and headache ( but I think it was stress ) 19 days after expose I experienced itchy rash on chest, back, face, scalp, waist. Then afterward I experienced sore throat, lower back pain, neck ache, coating on tongue, bumps on back tongue, joint pain. In short I experienced all ars symptoms.
1 - I tested on day 19 with rapid blood test >> negative
2- Tested again on day 35 with rapid blood test >> negative
3-My partner tested 1 day after sex encounter with rapid blood test >> negative
4-He told me that he tested three or four months before and >>> negative

3-4 I don't know and I dun think I should believe him
Please advice...
Are all these symptom cause by HIV or what? Can Stress cause all these symptoms?
Please help... I am going to get married soon.. I dun want HIV and I dun want to transmit it to my spouse


I had unprotected sex with a house wife. I took hiv test on 22nd day in hi-tech diagnostic centre which come negative value 0.1 , on 26th day again I took hiv tridot test came negative along with cbc tesult normal. I asked that lady to take test and 2month after sex with me she took test and get negative result as she said, I managed to get her husband hiv test result negative. On 92nd day i took 4th generation hiv test result negative. I am still worried because some sites mention to take test on 6 month mark. I don't know what to do.Please advice me.

Test accuracy

Hi I had an unprotected sex on the 25th of August. Since then I've been extremely worried and did the following tests:
- 2 days after sex Eclia test, result 0.21 non reactive
- 38 days after sex Eclia test, result 0.61 non reactive. On the same day I also did an Elisa duo test antibody and p24 and it came out negative.
- 50 days after sex Eclia test, result 0.81 non reactive.
- 57 days after sex M.E.I.A test, result negative

I am worried about the increasing index which is getting closer to the cut off value and that this is related to seroconversion. Can you please advise me on the above? Is it conclusive? Why is that value increasing ?

Thank you.


HI ALL, PLEASE STRAIGHT TO POINT. i had exposure, PLACED ON PEP, AFTER 69 HOURS and had several test for 11 months now all NEGATIVE. But joint pain, rashes increase in weight. am I safe? please help me!!!!!!!!!!!

HIV symptoms and testing

I had a sex with a guy five weeks ago and I am not sure if he is HIV positive or not. He gives me unprotected oral and then he provided me with a condom for anal. Few days later, I had unprotected sex with my girlfriend. Few days after, she had fever for one day, flu and sore throat for two weeks and runny and blocked noise for four weeks now. I started to feel itchy skin and had little swollen lymph nodes in my left groin for three days and disappeared. I did HIV 1 and 2 and P24 test two weeks and half after exposure, and the result was negative. I did the test again at 29 day after exposure and the results were negative also. One day after the test I get red rushes (about 25 small reddish) in the hairy part of my neck and big brown rash under my armpit for 8 days now. Are these HIV Symptoms? when should I do the HIV test and what test do you recommend? I can't sleep. Can you advice me?

Increasing index

Hi I had the following tests done after having a casual sex:

1. 3 days after: Eclia 0.21 non reactive
2. 38 days after: Eclia 0.60 non reactive
3. 38 days after: Elisa duo test P24 negative
4. 50 days after: Eclia 0.81 non reactive
5. 57 days after: M.E.I.A non reactive

I wanted to know why the numbers keep increasing. I am really worried about that. Can you please help?

Does that mean that I am more at risk to pass the cut off index of 1?

Thank you for your advice


chronic diarrhea and cheilitis

Hello, after my last exposure unprotected vaginal sex with a commercial sex worker, I tested negative for hiv after 3 months mark (the test only look for antibody, and I get the result after about an hour my blood was taken). But after that, I get chronic diarrhea which last for 3 weeks, and have chronic cracked lips that causes my lips bleeding and also angular cheilitis which continuously coming back.
1. Does my test conclusive?
2. Do you think I need to retest for hiv at 6 month mark because of my symptomps?
3. Have you ever seen people who tested negative at 3 month and then tested positive at 6 month, if yes in what conditions?

Do I need more testing?

I've had several HIV tests all negative. The last one was a rapid test at a clinic at 10 months, and it was negative. Do I need to test again? Is there anything at this point that could delay seroconversion this late? Thank you for your help.

what is immunochromatography?? is this effective? what about all symptoms??

I had unsafe sex with a bar girl two times in between 6 days and last exposure was April 23 and I dont know about her hiv status and I didn't asked her too which is such a shame and mistake at that time she was having sore throat like..from middle of the September I started getting flu like feeling and caught fever too which was mild and slight in and off.. but on October 1 I started getting fever for two days and next day I saw white tick on tongue and caught sore throat and found some two itchy pimples like around my mouth, and on my back shoulder I found three pimple like which was not itchy and itchy around stomach and felt itchy around my mouth.at that night I got severe headache which was causing pain at back part of head and neck and on middlevof night I woke up bcauz of burning Sensation and weakness on both hand and leg...so on Oct 4 I went to see doc and took test for hiv the method was immunochromatograpgy and came negative and he told me it's viral infection and gave antibiotic..but after 10 days while fever and some illness slightly recovered I felt pain on neck and it was swelling behind my left ear..now coming on October22 I have white spots on back of tongue and bloating stomach mostly at night time and this swollen nodes just behind ear which is not easily visible but can felt easily and also cough sometimes which was dry while talking on cough I didn't have it before the symptoms seen but having medicine I get cough for several days with some sputum now I have dry cough only..I'm also feeling muscle weaknesses and joint on leg and Hand especially while riding bike...I would like to know why these symptoms not going away if it's not hiv? and what is immunochromarography test is it effective and conclusive after 5 months and some days? one thing why in test result there was no unit shown just written non-reactive only...im in deliema...hoping for your quick and helpful response...thankyou


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