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120 days negative


thanks for your help in advance ( God bless you ) 4 months ago i had an intercourse vaginal and got oral without protection by a csw.

( after 120 days ) today i got very very sick suddenly more than the last days , the last days i was feeling body pain. and little sleepy, today so much bad headache. strep throat does not want to go. also my lungs little like sand with fire feeling. also my kidneys. and my whole body feels very weak
i am very afraid.
i made test on day 48 from exposure negative ( whole blood from the arm )
the same at another hospital 77 days after exposure ( whole blood from the arm ) negative ( elisa )
and on day 95 after exposure, also Elisa 0.22 s/co negative.
and again in another hospital on day 115 Elisa whole blood from the arm ) negative.

i made a test on day 115 after exposure ( elisa ) and it came negative, today is more than 123 days or 120 days, i made at home finger prick blood test by 3 companies.
this is 1 http://ntys.en.alibaba.com/ please, check the link and remove it from the post thanks.
and another one that i don't have their details now, but they approved from the CDC of china.
please, please, help.



You are HIV negative. All HIV test results are conclusive when they are done 3 months/90 days after a possible exposure. You have received multiple negative results since then, so you are conclusively HIV negative. The tests you took were reliable tests and you can trust the results.

The symptoms you're experiencing (sore throat, headache, weakness) are not due to HIV, so I encourage you to see your doctor to find out the true cause.

I hope that this information reassures you, and that you feel healthy again soon!