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Window Period

Odd Questions About Medicine and HIV


I have some questions about HIV testing, HIV medications and test results.

My first question, could ingestion of HIV medications possibly affect test results, like perhaps accidentally taking anti-viral meds while being HIV-negative?

Secondly, how exactly does certain medicines affect test results?

And lastly, how effective would an 8 week HIV test be?

Thank you for answering!



Approximately 3 days ago I had sex with a CSW. During this encounter, I performed oral sex on her but for a very short amount of time (kissing, not really licking), and I am not sure if I had any sores in my mouth, but when I took time to notice that evening and the following morning, I didn't see or feel anything unusual. She also performed oral sex on me, but I was wearing a condom and ejaculated in the condom in her mouth. This was the extent of our activity.

Six months prior to this, I had a different encounter with a CSW (also the first time I really thought about the possibility of contracting HIV) where we did oral/protected vaginal sex, and I made sure to get tested regularly afterwards. My last HIV test, taken sometime before the encounter 3 days ago, was negative. During those six months, the thought of having possibly contracted HIV really wore me down mentally, and it is an awful feeling to know I have to go through another six months of hell in order to clear the HIV-possibility for this last encounter.

I just have a few questions that I am hoping can set my mind at ease. 1) What is my risk of having received HIV? 2) Do you recommend that I get tested given my experience? 3) If I were to take a 4th Gen Antibody/Antigen test (available at a clinic nearby) when would I need to get tested to get a conclusive result, or are there any tests that provide conclusive results before the standard six months (all the tests I have taken were 3rd gens)?

Please help. I'm very anxious and worn out from the fear and just can't think that this nightmare has begun again.

Antibody/p24 antigen test

I did an antibody test 7 days after exposure and a combination (antibody/p24 antigen) test 22 days after last exposure. They were both negative. My question is how accurate my second test is?

PEP? warranted HIV test ?

I had an encounter with someone online, i kind of hate myself for it, but please address my concern.
i am a male i was with another male, first time.

1. mutual unprotected handjob (unfinished)
2. unprotected rubbing penes for about 1 min ( not head to head contact) unfinished.

3. protected mutual oral sex for about 1-2 min (unfinished)
4. protected attempting insertive anal sex, unsuccesfull penetration due anxiety and my pene got soft.
i attempted to penetrate him, 3 times and it could not go in, he had little bit of lube on his ass.

5. i finished myself
6. he never finished himself.

7. I brought my condom to my place, and filled it with water for a leakage test.
it was intact, not leak, no tear,no break...


Should i go for an HIV duo test at 28 days? if negative should i trust it?
Do you see any potential hiv exposure on the situation i just described you?
Did i protected good enough ?

Affect of Meningitis, Tetanus and Diphtheria vaccination on HIV test

Hi, I had unprotected sex on April 2016 and 2 months after that I had a Miningitis, Tetanus and Diphtheria vaccination.

I want to know:
1. Do the vaccinations have affect on HIV test?

2. Which type of HIV test is more reliable?

3. When should I take the HIV test?

I would appreciate it if you answer me

HIV Test and Anxiety


I hope you can answer on my queries.

I had a risky exposure (anal no condom and no ejaculation inside) last September 18, 2015 but my partner always says that he's negative. I believed in him so I moved on. I had another intercourse last March 30, 2016 but it has a condom and lube. I even checked if the condom was broken and fortunately, it was not broken. I had oral sex as the bottom last April 13, 2016 and no ejaculation. I have no mouth sores or any mouth problems that time.

I got tested for HIV at home using HIV test kit and it was negative last May 16, 2016 and June 23, 2016 at a local health center using Rapid ICT and it was negative for HIV, Hepa B and Syphilis.

So, my last HIV test was June 23, 2016 and it was negative. Can I at least relax for now because my risky exposure was 9 months ago, the protected sex was 94 days ago and the oral sex with no ejaculation was 79 days ago? Will my 9 month exposure will be false negative because I had sex again last March 30 with condom before taking the test last June 23, 2016?

Thank you so much and I'm from the Philippines. I hope you can answer my questions.

pep and testing

I know that this question has been asked but still really confused. I had an unsafe dipping incident for about 10 seconds, i was the bottom, when i realized what was going on i immediately stopped it. 48 hr later i was on pep (truvada and isnentress) 4th generation ab/ag w/rfl negative also neg rapid. finished the 30 days, 5 days later went in had another rapid test and 4th generation and both negative. dr told me i was in the clear, he said even antigen or antibody at a low level would of been picked up by the their 4th gen test. I questioned it considering everything i had read on the internet about pep maybe delaying seroconversion. he said i was clear but if i wanted to be cautious i could do another rapid test at 3 months but that he has never seen the 4th gen test right after pep get it wrong. please help. nervous wreck.

delay seroconversion

delay of seroconversion by immune defficiency

4th ELISA negative


i had unprotect sex in the Aug 2015, i had a 3th elisa test in Nov 2015 (i believe no more than 15 days to 3 months) turned out is a negative. then i did another test, which was a 4th elisa in Jan 2016 (no more than 15 days to 6 months). but i heard people were saying should be more than 6 month to be have a conclusive. Im worry it right now, should i take one more to have a conclusive? i really want to move on from this thing. please give some suggestion, thank you!!


Hi. This is my question.
Searching the internet I found websites specializing in HIV, HIV experts and some people say that the window period for HIV testing is extended to 12 months if the person coinfected with HIV and hepatitis C at the same time or if the person has acute hepatitis C infection and HIV infected during the process.
This raised my anxiety much depressed me and knocked me down thinking that the tests I have done no avail at all.
My exposure risk was accidentally pitching with a needle previously used at a party almost immediately.

My concern is because they have reported at least three cases in which HIV and hepatitis C is acquired at the same time and the time to test positive was extended to 12 months, although this was I think in the past.

My questions are as follows, I hope you can help:

1.-The window period for HIV testing remains 12 weeks or three months even if coinfected with hepatitis C at the same time or filed with acute hepatitis C infection?
2. Proof of 4th generation HIV at 12 weeks is conclusive even in cases of simultaneous coinfection with hepatitis C?
3. The window period of HIV testing 4th generation is extended in cases of coinfection with hepatitis c, should re-test at 6 months?
4. It can be conclusively considered an HIV test at 12 weeks even in cases of coinfection in the same exposure with hepatitis c?
5.- If a person becomes infected with both viruses at the same time a test combo 4th generation would be able to detect the p24 antigen even if you have not yet produced antibodies?


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