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Window Period

Are my test conclusive ?

İm 21 yo man and 80 days ago i had 20 seconds unprotected vaginal exposure.İ had Anti-hiv1/2+p24 antigen test (i think this called 4th combo test and there was one value on result paper ) 19,31 and 42 days after exposure.All of them came back with negative.İ will test again after 12 weeks.But here is my questions
1-Are my tests conclusive ?
2-is there any chance to turn to postive after 12 weeks ?
İf answered i will be very glad.Thank you.


you have persistently wrote " 21-25 days is when one can have detectable antibodies and up to 95% of infections can be detected in 4-6 weeks of infection" I swear i have almost perused through all your posts and i have not seen any one write that they have had their HIV infections detected in just 3-6 weeks on especially 3rd generation tests including the rapid tests. This leaves me in doubt that these tests can detect infections in just weeks,, so one has to actually wait until after 3 months or even more.


Good work team,
Recently a medical practitioner told me that the delayed reactivity of a standard antibody test possibly up to 3 or 4 months window period may be determined by strongness of one's blood group. She said that those with blood group O may delay to react in case HIV postive, I am blood group O' Rs+ and have tested -ve in last 8-9 weeks. Is it possible if the result remains the same at 12 weeks, i might have to wait for atleast a month due to my blood group, from Uganda


Good morning , I have many doubts and would like clarification.
What is the maximum period known in the medical literature of late of HIV seroconversion ?
In recent years , with the use of the 4th generation tests have heard reports of seroconversion after 12 weeks ?
How safe window for NAT assays?
Patient takes to produce antibodies and be with high viral load will have tb p24 detectable ?
The only low P24 when anticoportos present?
I am Brazilian and here I vaccine for H1N1 flu, may have abnormal tests for antibodies, what to do in this case? Is there any test that can be done and is not subject to false positive or negative ?

HIV status

Dear Sir

i have an risky exposure with an lady around 9 and half months before.

I have an gone through a couple of test in this ten months like (ELISA,ELFA,CMIA) all test came.And also i go through hepatitis b and VDRL also that result come negative.

Please let me know shall i consider this result as conclusive or any other further test like western Blot test is required to confirm the presence of HIV in body

99 day non reactive rapid immunochromatographic assay

hi i am jinx from the philippines i had unprotected anal (im on top) with a stranger on march 1, 2016 and got i got tested on june 9, 2016 in a government building that offers free test the test was rapid immunochromatographic assay. the city in which i live is hiv free from 1998 to 2012 but im still confused because i had hiv symptoms that might be nothing more than just a result of heat (summer here is very hot in fact a almost 10 people from where i live died of heat exhaustion). i had rashes in my neck and shoulders. and tired other than that no more symptoms that i saw on the internet *question should i get tested again or feel safe and how accurate is a rapid immunochromatographic assay thanks

HIV Test Result


I'm a 28 year old Indian male. I had a high risk exposure on 30th April '16. I had anal sex with another guy in which I bottomed. The other person used condom. But I started having several symptoms of HIV on week later.

I got tested twice. First on 28th of May and then on 24th of June.

Both test results were negative.

(1) Latest result: HIV - DUO by CMIA (IV th Generation test) - NON REACTIVE (0.08)
(2) Older result: ANTI HIV I & II (Serum/CMIA) - NON REACTIVE (0.07)

I still seem to have all the symptoms and test results are negative.

Should I get myself tested once at the 3 month mark and then again at 6 month mark ?

Please advice. Waiting anxiously for the reply.

Hiv Rapid Testing Algorthm

Hi All, im really worried i need help im 22 years old sorry for my English. i have had sex with a guy unknown hiv status he keep telling me that he get tested always. but im in full of regret for what i did and feeling guilty i start to worry when i get tonsil after 41 days it lasts for 2 Days but never had flu upto date i get tested after 10 weeks Non Reactive and the again i get tested by ( Hiv rapid testing algorithm) after 94 Days in aga khan hospital it was negative my question is

1.is my test conclusive?
2. can tonsillitis affect my result?

thank you!

i would be happy to hear from you!

Has past PEP use affected my 12 week Hiv reading ?

Hi there,

I had an exposure on March 7th, 2016.. I tested up until June 1st, 2016 which makes it around 86-87 days, which is around 12 weeks and it came back negative. I did not use PEP for this exposure. I should add that it was with a sex worker and I used protection and it did not break. I was happy to take the negative result as conclusive until I read that if you have used PEP in the past it might delay the reading and I might have to wait up to 6 months for a conclusive result. I used PEP on two occasions in the past and adhered to the regimen and tested up to 6 months for each time. Does that mean my 12 week Neg for this exposure part can be wrong? I am only worried because I am scared that I may have aquired HIV despite condoms, from the base of my penis, through small cuts, undiagnosed herpes, or syphilis or something.

Please let me know. Will past PEP usage affect my 12 week negative result from the tests done at a reputable sexual health clinic here in Australia ?


I last asked a question on this platform on 7th of JUN and well answered. Thank you guys for the services. however, my worries continue. Due to nonstop browsing of the internet for HIV information since i last became suspicious of my possible exposure to HIV now 2 months back, and almost having visited every HIV site, it looks like every site mentions skin rash and headache as some of the major symptoms of early HIV infections. It is by no doubt that i have experienced these symptoms at one time and the current one being a very mild headache. 1 week ago i experienced strong dizziness where low blood pressure and dehydration were diagnosed and was put on IVs and the dizziness reduced but hardly has the mild headache gone away. OK, i know also these can be due many other causes but i cant rule out the fact this can be due to sero-conversion illness because never in my life have i ever got this severe dehydration, and a SKIN RASH!!!. Though all my sexual activities were categorized low risk, i cant rule out the fact carefulness could not have been highly observed during the acts. Nevertheless, i have become a daily customer to the HIV testing centers and all my 6 tests have returned non reactive the recent one having been made on 22nd (8/9 weeks) JUN. My brother who is a health professional has told me never to rely on these rapid (determine) tests as they can only be trusted 60% before the 3 months window period yet i also fear to do other tests like the PCR which can detect the virus no mater the window period. some piece of advice please!!


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