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Window Period

About hiv fear 2015007

Dear Madam/sir Thanks for your kind patient to answer my question once again i beg you kindly and i request you to read my question I am male and had a unprotected oral sex with male 3 and half months back there was no penetration just touched his anus with my tool,he said he had mouth sores due to heat regular and took b complex tablets,so after 10 days i just had some pimples on my right arm shoulder and checked with doctor it was not herpes ,but I had intercourse with my wife and started worrying about hiv thinking that if his semen touched my penis tip,so I got tested myself with tridot test four times at different intervals and last test was at 13th week I took which all came negative ,so i spoke to that guy whether does he is infected he said no and I requested him to get tested with the same tridot test on 7th week from our exposure and again on 14 week with same tridot test which came negative,so my question is that is am I free from infection and can I move in my life ahead without any kind of sexual acts with anyone else just want to be active with my wife kindly pls answer me all the test i took where conducted in lab ,so my question is that i tested myself 4 times as i mentioned and i got even tested the guy with whom i had the exposure in lab at 7th week and 14th week,so am i free from the infection and move ahead with my wife

DUO test - positive for p24, negative for antibodies.


Firstly, I would like to say thank you for all the help provided by this site! I'm sure its appreciated by all who visit. Here is my situation:

I engaged in unprotected oral sex about 4 months ago with a friend who claims he tested negative prior to our encounter. We had a few other oral sex encounters leading up to about 2.5 months ago. Within 2 weeks of our first encounter I had symptoms of HIV, which I know are nonspecific. I bought an at home "Oraquick" oral swab test to obtain some peace of mind 2-3 months after our first encounter (I tend to be a hypochondriac). Test results came back NEGATIVE. I still wanted to get tested at a clinic, so I did a few weeks later, which was about 4 months after initial exposure. It is also important to note I had a flu vaccination 3 weeks before my 4th gen test. Results came back as follows:

4th gen test: POSITIVE for P24 antigens.

Since that was positive they then preceded to "step 2" which is Antibody differentiation immunoassay. The paper the clinic gave me said this test "produces results faster than previously recommended western blot" - assuming its similar to western blot then..

Anyways, this test came back: NEGATIVE.

Now I await ANXIOUSLY for my NAT results to come back.

What is your take on this situation? I feel I have had more than enough time to produce antibodies and have non detectable P24 levels since those tend to diminish after 28 days. Any chance the flu vaccination played a role in this?


How long does seroconversion last?

1. How long does seroconversion last? I've suffered from aches and joint/muscle pains for 3 weeks since infection.
2. What is the difference between ARS and seroconversion? I am finding conflicting information online.

Thank you!

Confused about Types of HIV tests


I had unprotected vaginal sex and was tested for STI's and HIV 4 weeks later at the New Westminster Public Health Authority. It was a blood test that took 1 week to process and was negative. I am confused about the jargon on this site about all of the different types of HIV tests....does BC use the "4th generation" test? The nurse indicated I should be retested for HIV 3 months after the potential exposure to be certain. I want to understand if the flu like symptoms I am experiencing now could be HIV related? Please help me understand the facts about the HIV test used in BC.

Syringe needle stick in the environment

You people are doing great job. Quick response regarding my issue will be much more appreciated.
Yesterday night I was walking in hospital ground where they have grown grass.where patients relax and sometime people play game there. While I was walking a sharp needle (syringe)poke my 2nd toe. It bleed a little bit. I don't know from how long it was there but it may be 5 to 10 mints fresh or it might be there since morning. There was a little bit blood in the syringe. Now I am thinking that someone might have intentionally thrown it here because people walk in grass bare foot. What are the chances if it has been used by HIV positive person 5 mints before I step on it. Kindly reply. Should I start PEP ? Can I be infected in this way ? What are the chances of getting HIV in this way?

sampath:- is rna test is 100% accurate?

Hi sir,Though i had a protected sex with a prostitute i had some symptoms after 2 weeks they are like, a non itchy plane rash on chest later changed to a painless papule and itchy rashes came on penis ,stomach pain , nausea , mouth sores , blurred vision for few days,though i do not get fever i have chills and night sweats. After few days every thing got normal ,later after 2 weeks of getting normal i.e, after 4 weeks after having sex, i have gone for rna pcr qualitative test which came as non detectable .Is rna pcr after 4 weeks is accurate, what are my chances of getting hiv ?i am so afraid .please reply and help me.thanks in advance.

Lymph swelling and night sweats during and after PEP

After unprotected vaginal sex with a HiV Positive sex worker , I had taken 28 days PEP medication (started after 56 hrs). Developed lyph swelling at right armpit and below jaw from 18 th day of exposure. Lymph below jaw is very hard and painless and have night sweats regularly. Today 38th day after exposure ( 10 the day after pep completion) I have developed more number of lymph swelling at neck and groin area. Mean while I have tested DNA Pcr qualitative on 8 the day after pep and result obtained as ' NOT DETECTED'.

I am in a tremendous stress. Don't know what to do. Please help some one what should I do next to obtaine my status as early as possible.

When will the worry end?

I have had 5 HIV test done 2 4th generation at 3 months and 5 months and 3 oraquick 3,4 and 5 months post possible exposure. I have a man oral sex with no ejaculation I did have have a absec on my gums that was not bleeding. I keep reading 3 months and 6 months is conclusive! Do I need to retest? I feel like I have symptoms but if I did wouldn't I test positive? Thank you!

Questions about oral

Pls help, I had unprotected oral sex with a girl(gave and received), after that I noticed I had bruises on my penis, really scared, I went and did rapid antibody test with the girl the next day and we both came back negative. Do I need another testing at 12 weeks?

Concern of being infected but Negative tests!

1) Can hiv 1 pcr rna qualitative detect all subtypes/strains ( even some rare like e / crf / group 0 ) of hiv 1 at 14.5 weeks ?

2) can ID NAT ( viral screening for Rna/dna for hiv 1/2 detects all subtypes /strains ( even some rare crfs groups strains !?
What is diff between Nat or Id NAT at 124th day ?
3) I had several duo test eclia ELFA and chia method at 4 6 8 12 13 14.5 17 weeks ?

4) if no antibodies then antigens or viral rna DNa should detect ?

All were not detected! Only thing which made me worse was symptoms due to hiv or rain ? But excat post 3 weeks !


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