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After having sex is there any posibility to know immediately whether i have HIV Positive or not?


Hi, Recently i had a sex with sex worker for two times in an half an hour. I was Used the Condom, I am sure(99%) it was not broken but when i am doing sex of second time at some point little drop of blood were there on the condom. It was her little drops. later i have changed the condom. I wear the condom properly but during sex its come out from my Dick. Now my doubts are

1) If she had HIV+ is there any chances that will inject into my body?

2) When i ask her 3 times she told that after the sex she got her periods.

3) When i ask her about her HIV+ She told that She don't have HIV..But Little bit doubts are There

4) After having the sex is there any possibility to know the HIV Status whether positive or Negative?



Thank you for your inquiry. From what we gather from the question, you were asking about knowing your HIV status immediately after possible exposure to HIV. From the information given, this scenario is determined to be low risk (Evidence of transmission occurs through these activities when certain conditions are met). HIV transmission can occur when bodily fluids (semen, blood, pre-cum, rectal fluids, vaginal fluids) from an HIV positive person comes in direct contact into the blood stream of another person.

No HIV test can detect HIV immediately after infection. In order to know what your HIV status is, you must take an HIV test. Depending on the type of HIV test, there are different window periods (time from when a person becomes infected with HIV to when a testing technology can detect their HIV infection). I have attached an additional resource with more information on types of HIV tests.

Recommendation: Refer to Physician for HIV test

Regards, AIDS Vancouver Helpline/Online, Ashley