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Window Period

Are my negative test results conclusive?

I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend for many months starting in november of 2015 which is where we lost our virginities to eachother (we are each others only partners; we both havent had sex with anyone else). during Mid march I became sick and looked up my symptoms and they matched up to the symptoms of HIV. I took both and oral swab test as well as a blood rapid test during the month of april both came out to be negative... are those tests conclusive or should i take another one? they were both taken around the 5 month mark but im still not sure if it was too early to tell. also if those symptoms were infact HIV symptoms then shouldn't my tests have come out positive? I am currently very anxious about all of this and I want to know if I should still be this apprehensive about it or should I just calm down and relax? thank you

test results


my question is that i got tested hiv negative 3 times.

1) on day 27 hiv 4th gen.
2) on day 52 hiv 4th gen.
3) on day 84 hiv 4th gen.

after a high risk exposure. i am just concerned about my medication because i am taking methotraxate for last 10 yrs for my poroisis skin problem.

i have each and every symptom day by day due to anxiety and some are for real.

my question is that can i considered my test conclusive or i need another testing?
can methotraxate delay hiv antibody?

Possible HIV exposure???

Hello there,

The reason for me asking this question is because, as the title suggests, I may have been exposed to HIV. Because of this I am really stressing out about the possibility of having contracted HIV. So as you would assume,I have some questions that if you could answer would really help me out. First off, let me give some details. The act itself was only oral sex (I am a guy and so was the other person),both giving and recieving on my part. No condom was used while performing oral sex. I ejaculated in the other persons mouth as he did in mine. I did not swollaow. I also Rinsed my mouth after with water.

After about 2-3 days I started to get some irritated tonsils. They did not hurt, but felt irritated. It didn't go away so I went to the doctors and explained everything. The doctor told me to get a test done, which I did. On day 9 after possible exposure I started to feel a little woozy, and on day 10. I even through up a little. I am not sure if this was a symptom or just my nerves. On day 10 I got an HIV test done (4th generation ECLIA), it came out negative. I had another one done on the 21st day after possible exposure. It also came out negative. I have had regular check ups with my doctor during this time.

Also worth mentioning are the symptoms I have experienced during this time. It has been six weeks after my possible exposure (April 11th,2016= day of the sexual act- May 22nd,2016= Todays date or the date that I am writing this question).

~ 2-3 days after possible exposure I experienced swollen and irritated tonsils. Now only my right tonsil appears to be swollen or atleast more so than the left. But they have begun to hurt now especially after drinking liquids.
~ Tonsilar pillars swollen or darker red (even to this day)
~ Off taste in my mouth. I cant quite put my finger on it
~ 11 days after possible exposure I developed a cough. Sometimes it was dry, others I produced phlem. It last about 10-14 days.
~ I have felt certain disorientation and dizziness throughout this time.
~ Slightly elevated temperature first 2 weeks, nothing I would consider a fever.
~ Yellow patch or tinge in the middle of my tongue. Also the back of my tongue is white. It looks as if there is a white layer over it. It is not like when someone is really thirsty, almost kind of fuzzy.
~ Kind of Stiff and sore neck.
~ Hard Palate is an off white colour,while the soft palate is has a sort of yellowis-white colour
~ Canker sores after 2 weeks of possible exposure. They seem to be on and off.They appear under the tongue,sides of cheeks, a couple behind bottom lip and top lip.
~ Hard palate a little bit sore
~ Sides of tongue are sore
~ Only once I have experienced a sort of night sweat. It was about 3 weeks after possible exposure.
~ Slightly runny nose starting about 2 weeks after
~ Certain naussea,dizziness or disorientation.
~ Mornings and evenings I have a hoarse voice. During the day no problem whatsoever.

So far I have not experienced any rash. No swollen lymp nodes as said by my doctor (apart from tonsils). Only minor headaches. No extreme night sweats or any at all for that matter apart from the one incident I stated above. It is autumn-winter here where I am at now.

So my questions are:

1) How accurate are the results I have gotten back?
2) I plan on getting another test done this week,so that would be a little after 6 weeks. If it comes out negative,would this one be considered conclusive assuming that it was done by a 4th gen ECLIA test?
3) Deep throat was done during the sexual act. Could this have caused irritation to my tonsils?
4) What are the chances of me contracting HIV through oral sex? At the time I had no oral lesions or any that I was aware of. Does this affect the probability of me contracting HIV through oral sex?
5) I have been stressed out lately. Could stress/anxiety have caused any of the symptoms I stated above?

