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Window Period

i got tested do i am free please help

i had sex with a girl i dont know if she have hiv or not on 28/5/2014 i got a bone pain and head ache and Lymph glands got bigger with some pain from 30/6/2014 until now 1/10/2015 i had test my blood in a government hospital on 11/05/2015 means 11 months and 14 days after possible exposure but i dont know what kind of hiv test was that maybe it's antibody test because everyone who want to apply for a new job he have to get tested for hiv so i got the visa and the job which means that my test is negative but i take many medicine since 30/6/2014 because of the bonepain and the headache and i had a uti infection so i take augmentin and zithromax and vitamin d and vitamin b12 and some other medicine for uti doctor give to me after urine test so my question is do my test are accurate or my test was affected by that medicine and antibiotic ???!!!and i need another test ?? help please

Can having flu affect hiv test result? (continue)


Thank you for answering my previous question that neither flu shot nor the flu itself affect hiv test. However it contradicts with the information on the link below.


I am planning to take hiv test soon but recently exposed to someone who had really bad flu. I had to be in the same car with this person for approximately one hour. 4 other people has come down with flu because they hang around this person. I haven't fallen ill though. This worries me a lot. Do I need to delay testing? A false positive will be nerve-wrecking.

Thank you.

Test 4 weeks after PEP, 8 weeks after exposure


I'm a Portuguese male (therefore, please apologize me for the English mistakes I'll make in the following text).

I had vaginal sex with a Brazilian female prostitute on the 3 August in Lisbon. The condom broke, and I only realized that at the end of the act - she assured me she was HIV negative (but I didn't trust her).

I was put on PEP 5 hours later (Truvada + Retrovir).

I took PEP for 25 days straight (I stopped 3 days earlier - side effects were killing me).

I tested negative at the following dates:

3 weeks after exposure (third generation rapid test);
6 weeks after exposure (third generation rapid test);
7.5 weeks after exposure (third generation rapid test);
8 weeks after exposure (fourth generation hospital duo-test);

My doctor told me to forget about the HIV question and to turn the page, because she's 100% sure I'm not infected.


1) Do you think - 100% sure - that I'm not infected?
2) Have you ever seen someone in my position testing positive on a later stage?
3) How reliable are my tests, knowing I've taken PEP that alters the window period?

Thank you very much. Your work is very helpful, even in a worldwide scale.

7 Weeks test negative but Fever is not going away

I tested negative on rapid test at over 7 weeks ( 7 weeks and 6 days). However the nurse told me that I need to wait for 12 weeks to confirm the results. I am having many symptoms of the disease including low grade fever (for last two weeks, chills and sweat in the night).

History of symptoms:-

First 5 Weeks:-

No Symptoms

Week 6 - Week 7:--

Nausea, Headache, occasional night sweats

Week 8 - Week 9 (current week):-

I am having a low grade fever with chills and sweat in the night.

I want to know what is my chances of being infected by HIV. Its too difficult for me to wait for 12 weeks result.

Pain lymph nodes

Hi I'm 29 male I had unprotected sex 36 days ago I did the 4th generation test after 25 day from the relationship and it came back negative at the day 26 I had pain all around my ear ,nick and under my arms both sides but nothing swollen yet
My question is how accurate the test that I had?
And how long it takes the lymph node to swelling after the pain begins


test results assessment with hiv symptoms

Hi everyone. I would just like to get your opinion regarding my risk/possible exposures and the results of my previous tests.

June 7 (possible exposure # 1) - unprotected anal and oral sex with a guy met from an online application with ejaculation on mouth only

June 9 - sore throat, diarrhea, low grade fever, diarrhea, night sweats, muscle pains (arms, legs, back) all for 6 days.

July 30 (7.5 weeks past exposure # 1) - tested negative at a local clinic using HIV antibody rapid test

August 14 (possible exposure # 2) - gave unprotected oral sex with ejaculation, upper gums got swollen in the afternoon

August 24 (11 weeks past exposure # 1) - tested negative using an approved Philippine home HIV test kit (finger prick blood)

August 30 (2 weeks past exposure # 2) - high fever for 2 days, nausea, headache, diarrhea for 1 week

I was so paranoid and related these symptoms to my oral sexual encounter last August 14. My gums got swollen that day and I thought that I could have an open sore that time which led to the possible infection. What makes me more bothered is that I got the fever around 2 weeks after, when ARS typically appears

September 12 (4 weeks past exposure # 2) - Due to paranoia and since I haven't purchased a new HIV kit yet, i re-tested using the kit I used last August 24, since there was still a reagent/HIV buffer left. Before re-using, I was so sure that there was no indication of any line in the T area. After putting blood and the buffer, there was a faint line that showed in the T line!

September 27 (6 weeks past exposure # 2) - tested negative using a new HIV kit.

Now, my questions:

1. I know it was a dumb idea to re-use the kit, but why is there a faint line that appeared? Is it because I re-used the kit? I was thinking there could be something that really reacted from my blood, because if there is nothing, then it should have stayed the same, with nothing appearing on the T-line.

2. Is the September 27 test more reliable? I know that 3-month test is conclusive, but could this be a false negative, given that a faint line appeared on my September 12 test? Did I just use the kit wrongly this time, that's why there is no faint line that appeared?

3. If my September 27 test was indeed accurate, am I cleared of my June 7 exposure?

4. Given my oral exposure last August 14, should I re-test at the three month mark?

What are your thoughts?

Can having flu affect hiv test result?

I have read in many website including this one that flu shots does affect hiv test outcome. What about having the real flu? Will it affect too?


What does <1.00 mean ?

I went to a clinic where my friend works got blood work done for an hiv test acouple days later I got results back that said hiv-1/hiv-2 antibodies reflex confirmation western blot non reactive <1.00 cut off <1.00
I did this test post 35 days (5 week after exposure. Im very scared I didn't ask for a western blot does that mean I had a positive before and they had to confirm it?
Do you think it will change after because it is borderline <1.00 ? Do people usually get less than <1.00 ??

hello again

You guys have been such a help for me so first i would like to thank you for your job , your patience and answering every question that i or anyone posting here ever had !
Really thank you .

I been asking so much for the past 2 months , about my hiv test generation, about it accuracy .....I have been testing so much but it seems that my anxiety doesnt want to go away from me .

Ac anti hiv duo serum/plasma ECLIA , i could not find nowhere something that says is fda approved and neither that is a fourth generation test , i mean no webpage for this hiv test . If you could provide me one i would be extremely grateful to you . I am not doubting your knowlege about hiv tests but i need a peace of my mind i still think i am infected

Can anyone hiv test results change from 3 to 6 months ? I am a healthy young woman who never got hospitalized but what if i been infected with HCV during my vaginal intercourses ? I took a test for it HCV and every other STD at week 12 and was back negative . Can Hep C delay hiv window period ?

Do u think i need more testing ? I cant move on with my life . I want to but i just can not :(
My first hiv test was at week 4 and my last at day 83 , one day shy from 12 weeks .


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