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6 weeks



I took a Duo test at the 6 week mark and got a negative result, is this a good indication of my status? Is it often that a 6 week test can turn positive at the 3 month mark? Also, is it most likely to have no symptoms of HIV? From what I've heard it seems that symptoms occur years after being infected, is this correct?


Hello and thanks for the questions. The 4th Generation test for HIV detection is the newest test available and many HIV specialists will consider this "Duo" test to be conclusive at just 6 weeks. However an HIV test is still not conclusive by International Standards until 12 weeks, post risk exposure.

Most people who have been exposed to HIV will develop detectable HIV antibodies in just 21-25 days and the majority will develop detectable levels of antibody in 4-6 weeks. An HIV negative 4th Generation test at 6 weeks is an excellent indication that you will continue to test as HIV negative. You are correct that symptoms are not an indication of HIV exposure and that those living long periods with HIV may develop a host of health problems.

Please consider having a final and conclusive test at the 12 week mark and do not hesitate to contact us again, should you have any other questions.