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Accidental double dose of HIV medication


I accidentally took a double dose of my HIV medications (Epivir, Kaletra and Ziagen) and it's well after hours and can't reach a doc or a pharmacist - what should I be concerned with with this double dose?

Thank you


Hello and thank you for your inquiry.

We understand that you are concerned about having taken a double dose of your HIV medications. One instance of double dosing won't likely cause any serious problems, but you may notice an increase in side effects. Only your doctor or a pharmacist will know about the risks of overtaking your specific medication, so we recommend contacting them when they are available.

It is important that you return as soon as possible to your regular dosing schedule. Taking a double dose does not mean that you should skip your next dose. Even at a doubled dose, the body still breaks down the drug at a similar rate, which requires you to take the next dose at your regularly scheduled time.

To maintain adherence to your medication regimen, you might consider using a seven day pill box, which you fill once a week. (1) The link below provides further suggestions for staying on schedule with your medications.

Regards, AIDS Vancouver Online/Helpline Volunteer, Dyson