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5 week rapid hiv test


Hello I want to first say thnk you for this website it helps alot. A little over 6 weeks ago on sept 17th I had protected intercourse with a stripper but unprotected oral going both ways. This has been the main concern for me. My symptoms were mild only loss of appetite and a lil weight loss with a few night sweats. I got the clearview complete test 5 weeks exactly after the possible exposure it came out negative. Is it too early? Also I just started feeling muscle aches 6 weeks after can tht be hiv related or is tht a symptom I would of felt earlier


Hello and thanks for the questions. Using condoms correctly is the best defense against HIV infection and you are to be commended for taking your sexual health seriously. Giving oral sex to man or a woman is a low risk for passing HIV and there have been a few reports of HIV from these activities, usually under certain identifiable conditions, such as having pre-existing sexually transmitted infections, poor overall health, including poor oral health. Having oral sex performed on you is even lower for passing HIV (negligible).

An at home Clear-view HIV negative test at 5 weeks is a good indication that you are not living with HIV and most people who have been exposed to HIV will be detected between 4 and 6 weeks. However this test is not conclusive. We encourage you to take a final and conclusive test at the 12 week mark. We also recommend that any at home test be followed by testing with your doctor or at a sexual health clinic to ensure no mistakes are made.

Symptoms are not an indication of HIV and may be the sign of a cold or the seasonal flu. If these ailments continue, please note each and report directly to your health care provider.

All the very best and please let us know how your final test goes. We are hopeful that you will continue to test as HIV negative.