. I know that I made a mistake by not using a condom. I just hope that nothing too serious occurs because o my stupidity. If you could answer these questions and/or give any additional info, It would be much much appreciated.



Had unprotected sex with a lady on 9th march 2016 (4-5 rounds on three occasions) letter when we tested the lady was positive with Determine. am worried, my first test with rapid test showed negative, in 21 days after last exposurer, Did PCR they said NO HIV DNA seen. in other laboratory after 56 days another laboratory results said my immune Virus-DNA quantitative less than 12iu/ml and this lies below cutoff point, but weak signal detected plus DNA, am infectious, when to another viral research centre at 58 days, they did rapid test (determine, stapak, unigol) all negative, cambo negative and try viral load, no HIV virus copies detected and at 76 days after last exposuser, determine still negative, which test should l believed in, am worried, becouse had even pharyngitis now but am being allergies to cold wherther and sit in a room with AC as an office.

Conclusive HIV TEST


I will just like to ask about my test. I recently had a 87 days and 94 days post exposure test which i believe is conclusive. I would like to clarify about the " Other immunodefeciency disease" that can delay an HIV test. I am confused what are those diseases. It has been the darkest days of my life living alone and battling this journey. I am a 20 year old international student building my dream right now, hoping to move on in this situation and live my life.

Although I had sex with a Undetectable person, who lied to me. I just to know the accurate answers so i can go back to who I am before.

1. Do you think that my tests at 87 days and 94 days post-exposure are already conclusive?
2. What are those immunodefeciency that can delay hiv test?

* the test was a 4th generation fingerprick Ag/Ab combo

Symptoms and HIV testing

Dear all,

First of all i would like to thank you for the service and support you provide!

and now to my question..
I had a risky HIV exposure almost 9 weeks ago and since than I have developed pretty much every ARS symptom in the book.
It all started 3 weeks after exposure: night sweats, fever, weight loss (7 kg), after that enlarged lymph nodes in groin, then armpit, then neck.
At the same time I was diagnosed with pharyngitis (sore throat with rased bumps on lymhatic tissue-back of the throat), and I have read in BASHH guidelines it is a symptom of ars.
Now at this moment I was sure I was infected so my doctor told me to get tested at 4 weeks, so I did the following:
4 weeks duo - negative
5 weeks duo - negative
6 weeks duo - negative
7 - weeks duo - negative
almost 8 weeks duo - negative

I dont know why these test comes back negative, I have also changed 3 clinics just to be sure if there is something wrong with the test.
My question:
How long after onset of ARS will people test positive?
I have also read new (2014) UK window peroid guidelines saying 8 weeks duo is conclusive, when do you consider it is conclusive:
Tommorow I am going to take my 9 week duo test and I am so scared it will turn out to be positive.

Please answer...

HIV question.

Hello, I had an encounter with a person 5 weeks ago which I contacted gonorrhea. I had symptoms and I went to se a doctor and that come positive but I got treated and I been so worry that I might have contracted HIV so after 5 weeks I meet that person I went back to see my doctor and he did some blood work and it come negative, should I keep worrying about if I had contacted HIV or do you think I'm fine base on the results? I haven't have any symptoms or anything but it just gets really overwhelming. Thank you

depressed post four weeks of exposure.

I am from India. I have found your platform really helpful. But I still wanted your response on my particular condition.
I had a sexual encounter with a 'call girl' four weeks ago on 14th april 2016. there was no oral sex, anal sex, kissing. I used a condom and penetrated her twice and then I lost erection. I sucked her breasts twice. so it was not a complete intercourse. after taking out condom i saw a tear between foreskin and penis which was not there before. but after around 10 days i started to notice hardened glands in neck for brief periods and then it became normal. also i had very tiny pimples on face and arms. but they were identical. I went to the physician on 6th april 2016, exactly 3 weeks post exposure. he recommended a hiv 1&2 'rapid card' test which resulted 'non-reactive' but since past couple of days i have witnessed more tiny pimples on hands. what should i do?

Antibody test after 21 week is conclusive

I had unprotected sex with my neighbour and tested for HIV antibody test at 35th day ,73 rd day ,113th day and 147th day .All were negative.but I have skin rashes on my back. I am from india.The test which i taken is HIV 1&2 ELISA. I think this is standard elisa test. Please guide me .Am scared.


what is the approximate widow period range for determine,statpak and uni-gold strips in detection of HIV


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