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7 Weeks test negative but Fever is not going away


I tested negative on rapid test at over 7 weeks ( 7 weeks and 6 days). However the nurse told me that I need to wait for 12 weeks to confirm the results. I am having many symptoms of the disease including low grade fever (for last two weeks, chills and sweat in the night).

History of symptoms:-

First 5 Weeks:-

No Symptoms

Week 6 - Week 7:--

Nausea, Headache, occasional night sweats

Week 8 - Week 9 (current week):-

I am having a low grade fever with chills and sweat in the night.

I want to know what is my chances of being infected by HIV. Its too difficult for me to wait for 12 weeks result.


Hi there and thank you for reaching out to the AIDS Vancouver Helpline.

My name is Colin and I understand you have questions about HIV testing and symptoms and I will do my best to address your concerns.

With regards to the HIV test you've already had at 7-8 weeks, the Rapid Test will detect upwards of 95% of new transmissions within 4-6 weeks with accuracy increasing until the 12 week mark (3 months; 84 days) at which point it is considered conclusive and without a new exposure will not change.

Your test was done during the appropriate window period for the Rapid Test and so your results could be a good indicator of your current status, but as your nurse said, a conclusive test at 12 weeks is highly recommended. I know it can seem like an eternity to have to wait 4.5 more weeks, but testing is the only way to be certain and once you have your conclusive results, you will have better peace of mind and ability to manage your own health.

With regards to the symptoms you are feeling, there are no symptoms associated with HIV and there are no symptoms used in the diagnosis of HIV. I would encourage you to treat any symptoms as they come with your primary care physician and try not to create undue stress for yourself while you're waiting to take your next HIV test.

If you need any more help, guidance, or support, I would encourage you to call our helpline or post here again and we will try to find the resources that could best help you through the next few difficult weeks.

Thanks very much for contacting us here at the AIDS Vancouver Helpline.

All the best,


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