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accuracy of rapid test


I have test Three time after 5 month of expose. All test are negative .am I free from HIV. I don't feel any symptom but I feel afraid.


Hi there and thank you for reaching out to AIDS Vancouver with your questions! We're happy to help.

Congratulations on your negative test results, and great job taking the initiative to go and get tested!

HIV and other STI's can be a scary and touchy subject for many, but just know that testing is completely reliable, and the only way to be certain of your status. Your negative test results and true indication that you're HIV negative, and that's something you should trust, accept, and move on with! The conclusive window is 3 months, and you tested negative past that at 5 months, so your results are completely conclusive! Congrats!

There's no need to feel afraid, just move forward and continue to practice safe sex. For more information on safe sexual practices, please visit smartsexresource.com. Additionally, a lot of people find that learning more about HIV and other STIs can help to ease their worries, because by understanding them, they're more able to get peace of mind. To learn more about HIV, please visit avert.org.

I hope this helped!



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