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Window Period

When will the worry end?

I have had 5 HIV test done 2 4th generation at 3 months and 5 months and 3 oraquick 3,4 and 5 months post possible exposure. I have a man oral sex with no ejaculation I did have have a absec on my gums that was not bleeding. I keep reading 3 months and 6 months is conclusive! Do I need to retest? I feel like I have symptoms but if I did wouldn't I test positive? Thank you!

Questions about oral

Pls help, I had unprotected oral sex with a girl(gave and received), after that I noticed I had bruises on my penis, really scared, I went and did rapid antibody test with the girl the next day and we both came back negative. Do I need another testing at 12 weeks?

Concern of being infected but Negative tests!

1) Can hiv 1 pcr rna qualitative detect all subtypes/strains ( even some rare like e / crf / group 0 ) of hiv 1 at 14.5 weeks ?

2) can ID NAT ( viral screening for Rna/dna for hiv 1/2 detects all subtypes /strains ( even some rare crfs groups strains !?
What is diff between Nat or Id NAT at 124th day ?
3) I had several duo test eclia ELFA and chia method at 4 6 8 12 13 14.5 17 weeks ?

4) if no antibodies then antigens or viral rna DNa should detect ?

All were not detected! Only thing which made me worse was symptoms due to hiv or rain ? But excat post 3 weeks !


Hi, i took an immunochromatographic rapid hiv test 81 day after the possible exposure.it came non reactive. Is the result dependable or ill have to take another test?

Tested twice for HIV, one at 80 days and one at 95 days accuracy


I tested twice for HIV, one at 80 days (negative), one at 95 days (result not back yet).
I am experiencing irregular heart beats and chest pain, and my testicles have been hurting for months.
1) can any medication conditions I have now affect HIV testing?
2) how can the test be accurate if the blood is sent to BCCDC and takes 1-2 weeks to receive the result, don't HIV cells die very quickly? If they die quickly and it takes this long, how can result be accurate?
3) if both of my tests is negative, are they accurate and conclusive?


HIV testing-window period


I was at planned parenthood the other day, getting a routine sti test. I asked about the window period for rapid HIV testing and the nurse told me that people should not get tested before 12 weeks. I asked her why some organizations state that 95 percent of people will test positive at 4-6 weeks. She replied that the organizations that are saying that are false and that people will not test positive before 12 weeks. I'm very confused now, I want to get tested at 6 weeks because I'm anxious, but if it is not accurate than I will get tested at 12 weeks. I guess my question is why are some organizations saying most people will test positive at 6 weeks, when the people working in reproductive health are saying otherwise.

Needle on ground pokes me

Hi today I was leaving the mall and I saw a paper on the floor and I came to pick it up and realized I got poked by something I opened it and it was a needle. What are the chances of getting HIV this way?

pam urgent death like situation

Hi i have sent this question for the answers regarding HIV RNA branched chain dNA only so please answer my all the doubts regarding this only please not for forth generation antizen/antibody
I have a sexual encounter last year Julyb11 2014 with CSW and after that i have so many symptoms of HIV like swollen Lymbh Nodes and mouth infection and i did fourth generation Elisa 2 times after 3 and 6 months that comes negative but i still considering i am HIV positive because of my symptoms thats not go away. So by request my doctor order a HIV 1 RNA ( Branched chain DNA) for that i have some doubts for HIV 1 RNA
1. I have time with last sexual encounter more the 15 months is this test is effective now because window period now is more then 15 month
2. He mention only for HIV 1 that means if i have HIV 2 this test is not useful
3 Is there is same test available in toronto for HIV-2 also
4 This test is called PCR or that is different one.
5. This test is good for all strains of HIV
6. What are the chances for coming false negative of positive for this test HIV RNA Branched Chain DNA
7. If any other virus is present in my body other hen HIV then this test can come positive or its specific for hiv
8. Is there is any other test which is other then antizen or antibody and useful for hiv1&2
9 Do you have any information how many people in Canada have hiv1 infected and how many are of hiv2 as i have doubt that in my case i have any rare strain of HIV because so far my antibody test come negative.
10. Is in toronto pcr for hiv1 and hiv2 is possible.
please reply i have to go for lab quickly thanks

Question about oral

Pls help, I had unprotected oral sex with a girl(gave and received), after that I noticed I had bruises on my penis, really scared, I went and did rapid antibody test with the girl the next day and we both came back negative. Do I need another testing at 12 weeks?

very worried

hi i had sex last sept 4 2015, unprotected with a GRO (CSW). and perform oral just for a 10 second.
after 2 days i notice a small red dot that is so itchy and when you scratch it becomes a rush, and i experience pain in my groin.
so i decided to go to a doctor and told me to take a urine test, there was a infection,5 out of 10. so the doctor gave me a antibiotics, after 4 days i noticed a patch in my tonsil, it doesn't hurt when i touched its like a tonsil stone, so i experience a slight sore throat,
again i went to a doctor and gave me a antibiotics again, thats when i decided to go to infectious disease doctor but still the doctor gave me antibiotics for my patch in the tonsil, so 1 week after i decided to take a hsv-2 test and the result was negative.. i've been experiencing mild head ache sometimes, 4 weeks after i went to a lab to take a hiv test (ECLIA) and the result was non-reactive, a doctor adviced me to take anti allergy drugs and ascorbic acid while drinking the antibiotics, the itch was lessened but sometimes im still experiencing mild headache from sinus to temporal part and i had the patch is still here and i try to scratch it out but it wont work and right now im experiencing itch in my throat, mild headache and some times when i cough phlegm comes along.. am i being paranoid? or do i have the symptoms of hiv? please can you help me. thank you


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