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3 questions, Please help!


Thankyou for taking time to look at my questions.
1) if I withdrew and saw ejaculate in condom, is it safe to assume there was no failure?

2) in mutual masturbation, if the woman uses her vaginal fluid on her hands and then proceeds to stimulate the male, is this a risk? As urethra is being exposed to fluids?

3) I've seen a lot of debate on Hiv antibody/antigen testing and definitive/ conclusive results.
In Australia, I've been told that this type of test is 99% conclusive at 6 weeks, and 100% conclusive in 12 weeks. Is the test at 6 weeks good enough to move on?

Thankyou again for taking the time to review my questions.
It is muchly appreciated.


Hello and thank you for using the AIDS Vancouver Helpline as your source of HIV/AIDS related information.

I will attempt to answer your questions in order.

1) Absolutely! Ejaculate contained in the condom= no breakage or tear and the condom was used correctly. Using a condom is considered a low risk activity for the transmission of HIV.

2) I would consider mutual masturbation with vaginal fluid very unlikely to transmit HIV. HIV must be passed inside of the body, because, as soon as it is exposed to the oxygen, it begins to die. This is why unprotected vaginal and anal sex is a high risk activity for the passing of HIV. It is important to note that the HIV virus cannot 'swim' down the urethra during mutual masturbation.

3) The 4th generation tests are highly accurate and reliable. While we don't have an exact statistic for it's accuracy at 6 weeks here at the helpline, we tell individuals that most HIV specialists consider the antibody/antigen test conclusive at 6 weeks. After twelve weeks the accuracy if 99.9%. Even though you may wish (and it makes sense) to move on after a test at 6 weeks, international testing guidelines still recommend going back for a completely conclusive test at the 12 week mark.

Thank you for your questions and please feel free at any time to write us back.