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Window Period

Confused and Stress

my story starts in December 2014 when i received an oral sex by a sex worker and it was protective. After one year one of my friend told me that i could be infected i was very stress. i have flu twice in 2016. the second one was a bad fever and my symptoms of HIV was detected after the fever like throat paining(still having) white spot on tongue(still having sometime) small cuts on tongue body ash (still having) night sweat (still having) felling dizzy shaking hand sweat in hand and feet (still having) sometime fatigue. In February 2016 i made two HIV 1 and 2 test (i don't know which test is it).both of them result non reactive.but am still stress with it as am afraid of false negative.
can you please answer the question above.
1- does all HIV test result are accurate after 14 months or should i re test again? ?
2-does symptoms occurs after one year because i do not remember if i have fever in the 3 months after the exposure?
please help am stress
thank you

hey again

my ex boyfriend , i do not really know his status of hiv. he told me he was hiv negative and said he could show me the doc report but i never saw it cos i never asked him to give it to me . we stayed together for 3 months and all this time we had unprotected sex , only vaginal i am female ..after we broke up , my decision , i started to think about all his previous life . he told me he took drugs before , heroine . he also told me he used to have some girlfriends who were prostitutes . he told me that they always use condoms the girls but he never did with them cos they were his " girlfriends" a piece of sh.t man however . i tested 10 times with 4th generation tests and all the 10 times it came negative . last exposure was on 13/6/15 i tested negative on my last test 28/2/16 almost 9 months . i am still having stress about this , anxiety and i feel my lymph nodes hurting me but i know is due to stress . now what can i do ? i am hiv negative ok but i need some consuelors to talk to , to make me sure that i didnt got hiv with all the tests showing negative , i need my life back fear cant keep me here forever ,,,,,

hiv antibodies test after 13 weeks negative . high risk


I had 4 unprotected sex since 13 weeks with 2 unknown hiv status girls.
I had some of hiv signs .
I did 2 hiv antibodies test , the first one was after 9 weeks and negative then did another one after 13 weeks and negative too

is that enough or i need to do again ???

what is the rare cases that make antibodies need more 3 moths to appear ?

thank you so much

HIV Test whilst taking Pradaxa


I have a quick question. I'm due to take a 3month HIV test on Friday after a risky encounter and wondered if you could tell me if taking Pradaxa will have an effect on the result?

I am flying with a swollen ankle so the Dr has recommended Pradaxa to avoid a blood clot.

Thanks for all your hard work here - it's a wonderful forum.



Hi ,

I am ratan from india.I had done protected sex with sex worker in Jan(26th).I have done 1st test serology antibody H1/H2 (Rapid solid phase immuno-chromatography method) on 27 th Feb ,result Negative.2nd test on 10 March westorn Blot Negative.3rd Test on 12 May (serology antibody H1/H2 (Rapid solid phase immuno-chromatography method) result negative.Shall i Consider me HIV negative Person?

testing adequate?

Hello! I was tested at 6 weeks by my doctor (blood test) and I did an at home (Oraquick) test one year and two months later. Both were negative. I have had some quirky health issues in the meantime, and I just can't help but think of HIV possibility. What brought me to be tested was a short-lived relationship with a deceptive person who was had many sex partners. We had sex six times, most was protected. However, the condom slipped off once and once nothing was used.
Thank you for your guidance.

89 day rapid test

my test was negative is this rapid test conculsive

Initial HIV testing

HI i had anal gay sex in USA10 days back and i was the recipient. we did use a condom but after a minute (before ejaculation ) I had to answer a call and when i came i noticed my partner was not wearing a condom to which he replied he took it off when i went to answer the call now its stuck in my mind that he tricked me into condom-less sex. I don't know his HIV status. I am super stressed. After 7 days of exposure, except for minor flu (no fever or headache) I don't have any other symptoms defined in various websites. Please can someone advise me If I should take a test now or wait for 3 months . If yes then which test should i take? I am from Pakistan and there are not much options or consulting clinics here.

4generation chemiluminescence lab test for vih 1 & 2 antigen p24 help

hi, I need help. 9 weeks ago I had a relationship risk on bleeding during sex. At 63 days (9 weeks) I do an HIV test 1 & 2 (antibody and p24antigen) by chemiluminescence fourth generation by extraction of blood of my vein. It is my result conclusive? This is better than a elisa or is the same?

My doctor said I was fine but I'm still really scared 7 months after testing negative.


A few months ago (August 18th of 2015) I had a high risk encounter with HIV. It was in a different country (Dominican Republic) and with a girl that I've never met before. I gave her oral sex and we had vaginal sex for around 10 to 15 minutes. A week later I started feeling really sick. I had a really bad cold, a fever and a sore throat. This cold lasted for a few weeks ( around 4). I later started getting diarrhea for a week or two weeks into the cold with black stool and mucus. I told my self that If this continues I will get it checked out. I went to the hospital and got tested for everything and it came back negative. The next day ( September 26th ) I went in for the rapid HIV test. At this point my cold had gone away probably a week before. The test came back negative. The lady told me to come in a month after that and I did. I was still feeling ill at this point (probably because of anxiety) and was almost positive that I've had HIV. When I took the test it came back negative. I asked the doctor if it was conclusive and she said yes so no appointments were made. Fast forward to now.. I got my very first canker sore (2 of them). A quick google search says that they can be caused by the HIV virus... I also found online that rapid HIV test are only conclusive after 3 months. I'm freaking out right now. Was the test at 2 months ( 9 weeks ) conclusive? Were my symptoms HIV symptoms? Are my canker sores caused by HIV? By the way, I'm a male 20 years old. Thanks for taking the time to read and hopefully answer my questions. I appreciate what you guys are doing.


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