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about my risks!


Dear Sir/madam
Not sure if u received my previous question... thanks anyway and looking forward to be hearing from u as im very very very anxious!

Let me try to explain my situation: on august 30th, at around 04h30m pm i did oral sex with a guy! he didnt ejaculate on my mouth though! nevertheless, as i didnt know his status, i decided on monday to go to a specialised public hospital in here and they indicated me to do the PEP and did a blood test! Its important to mention one thing here: the nurse who came to take my blood, brought in a small box, where all the needles, gloves etc were in! she wore gloves and picked one to wrap my arm! however, i noticed that this glove she intended to wrap around my arm was dirty (i cant tell exactly what it was, but in my mind i tend to think it was dried blood as it was dark brown stains...).... i kindly asked her to take a new glove, so she changed her gloves and picked a new one to wrap around my arm... she took my blood and left!

Well, i did the 28 days of PEP! Meanwhile, i asked the guy to test himself and 12 days after our encounter he did a 4th generation test and it was negative!

I finished PEP and 17 days after i did a 4th generation test which is also negative!

My anxiety is so big right now... do u think i still need to test? and also do the the dirty gloves pose any risk? i mean i cant tell if this dirty glove touched the one the nurse used... i remember that the needle she used was encapsuled, but as far as the gloves they werent individually packed so im actually quite afraid....

Thanks so much for taking your time to answer me!
Best wishes!


Hi there! Thanks for contacting the AIDS Vancouver helpline with your HIV related questions/concerns. We're happy to help!

I just want to start by letting you know that your risk level was very low to begin with, that PEP and testing probably wouldn't have even been necessary!! Giving oral sex is considered a Low Risk, which means that although there have been a few reports of infection attributed to this, it's usually under certain identifiable conditions (such as having large wounds in the mouth from dental surgery). Assuming this wasn't the case, your risk was greatly diminished in the first place.

Additionally, you went on PEP for the correct time period and within the correct time frame, which again reduces your risk of transmission extremely! That coupled with the very low risk in the first place, leave you in a position where it's extremely unlikely that you acquired HIV!

Anyways, it's a great sign that you went and got tested and it was negative! The test you took tests for antibodies and the antigens of HIV itself, so the antigens are best to test for within the first few weeks post exposure, like you did. The fact that it came back negative is a great indication of your actual status! Most HIV specialists in the world consider this test to be conclusive at just 6 weeks post exposure, with very accurate results starting as early as 3 weeks post exposure.

If you want to ease your anxiety, then you could test again at 6 weeks to be certain, but your result is very very unlikely to change. Additionally the dirty gloves would be no risk because HIV cannot survive outside the body upon exposure to the environment and air.

I hope this helped!



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