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Window Period

ARS Symptoms I am going crazy

i have a few questions about an hiv risk.

I recently had unprotected vaginal intercourse with a friend (I am a MALE) (sept. 12, 2015). A few days later i started to get a tingling sensation in my penis and it ended turning into a burning sensation.

At 16 days past exposure (sept. 28) i recieved a Hiv AG/AB, 4th gen test and was given azithromycin ( 4tablets =1000G) for a possible chlamydia infection.
Approximately 3 days later (oct 1) (19 days past exposure) i was called and told i tested positive for chlamydia but negative for everything else.
The next day (oct 2nd) i experienced cold sweats during the day and a fever going up to 99.3 at night. This continued for about a week followed by extreme fatigue on (Oct 10-11th) i am a hypercondriac so during this time i was under extreme stress and my anxiety was through the roof.

I have continued to experience anxiety and depression for the next couple of weeks, i stopped eating and obsessively checked my temperature and looked up ars symptoms online. I never had any rash or sore throat, but experienced many other ars symtpoms over the next few weeks(joint pain, fatigue ect.)

At around the 4 week mark (33 days post exposure) (oct 15th) i took a unigold rapid test at planned parenthood and got a negative result.
I told my friend about finding out i had chlamydia and she then got a unigold rapid test which she says was 3 months after her previous sexual encounter and it came up negative.

I am just wondering what my risk was and how worried i should be. I have been to 2 different doctors and both of them have told me not to worry and just take a test at 3 months to ease my mind. But i am beside myself and in need of more opinions. I want to know if either of these tests can bring any sort of relief to the way i am feeling and if any of my symptoms are consistent with ars?

And i know that nothing is conclusive until 3 months i would just like some insight into my situation. I just got tested at 6 weeks with a 4th gen duo test and am awaitng results, it is going to take 4 days and im am a nervous wreck. I would just like some insight while i wait.

Hiv testing

hello sir ...i had sex with a commercial sex worker after 5week i was hiv1and hiv2test and hgsag window test both are non reactive.,,,so the result are change after 12weeks !!!!i am very afraid sir !!!plese help me sir !!!!!thanku sir (i am from india)

Hiv testing

hello sir ...i had sex with a commercial sex worker after 5week i was hiv1and hiv2test and hgsag window test both are non reactive.,,,so the result are change after12week !!!!i am very afraid sir !!!plese help me sir !!!!!thanku sir (i am from india)

What test should I take now?

Its been 48days after exposure. What test can I take now and can I consider that test conclusive?


How accurate is HIV-1 RNA after 45 days of exposure? Thank you for the response.

hiv testing

Why do I hve to do retesting for hiv tests after 20 days of actual testing

hiv -2

Hey guys . Can you tell me what is hiv -2 window period ? Is it three months or more ?

15Please Answer Me Fear About Hiv28

Dear sir/madam,
thanks for your reply please read my question ,i said i had a unprotected oral sex with male he gave me blow job i did not ejacluated in his mouth and worrying that his penis might have touched my private tool head i got tested with tridot test in lab at 5thweek,9thweek ,11week and 13 week which came negative ,and i said in my question i got tested the person with whom i had oral sex 2 times at 7thweek and 14week with same tridot test in lab which was negative ,so my question is that we both received negative result and is there again that we should get tested or its concluded that we free from the infection

Help please

Long story short I had unprotected vaginal sex 4 times with a man I was seeing. He did not ejaculate inside of me and swears he is negative. He swears he tested 3 months ago and it was negative and that he has only used condoms for years. I tested negative at weeks 2,4,and 5. But I read online that immunosuppresside people can take longer to display a positive. Is this true? I have rhemautoid arthritis and take a weekly shot of actemra for it. with all this being said what are my risks of exposure and can I still consider a 12 week test conclusive or will it take longer for me to potentially turn positive? Thank you.

about my risks!

Dear Sir/madam
Not sure if u received my previous question... thanks anyway and looking forward to be hearing from u as im very very very anxious!

Let me try to explain my situation: on august 30th, at around 04h30m pm i did oral sex with a guy! he didnt ejaculate on my mouth though! nevertheless, as i didnt know his status, i decided on monday to go to a specialised public hospital in here and they indicated me to do the PEP and did a blood test! Its important to mention one thing here: the nurse who came to take my blood, brought in a small box, where all the needles, gloves etc were in! she wore gloves and picked one to wrap my arm! however, i noticed that this glove she intended to wrap around my arm was dirty (i cant tell exactly what it was, but in my mind i tend to think it was dried blood as it was dark brown stains...).... i kindly asked her to take a new glove, so she changed her gloves and picked a new one to wrap around my arm... she took my blood and left!

Well, i did the 28 days of PEP! Meanwhile, i asked the guy to test himself and 12 days after our encounter he did a 4th generation test and it was negative!

I finished PEP and 17 days after i did a 4th generation test which is also negative!

My anxiety is so big right now... do u think i still need to test? and also do the the dirty gloves pose any risk? i mean i cant tell if this dirty glove touched the one the nurse used... i remember that the needle she used was encapsuled, but as far as the gloves they werent individually packed so im actually quite afraid....

Thanks so much for taking your time to answer me!
Best wishes!


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